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Skyjacks Presentation - Daniel

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Skyjacks Presentation - Daniel

  1. 1. Welcome to SkyJacks
  2. 2.  SkyJacks is a leading supplier of specialised access systems such as Suspended Platforms, Mobile Hydraulic Elevating Work Platforms, Tele-Handlers, Mini Cranes and Lightweight Aluminium Tower Systems.  We’ve been conducting business since 1978.  It is a rental business with superior margins but does have a labour/contracting component.  Servicing Eskom and other key blue-chip industrial, construction and mining customers.  Established management team.  In addition to the Jo’burg operations we have branches in Durban Cape Town and Nelspruit.  This small branch footprint gives us the ability to grow the business geographically. Who is SkyJacks?
  3. 3. What do we do? Aluminium ScaffoldingMobile Elevating Work Platforms Suspended Platforms Tele-Handlers & Mini Cranes
  4. 4.  Main contributor of Revenue and EBITDA  SkyJacks is the sole agent for Sky Climber Power Suspended Platforms in Africa and this relationship goes back 35 years.  The electrically powered Alpha and Compact Hoists used on the platforms are imported from Sky Climber in Belgium and we have in excess of 600 of these hoists in our hire fleet.  We carry a comprehensive range of spares and are able to service and maintain the hoists in our workshops. Suspended Platforms
  5. 5. Kusile Power Station – Inside Smoke Stack  A 3.5m diameter Special Circular Platform was designed and manufactured to allow the contractor to work on the steel structure inside the Kusile Smoke Stack.  The Smoke Stack is +/- 200m high.
  6. 6. Pretoria West Power Station – Cooling Tower  A total of 8 x 5m Platforms was installed complete with electric hoists.  The Cooling Tower is about 80m high.  All top fixings were done by making use of a helicopter, as there was no other way to get access to the top of the Tower
  7. 7. Kusile & Medupi Power Station  7 Tier Platform operated with 2 electric Hoists and Electric Crawl.  4 sets was specially designed and manufactured for each Power Station.  These Platforms were used to do sheeting on all 6 boilers at Kusile Power Station and Medupi Power Station.  Top Rig complete with material hoist for lifting sheets into place.
  8. 8. 7 Tier Multi Deck Platform – Medupi Power Station  Suspended on a mono-rail from the top with side to side capability.  Specially designed lifting lugs fitted to electric crawl motors.  Used during boiler construction for sheeting at Medupi Power Station 18m Suspended Platform – Medupi Power Station
  9. 9. Kendal Power Station Boiler Shutdown 4 Tier Multi Deck Platform  Overhead mounted hoists on special design lifting brackets to allow through way on top deck.  Internal ladders with trapdoors provide access to each tier.  4 Tier, solid 12m x 18m Multi Deck Suspended Platform.  Erected and suspended in place of scaffolding in a quarter of the time.
  10. 10. Mining Applications
  11. 11. Gold One Mine - Springs  A 9m x 6m Top A-Frame, 4m diameter Platform and 1.7m Man Riding Platform was specially designed and manufactured for the mine to do shotcrete work.  The mine shaft is +/- 120m deep.
  12. 12. Mine Shaft – Mooi Street, Johannesburg  1m x 1m Three Tier Platform was specially designed and manufactured for the mine.  The mine shaft is about 750m deep.
  13. 13. Mine Shaft – Mooi Street, Johannesburg  Upwards of 800m of wire rope per motor, used to suspend 3 the specially designed 3 tier.  Electric motors run at the speed of the hoist, to roll up and prevent any slack wire when raising the platform to the surface.
  14. 14. Anglo Platinum – Steelpoort Another SkyJacks special – 5.7m Round Platform suspended from site specific designed A-Frame and hoisted by 380v Electric Hoists. Used for Shaft Maintenance.
  15. 15. Mine Rescue Units Design and Manufacture of complete Mine Rescue Units. Trailer Mounted and detachable. Supplied with Generator and Wire Rope Winder.
  16. 16. Bridge Maintenance in the Western Cape  SkyJacks standard 3m Aluminium Platforms, suspended from specially designed brackets that were manufactured in house.
  17. 17. Bridge Maintenance in the Western Cape  Another special design platform by SkyJacks.  Full Decked Power Suspended Platform.
  18. 18. Sasol Secunda Smoke Stacks – 301m High
  19. 19. Sasol Secunda Smoke Stacks – 301m High  Segmented Circular Platforms designed by SkyJacks used for internal maintenance and cleaning of the stacks.  Specially mounted wire rope winders that run at the speed of the motor to take up excess wire rope at long lengths.
  20. 20. Aluminium Scaffolding
  21. 21. 1.5m x 1.8m 0.9m x 1.8m 1.5m x 1.8m
  22. 22.  Stairway Towers – Complete with outriggers  Span Towers – 0.9m & 1.5m Wide  Façade Towers  Youngman/Bridging Boards  6 Main components… NO TOOLS NEEDED