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Designed in the digital age - How BIM will impact product innovation


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Designed in the digital age - How BIM will impact product innovation

  1. 1. Designed in the digital age: How BIM will impact product innovation Date: Thursday 26 May 2016 In association with: Wavin The demand to use BIM from clients and main contractors is slowly filtering down the supply chain, and manufacturers are increasingly required to design products that plug into the BIM process. This webinar examined how the increasing use of BIM is impacting the design of products, and the information that is provided on them. Guest speakers considered whether manufacturers could be doing more to make their products BIM-friendly, and whether the use of BIM is driving product innovation. Is complex data management seen as a barrier to trying new things and does the need for software-compatible information slow down the design and release process? Or does a higher level of collaboration between all stakeholders stimulate and reveal first-time opportunities for product development? Featured speakers: David Blackman (Chair), features writer, Building; Jose Fandos, founder and CEO, Andekan; Shaun Farrell, associate director, technology - BIM, Turner & Townsend; Joe Cilia, technical manager, FIS; Steve Skeldon, above ground product manager, Wavin