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Morrisons case study v2


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Morrisons case study v2

Published in: Education
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Morrisons case study v2

  1. 1. DEVELOPING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH CUSTOMER SERVICE This case study shows how Morrisons Superstores uses customer service to differentiate itself from its competitors, motivate its colleagues and help the business to grow.
  2. 2. Morrisons is UK’s fourth largest food retailer, this company grew steadily from market stall to a superstore. This business family with over 450 stores was founded by Sir Ken Morrison over one century.
  3. 3. Differentiating the business  What makes the difference? Morrisons holds great control of its supply chain known as the field to fork’ approach, this create a competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Morrisons employees Morrisons employs more especialists than any of the other UK’s superstores, innovativing business focus is reflected in its approach to recruitment. They offer career opportunities in a variety of areas such as logistic, manufacturing, finance.
  5. 5. Customer Service Objetive:  Personalised service from a trained professional. Keeping customers happy and loyal to the business
  6. 6. Customer service  Morrisons has invested heavily in training and developing colleagues to generate its high quality customer service, it can often be much more cost- effective to retain customers than to attract new ones.
  7. 7. Elements of customer service  Information.
  8. 8. After sales service
  9. 9. Specialists attention
  10. 10. Convenience
  11. 11. Measuring customer service  ‘Morrisons miles’ card rewards regular petrol station users who collect points from fuel purchases with shopping vouchers to spend in-store.
  12. 12. The H.O.T philosophy  It’s applied by all colleagues at all stores to deliver higher quality and industry- leading customer service.
  13. 13. Morrisons’ philosophy of ‘learn while you earn’  Morrisons offers extensive training and development opportunities and recently won the title of ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Oracle Retail Week Awards for its dedication to colleague skills development and training.
  14. 14. Morrisons academy  The Morrisons’ Academy provides support and training for colleagues of all levels from school leavers to senior roles.  Partnership between Morrisons and several academic institutions including the Bradford School of Management and the Bradford Business School.  70% of Morrisons’ managers have been trained by the organisation rather than being recruited externally.
  15. 15. Morrison focuses in 3 areas
  16. 16. Benefits of customer service  Satisfy customers by developing employees  Loyal customers are those that value excellent customer service and fresh and quality products  Only trained (and motivated) employees can guarantee a high level of customer service achievement  A customer feedback culture to be implemented to assure employee motivational and encouraging processes
  17. 17. Conclusion  Competitive advantage through ‘field to fork’ approach allowing to control its own supply chain  Employee training through customer service initiatives  Employees become experts who can offer customers the best possible level of service.  Colleagues have to be motivated and to be proud of who they work for, supported by management that understands and values its people.  Create a “We are one family” atmosphere, upholding family values and traditions of a family-focused business. ‘It feels different for our customers because it feels different for our people’.