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Prostitution (International Phenomenon)


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Prostitution (International Phenomenon)

  1. 1. Arellano 1María Fernanda Arellano Garfias A00512787Cynthia Rodríguez Portilla A01330195Adriana Jacqueline Armas Barrera A01331736Sebastián Guevara C. A01214789Fernanda Flores Weimersheimer A01214949Raquel Venado Bolaños A01215103Daniela Sánchez Chowell A01215789Global Contemporary AgendaOctavio Daniel Benítez FrancoGroup: 430th, March, 2012JustificationHaving information about a social problem that involves to the poor sector specificsector in society is necessary to carry out an effective action plan to reduce therisks in the growth of this phenomenon. In this case, the team has decided tocollect the necessary information from the impact to analyzed it in the social,cultural, political and economic aspect, of the prostitution in Mexico and the world. There are many reasons why we have chosen this research theme. Thefirst one is based on the economic aspect. While we know that prostitution is anoccupation given mainly to women we did not know how this action affects theeconomic flow into the global economy. To sell "services" of a woman or even mendoes not provides job to others; also we are interested about which are the socialcauses that produce that the people take this job, and how, talking about the health
  2. 2. Arellano 2aspect, they have to face with the AIDS and the unwanted pregnancies. In theother hand, to structure a plan of action against prostitution is important to knowthose causes. We believe that they have an intimate relation with social interaction.It is our understanding that despite being in the 21st century, oppression,discrimination and women trafficking still remain. Now, if this social phenomenon is linked to our time, are there policiesto control it? We believe that it is of great importance to know every aspect thatinvolves the prostitution because it will help to find where the problem starts,therefore is necessary to look at the political level which kind of information do theyhave. The problem is big but, any kind of laws has been devised to regulate it. It isillegal and governmental leaders have ignored it. Finally, the above reasons can be seen reflected in a broader sector,culture. Prostitution is an important factor and it affects directly in our culture and, ithas a lengthy impact. Prostitution, in the world is a subject that is little truly knownand civil society has many theories about this; however there is no abroad andaccurate knowledge about it.ProstitutionProstitution is an activity base in the exchange of sex for money or some othermaterial good, without involve any feeling or emotion with the client. It has growth,with the pass of the years, in whole world, especially in countries where poverty ishis main factor to look for easy money. When we talk about easy money, we aremaking reference to get money in a short period of time and instantly. Prostitution is an illegal activity in countries like Mexico, Unites States,China, South and North Korea, Philippines and others, in some of them with deathpenalty as in Muslims countries, but there more and more sex worker that it isseen as a regular job, because it can be find in each part of the world. By the
  3. 3. Arellano 3other hand countries like Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Australia has becameprostitution a legal work, but they call it a “control prostitution” where the peoplethat are penalized are the ones who buy the services, or where the sexual workersmust pay taxes as any other job and can defend their human rights as anyone elseif someone is not respecting them. Authors as Guisseppe de Rosa define prostitution as the denial of thehuman person, reduced to an object of pleasure and the man/women can vent his/her evil instincts and cruel and shameful desires. The consumer goes looking forprostitutes like away to satisfied primitive human necessities. Prostitution has other activities that are related with it; first is the humantrafficking, the other the pornography, and finally the prostitution by choice. Thelast one has had a lot controversy because some critics, psychologists, and otherspecialists, as Richard Poilin, have ensured that prostitution is not an election,because back of it exist many factors that induced the decision, the first one thenecessity to survive, and the second one, and that is proved by statistics thatshow us that people that suffered child abuse has more probability to developedpromiscuity being adults, because, approximately, 30% percent of the victims ofchild abuse don´t reveal the experience, until they experiment strange conducts. This activity is seeing like the new slavery; now they are slavers not onlyof the buyers, but also of his social context. This slavery of the social context isbase in “the lack of affection, professional development, economic stability, health,and cultural and social education, that help to perpetuate the conditions of socialexclusion, making it impossible in many instances the abandonment of the activityof prostitution” Association for the prevention, rehabilitation, and care of prostitutewomen (APRAMP) (Translated to English); it means that we became slavers ofour environment when we cannot control it, for example when the people born inpoverty conditions, or when some familiar abuse of him/her, and don´t have thepreparation to fin a good job that help them to, at least, have something to eat
