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Internship powerpoint


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Tips for Pios applying for internships

Published in: Career
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Internship powerpoint

  1. 1. 78% of 2016 DU graduates completed one or more internships or research experiences by the time they finished their undergraduate education.
  2. 2. The Career Services office can be found on the south end of the Driscoll Student Center.
  3. 3. Students wanting for help on their application can schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.
  4. 4. Quick informational handouts are easy to access in their office as well.
  5. 5. Career Services bulletin board lets students know about upcoming events to help their internship process.
  6. 6. “ You want to make sure you know what company you are applying for. […] If they can see that you have spent some time understanding their business, looking at that job description and how you fit with that job description that time will be well spent.” – Mary Michael Hawkins, Director of the DU Career Center
  7. 7. Many signs are posted around campus to inform students about upcoming career events.
  8. 8. At the end of the day, “you gotta want it,” suggests Alanna Giraldi, fourth-year hospitality major.
  9. 9. Associate Professor and Interim Director of Internships for the Media, Film and Journalism studies (MFJS) department Derigan Silver says students should participate in activities, “that [are] gonna show your work product.”
  10. 10. Students can find the mass communications building, which hosts the MFJS department, at the south end of campus.
  11. 11. MFJS students looking for internships can find opportunities in Silvers weekly emails.
  12. 12. The NACE Job Outlook 2017 survey found that 91% of employers who responded, “prefer that their candidates have work experience,” and 65% of them prefer that the experience be relevant to the position they’re applying for.