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Exclusive tour of Russian Volga heartland in the 1000th year since founding of Yaroslavl. In-depth exploration of history, culture and contemporary life.

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Tour One Sheet

  1. 1. Exclusive Tour of the Russian Volga River Heartland June 17 – June 28, 2010 Land of the Firebird Visit Yaroslavl in the Year of its 1000th Anniversary with author and former Presidential advisor, Suzanne Massie. This exclusive tour of Yaroslavl and the surround- ing Russian Volga heartland will open up Russia to discriminating travelers who want more than a sur- face view. Drawing on years of experience, the tour leaders, Suzanne Massie and Daniel Satinsky, will share their insight and personal understanding of Russian life through an in-depth exploration of the history, culture and contemporary life of the Yaro- slavl Region. Located on the banks of the Volga, Yaroslavl will celebrate its 1000-year anniversary in 2010. Togeth- er with its neighboring cities of Rostov the Great and Kostroma, it is the perfect location to explore the themes of the tour: Russian art, craft, musical and cultural traditions; lifestyles of business people in the pre and post-Soviet eras; and the history and revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. There will also be opportunities for informal meetings and dis- cussion with Russian entrepreneurs, artists and university students. “I hope that you will come and join me for this rare chance to visit the heartland of the land of Tour Highlights: the firebird and celebrate the 1000th birthday of • Limited to 14 participants, lecture by Suzanne the historic city of Yaroslavl – a region and city Massie and daily interaction with Suzanne Massie rarely seen by the average tourist. What makes and Daniel Satinsky throughout the tour. this visit unique will be the opportunity – so • Dinner cruise on Volga River. rare on ordinary tourist trips – to meet talented artists and energetic citizens living and working • Icon and art museums, workshops of modern in Yaroslavl today. As the saying goes, Paris is artists, including of Nikolai Mukhin. not all of France and Moscow is certainly not all • Orthodox Church in Russian life – Tolga Nunnery, of Russia. To know the Russia of today you must museum complex of the Monastery of our Savior and explore further. Believe me, it will be an eye Transfiguration and Kremlin of Rostov the Great. opener which you will never forget.” • Country estate of poet Nikolay Nekrasov with Suzanne Massie historical re-enactments of gentry life, Romanov Author “Land of the Firebird” family museum in Kostroma, Time & Music private museum on Volga Embankment and childhood home of Peter the Great in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Tour Dates: June 17 – 28, 2010 • Informal discussions with artists, musicians, Registration by March 22, 2010 business people and students. For a complete program itinerary, costs and • Four star hotel and modern bus transport. conditions, please contact Daniel Satinsky at 617 297 2875 or • The best contemporary restaurants.