  4. 4. Arellano 4every day. Most of the people, engaged in the prostitution, are young and marginalized;as was mentioned before, the abuse and the necessities are the principal factorsabout why this child are involve in this activity. Also the prostitution is increasingbecause of the increasing of the consumers that prefer young people, becauseof the idea that they have fewer probabilities to have sexual transmitted diseases(Buscarons Edis, This practice has developed a high range of diseases and unwantedpregnancy; the sexually transmitted diseases are a constant danger that threat tothe prostitutes when the clients don’t want to use any kind of contraceptive method,so is difficult to know if the person is infected to any STD. ”Offer sex withoutusing condoms, a practice that often require many costumers, is becoming almostroutine among some of the young prostitutes, especially among those from theEastern (Asia) countries. It´s a way to increase the profits…” ( Before the last decades, the women and child were in majority the part ofthe society where the prostitution was concentrated, but now the men are alsopracticing it, for example the transvestites and transsexuals. Migration has been a factor in the globalization of the prostitution. Peoplewith the idea of finding a job and better opportunities decided to migrate to thebig cities, but when they can’t reach their targets, people find prostitution like thelast alternative. “Globalization with the transfer of capital and job opportunitiesfrom one country to another according to economic and financial conveniencesproduced that the prostitution tends to increase causing the abandonment ofcountryside and move to the cities” (Giuseppe). Also, based in this analysis, theresult of percentages, in the respective countries, has showed that the practice ofprostitution is realized, in more quantity, by foreigners.
  5. 5. Arellano 5 Prostitution has been tried to legalized; in some countries like Germanyand Holland is already done. This law has defended the idea that the people havethe liberty to do with their body whatever they want. On other hand it has triedto defend the rights of the prostitutes seeking to respect their dignity and theircapacity to choose their retailers, also asking the catch trafficking. With the growth of prostitution, this activity has concentrated in manyaspects of the societies. Before it was something clandestine and in many casesprohibited, now it has became in something else to defend the work for manypeople who see it like the denigration of humanity, and for those people that thinkthat the sexual workers don´t have the right to ask respect. Social, economic,culture, and politic factors are related with this phenomenon, because each onecontributes or is affected by the consequences that it provokes. Today, prostitution is illegal in many countries and is related to other formsof crime. Many women and children are forced to perform these services byindividuals or organized gangs. There are several aspects where we can observe this phenomenon: Health,Education, and Social Legality. Since prostitutes and prostitutes routinely maintain relationships with alarge number of customers, prostitution is associated with the spread of sexuallytransmitted diseases. Among these, AIDS is now a greater risk.The answers to this problem can be either definitely trying to ban prostitution, orestablish a register of prostitutes and prostitutes aimed to carry out regular medicalchecks, or informally to encourage male and female prostitutes and their clients, touse means protection and medical screenings. What is really sad is not the act of prostitution, the sad thing is that menand women have to resort to such acts because of the situation in which we live,I mean a country where we find opportunities for decent and hundreds of young
  6. 6. Arellano 6people are in need of using sex to bring home an income.In our country is not easy to get into universities for much of the population, andafter completion of studies, it is even harder to get a decent job, which leads to ahuge number of young people to engage in prostitution.Another problem is that young people do not know their own rights while they areoperated by individuals or criminal groups, are ignorant of the damage they can doto your body and ways to prevent disease. Prostitution in Mexico dates back to Pre-Hispanic times in Mesoamerica theAztecs. Currently such action is considered by the government as illegal.The penal code of the City in terms of jurisdiction and to Mexico in Article 200says, "shall apply imprisonment for 6 months to 5 years and a fine of 10,000 pesoswho practice such action" In Mexico there are 500 thousand people who are exploited in prostitution,90 percent are women and girls. 80 percent of them were not born in Mexico Cityand were taken from somewhere inside the country for prostitution, according tofigures from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America(CATWLAC, 2010).Legalizing and regulating this behavior is a correct solution? Is it time to changeour laws to solve a problem? "75 percent of them started in prostitution whenthey had just 12 years old and what they want most is to stop this activity, whichrepresents a form of survival" (CATWLAC, 2010) Regular prostitution included in the control of sexually transmitted infections,reducing sexual slavery, controlling where brothels can be located completelydissociate prostitution and criminal organizations. Our society is accustomed to this type of service setting out some specificstreets and neighborhoods, but this does not mean that people agree. Severalsectors of society have condemned the proposal to legalize and regulate
