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Slice Of Life Documentary


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Class assignment for Year 2 Film & Television students at Unitec New Zealand's Department of Performing and Screen Arts: In teams, create a presentation pitching an integrated media strategy which combines the specialisations of the students involved (Production, Camera, Sound and Editing). Collaboratively brainstorm and create this presentation using a wiki document on Google Docs, and deliver the work on Google Docs Presentation, combining your efforts to build and present the piece to your classmates.

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Slice Of Life Documentary

  1. 1. New and Emerging Technologies A Slice Of Life Documentary
  2. 2. Concept A Three Month Tour of New Zealand collecting old home videos and commercials to create a "slice of life" documentary featuring New Zealand life from the beginning of New Zealand film through to present day New Zealand.
  3. 3. But Why? To Educate: New Zealands' youth of today. Tourists or new arivels to New Zealand Anyone who seeks knowledge of our history To Entertain To make it as enjoyable for everyone to watch. To help assist the learning process. Nostalgia. To make people laugh and be happy.
  4. 4. How? Four different types of new technologies will be used throughout this project: Gorilla Production Software Smoothcam Online editing Protools 8 We will drive all over New Zealand in a Mitsubishi Canter 6 Berth Motorhome and work all these technologies off computers and laptops from our Motorhome.
  5. 5. Gorilla Production Software This new software will be used in both the pre production and production phases of the project as we tour New Zealand and plan to tour New Zealand. Gorilla Provides: Scheduling Budgeting Storyboards Calenders Accounting Contact Lists
  6. 6. SmoothCam SmoothCam is a piece of technology borrowed from Apple’s high-end compositing system "Shake", that was ported to Final Cut Pro 6.0 as an easy-to- use effect filter. The basic idea is that SmoothCam tracks the pixels in your footage to create smooth bump-free shots. Useful for correcting shaky handheld NZ footage. Can make NZ home made videos look professional and marketable. The application gives you control over how much you correct the NZ footage.
  7. 7. Online Editing This will give us the advantage to edit while we are on the move around New Zealand at any time this means that we can save time by working as we go.
  8. 8. ENHANCED SOUND WITH PRO TOOLS 8 One of the cool things about Pro Tools 8 is the plug- ins. A plug-in is a enhancement feature for sound available in Pro Tools. Depending on which plug-in you use; it will immediately make changes of the original sound to a better quality and design. I will use two plug-ins from Pro Tools 8, and they are called BOOM, and VACUUM. Both are virtual instruments that I will use to create a theme track. The end result will be a sound design to compliment the production and enhance any local tunes from the media archives.
  9. 9. Thats A Wrap At the end of the three month tour of New Zealand and the subsequent time sifting through all the material we will have collected we will have created a 5 DVD Box Set Limited Edition "Slice of Life" documentary. We will attempt to illustrate New Zealand's way of life and New Zealanders way of life has changed over time. We will use the latest in post production technology to a documentary of the highest quality that can be used as a resource for generations to come.
  10. 10. Thank You