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Cristiano ronaldo


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Considerado uno de los mejores futbolistas del mundo en la actualidad

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Cristiano ronaldo

  1. 1. Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos AveiroD.O.B: 5th February 1985Place of Birth: Madeira, PortugalHeight: 184cm (6”1)Weight: 78kgPosition: Left/Right wingerCurrent Club: Manchester UnitedPrevious club: Sporting CP (1999-2003)
  2. 2. Cristiano is a Mesomorph! He is quite tall whilst also extremely wellbuilt.He has very big muscular legs consisting of his calves which are verydefined and help him to spring for headers.His upper legs, his thighs and hamstrings are also very defined and area major factor for why he is so fast as he has many fast twitch fibres.His upper body is toned and his abdominals are easily seen. His back isalso well defined and you can see all his muscles defined separately. Hehas very round shoulders and a thick muscular neck
  3. 3. Cristiano is a very talented young player who can change the game in an instant. He leaves defenders in his wakeusing his array of skills to glide past them, such as:•Dribbling- Cristiano has great close control and his feet are lightning fast and he also maintains a great speedwhen running with the ball. His agility also helps him with his running as he can change his angle of attack quickly,often leaving the defender off-balance.•Control- His control is fantastic with both feet. He can bring down a long ball with one touch ready to launch amissile of a shot on the goal. He also has a great first touch when passing first time as he can cleverly playround the corner. Ronaldo often takes a large first touch to get the ball out of his feet allowing him to use hispace to get past defenders. •Jumping- Ronaldo possesses an extraordinary leap, he can climb above many defenders to head the ball goal wards. A major reason for his huge spring is his big thick strong legs and his arms also give him a lot of upward thrust•Shooting- Ronaldo possesses one of the hardest shots in the premiership, he can shoot from a hugedistance and still challenge the goalkeeper. This is partly down to his ball striking technique which he hasdesigned to create the largest amount of movement on the football making it impossible for the keeper tojudge the flight of the ball.
  4. 4. Agility- Cristiano’s running ability is crucial to the way he plays the game. His all out attacking style iseasily recognised and his ability to change direction whilst maintaining full speed allows his to twist andturn defenders inside out. It also gives him great balance on the ball as he can move it and break into asprint in no time at all. Awareness- Ronaldo has an exceptional awareness of what is around him. His ability to see what is around him early allows him to decide on the best pass to make or whether or not to dribble. It gives him a picture of what is around him and he automatically knows what he is going to do. This is also an advantage to him when attacking as the defenders can not get close enough to him to stop him as he has already made his move and gone past them. •Crossing- Ronaldo has an ability to wrap his foot around the ball producing a perfect shape on his crossing. The technique he uses gives the ball the shape it needs for an attacker to run onto the ball and score. He also haws the ability to produce a driven cross which is useful when playing the ball across the box for a team-mate to get a tap in. •Crossing- Ronaldo has an ability to wrap his foot around the ball producing a perfect shape on his crossing. The technique he uses gives the ball the shape it needs for an attacker to run onto the ball and score. He also haws the ability to produce a driven cross which is useful when playing the ball across the box for a team-mate to get a tap in.
  5. 5. Speed Flexibility StrengthBalance Cardio-Vascular Endurance Components of Fitness Agility Reaction time Muscular Endurance Co-Ordination Timing
  6. 6. Weight Training- Cristiano would useweight training as a means to increase bodymass and also strength. This would alsoincrease his power and if developedcorrectly his speed. He could also usesmaller weights and more reps or sets toimprove his muscular endurance. An increasein strength will allow him to be stronger onthe ball and not be knocked off it as easily.His improved strength will also benefit himin fifty-fifty challenges. Continuous Training- Continuous training would help to improve ronaldo’s cardiovascular fitness, increasing his VO2 max and his stroke volume and cardiac output. Using this training frequently would see a derease in resting heart rate also. This will all enable him to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time without the onset of fatigue.
  7. 7. Interval Training- Interval trainingcan be used to imprve speed over shortdistances. Ronaldo could improve his speedover 10 or 20 metres using this method oftraining which is a crucial thing being awide player as he needs to be able tocreate a yard for a cross in tight spaces.He also needs to have the pace to respondto loose balls so that possession isregained. Circuit Training- Circuit training can be adapted to work on any specific body parts, muscles or muscle groups. It is commonly used however as a full body workout. This will improve all aspects of ronaldo’s fitness as it involves aerobic and anaerobic exercise.Fartlek Training- Fartlek trainingworks on cardiovascular endurance andmuscular endurance. By changing theintensity of the activity this training isvery similar to gameplay in a football matchas you are not always travelling at the samespeed it changes depending on where theball is and how the game is going etc.
  8. 8. There are no positive Smaller lung capacityeffects of smoking on the athlete and their performance Less Oxygen can be taken in RHR less efficient circulatory and respiratory systems shorter, less oxygen in becomes tired more quicker the blood easily breaths breathing rate Higher blood pressure increases Tar deposits in earlier in lungs activity
  9. 9. red wine is believed to helpprotect the heart. Scientists have Is a diuretic drug tested and believe that itinterferes with the production of a chemical which blocks veins and arteries and increases the chances of a heart attack Dehydration increase in heart rate less Coordinated become less agile slower reaction- Loss of Balance time can lead to an unjustified could lead performers confidence and to believe they can misguided assessment work beyond their safe of a situation limits