  7. 7. Arellano 7prostitution, because this activity is a social scourge that undermines morality anddecency, and to pretend to justify legalizing it is like a cancer in society, furtherdegrading the environment in which we live. Another part of society supports thelegalization, arguing that social evil is inevitable. Until 1994, only 13 states in the Republic regulations were specificallyprohibiting child prostitution, although it is highly immoral activity has increased invarious parts of the country, especially in large cities, beaches and centers tourist. It is urgent to promote an awareness campaign among the various socialsectors, preferably among young people. In its contents are required to disclosethe serious consequences and health hazards and the degradation of the humancondition that leads to prostitution as a form of illegal and immoral life, and theincidence of crime involved.Prostitution is a social problem and serious public health, therefore it must beapproached with seriousness and depth in their causes and also in their effectsand side effects. More than the question of paying taxes, the most important thingis to control the activity so that people do not continue spreading STDs. In the economic perspective prostitution has been a very used professionby the people that lives in puberty because at that age they trust all the peopleand they do not think there are bad persons. The economic condition that peopleexperiment is not the best for their development because they need certain thingsthey cannot afford. Actually someone who practices this profession do not has theprimary necessities because if they had they would not practices prostitution, sothey look for some job that does not includes academic preparation for succeed intheir lives. According to Kathleen Peratis, some people choose this “job” because oftheir necessities and they are not forced to do this. They are grown-up women ormen that take their own decisions; they have not a position of slaves.
  8. 8. Arellano 8 “Some entered to the prostituion activity as a part of an economic strategy for supporting themselves and their families, getting by in lean economic times or realizing other economic goals. Many have children, partners and parents whom they support through their work”.(Peratis,200) We have to take on mind that prostitution is an easy way for some peoplebecause is the only alternative to survive. People use it to get out of their economicproblems, and not only that, their whole family depends on that job. In other casesthey used prostitution to achieve their goals; they use this money to pay his or hercareer, car or house. According to Joe Parker, the prostituion activity look for a kind of "victimprofile," does not want any aggressive and an uncontrollable person. They focusin young people that are not protected by his or her family, or when the family haseconomic problems and they do not have opportunities of education. One formto "breaking" someone into prostitution is “slave taking”. A young man met a girl orboy, and they become friends, in that time he has to be sure that he or she is notdangerous and is not protected by her family. Then he manipulates him or her into adanger situation, so he can kidnaps him or her. After that situation there is a processin which the boy or girl is terrorized, tortured and they tell him or her that if they donot cooperate someone love will be death, Joe Parker wrote in his article. "I believe that we will never succeed in combating trafficking in women if we do not simultaneously work to abolish prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children. Particularly in light of the fact that many women in prostitution in countries that have legalized prostitution are originally victims of trafficking in women.”(Winberg, 2002)According to Margareta Winberghthe the only way to end with the trafficking of
  9. 9. Arellano 9human beings is abolishing the prostitution and sexual exploitation In the social aspect, prostitution is a profession that is also seen as asocial phenomenon that has a great importance due to the impact that prostitutionhas on ideology of society and on the functioning of the roles of persons belongingto a society, since, as in this case the womans role is to work with dignity or stay inthe domestic work. This activity greatly affects the social structure because it hasimplications for violence, the family, divorce, and of course in human dignity, sothese issues affect the ideology that has a good social structure. Prostitution is anissue that was part of our past is part of our present and is something that will bepart of our future. Prostitution generates more violence today since, as organizedcrimes buying and goes to work people who engage in prostitution, not only in thesphere of pleasure and sensation, but in the transportation of drugs. Theprostitution working with organized crime to transport drugs and of course to givedrugs to people who are involved in this activity. An example of this relationshipbetween prostitution and organized crime, is the story of “televisa” newscastscalled "persons engaged" in which recounts how a 13 year old girl was forced tobe part of a prostitution ring through the offense of these people, who throughdeceit took her to the practice of this activity, and in which drug use, physicalabuse and child pornography are elements that occurred one to one resulting in aconnection between prostitution and crime after another. This clearly affects society because it causes that people acquire and havethe ease of getting drugs, which causes the destruction of families and especiallythe destruction of the lives of consumers, both morally and socially. Drug usersbegin to engage in kidnapping, since, as, drugs looking for more power andtherefore make money no matter the consequences or the damage that will causeto society which carries a series of changes in society, increase the problems ofinsecurity and therefore society begins to degrade. Although this continue happening, something to keep in mind is that people
  10. 10. Arellano 10who is involved in prostitution are also members of our society, who also shareideas and goals. They are humans and nobody is always perfect, the acceptanceis something that has place in our lives and must understand the contexts, that isthe environment in which people live and develop that do not concern us directly. Society will continue to have problems about accepting this kind of situationsbecause it is something that goes against the status that man has within a society,since, as, now the ideology of the human is that they have to working with dignity. On account of this activity, the people who are involved in prostitution arerejected by society. Prostitution is not taken into account as a job for society andtherefore people, who engage in this, are socially marginalized. Prostitution not only goes against social morals as argue by society but isan issue that brings a series of health problems and therefore society continuesto discriminate people who practice it. Today the society lives with uncertainty andwith terror of the diseases that can occur, since, as prostitution is not practicedonly with one person but several people. Therefore people prone to get infectedof various diseases, simply because when practicing prostitution many people donot care if the person who practices prostitution has any diseases other people areprone to illness. Its a great social problem that on account of prostitution a lot of peopleacquire diseases such as AIDS, so the great majority of society does not acceptthese people in their group. Society describes the people that practice prostitution,as who do not qualify as human dignity and have therefore brings more problemsin society as in the case, the disease. Today, many people have diseases becauseof unsafe sex with infected people or within care. According to estimates by the National Center for AIDS Prevention andControl (CENSIDA), together with UNAIDS, 220,000 adults in Mexico are HIV-
  11. 11. Arellano 11infected (2009), of which 60% are men who have sex with men (MSM), 23%of heterosexual women and 6% clients of sex workers, mainly heterosexual(Translation to English). It can be seen that 6% are clients of sex workers andthis data shows that people infected with AIDS is low to acquire by this means.However it is not taking into account that these people can be a danger of infectionbecause they are transmit to other healthy people about their environment. Thats why the theme of prostitution, the man makes his feel affected bypeople who practice this activity or concerned about the social problems that mayarise in the practice of prostitution. As already mentioned above; this generatesviolence, family problems, but mostly lost the values ​of human dignity. By the other hand, in the cultural aspect prostitution is also known asthe oldest profession of the world; in the past, there used to be two kinds ofprostitution: (*The sacred prostitution: women were singers and dancers, and it wasn´tconsidered as something wrong because it had a religious cause.* Profane prostitution: it´s practically the prostitution as we know it. The differencewith the sacred prostitution is that, that one wasn´t in change of money, while thisone is all about money and selling your body. It depends on the country you live in, and the religion that is practiced,how they people is going to see prostitution. For example, the Catholic Churchis against prostitution and they even think that people who are prostitutedare “slaves that need to be liberated”. They are actually against many thingslike the use of preservatives for not getting pregnant, but they know that we livein different times, so in the book of Peter Seewald, The light of the world. ThePope, the church, and the signs of the time, the authors shows that the Pope hasaccepted the use of condoms in certain cases, such as the prostitution. There are many countries where prostitution is illegal, such as in the
  12. 12. Arellano 12United States (but not in all their states, such as Nevada), China, North Korea,Vietnam, in almost all the Muslim countries, where the punishment for prostitutionis death sentence. But in contrast there are also countries where prostitution is legal andthere is not a problem for the population, like in Netherlands where actually thegovernment takes care about the prostitutes by having anonymous clinics wherethey can go and see if they don´t have any illness. But actually they are veryhealthy, and the only thing that prostitutes have to prove to the authorities is thatthey have 18 years or more. The problem is, when prostitution leads to human trafficking and theybecome as what the church say they are “slaves” that can´t escape, andare forced to do terrible things. Or when people that are under 18 prostitutethemselves because they need some money, and in many countries, the policedoesn´t do anything. But in the case of Netherlands, the state pays for college, soif those prostitutes actually want to study a career they could afford it. Other thing is that in many countries people think that prostitutes do notdeserve respect, because of what they do, and they treat them really bad, byhurting them in a physical and psychological way, while they are waiting fora customer or while they are working. . They forget that the fact that they areprostitutes doesn´t mean that they don´t have rights or feelings. As a conclusion our team, having made a previous investigation,agreed in the same position for any reason is coarse sell the sexuality of a humanbeing in exchange for a monetary fine. Which means that we are againstprostitution is used as a last resort to get money for reasons or circumstancesbeyond his/her unable to have a job or profession that enables him to maintain astable life as anyone else. We are in full agreement that there are otherpossibilities before coming to prostitution as a last resort, or for many other people,
  13. 13. Arellano 13as a first resort, because job opportunities are low or zero; according to the latestreport on the consensus of economist INEGI underemployment rose 8.5% against8.1% in the same period there is no possibility of having a stable job. For thisreason prostitution is given more and more, as it is something that will never ceaseto need, and there will always be someone who needs or request this service. Prostitution may be illegal in cases where it involves minors, where they aresold for this service or forced to do so by their own mothers or fathers to get moremoney from this, children, adolescents and adults that are involved in prostitutiongo through very difficult times where they do not know what the solution to theirproblems and deriving from this service are more problems than they already have,such as sexually transmitted diseases (STD), unwanted children who grow up andwould probably do the same his mother because is all that he/she has seen all herlife and apart from this they have psychological problems which greatly affect thedecision-making process. In order to account indirectly affects us all. We as a teamthink that there is a solution to this phenomenon and is linked to the governmentand the Mexican think we need to have more options available and work placesor offices will be open to people wanting to have a job actually this is a problemnot only in México it happened with more frequency in all the countries with crisisproblems and its affect us too and that the minimum wages need to rise a certainpercentage so the people who wants to work get a better impression? of a job andthats not getting the job, is to have a well-paid job. We also need education; we propose that there should be more publicschools with more space for people who want to get ahead. With this, peoplecan get a good job so well paid and happy to have those people who were inprostitution as a better job, because they would gain more than a common work.The hardest part is to change the thinking of the Mexican people, wanting toleave all at the last minute, not wanting to do this more difficult and take the easyway. This mentality can be changed from small children, which is where most aremaking this idea; we agree that education is a key point. Regarding the sale ofchildren for prostitution, we think of a solution in which what support the causes
  14. 14. Arellano 14 that contribute to this as unwanted children, slavery, bribery, cheating and so on, all of the above can be lessened if the generation that makes the change takes into accounts the challenges from below, from basic education. ReferencesKathleen Peratis, JD, Chair of the Womens Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, on July 17, 2000 wrote in Insight on the News.Pro.Con. Org.January, Joe. How prostitution works. January 31. Prostitution research and education., FormerDeputy Prime Minister of Sweden, said at theSeminarontheEffects of Legalisation of ProstitutionActivities in Stockholmon Nov. 5-6, 2002.Pro.Con. Org.January 31. Manifiesto por los derechos de las prostitutas. Madrid, febrero de 2006. 1 de febrero de 2012. Presenta UNAM estudio sobre prostitución masculina y turismo. 27 de Septiembre 2009. 1 de febrero de 2012. 2009/09/presenta-unam-estudio-sobre-prostitucion-masculina-y-turismo.htmlProstitución. Claves básicas para reflexionar sobre un problema. EDITA APRAMP / FUNDACIÓN MUJERES. ESPAÑA 2009. 1 de febrero de 2012 http://
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