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InfoDataPlace specializes in global contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions for both small businesses and large enterprises. InfoDataPlace solutions help improve contact data at all touch points from real-time address verification at point-of-entry and ongoing data enhancements to printing and mailing. By leveraging the power of high-response mailing lists and integrated, multi-channel marketing efforts, we breathe new life into your sales, continually striving to redefine the scope of direct response marketing.The shrinking of global markets in the wake of increasing liberalization and global economic reform places today’s marketer in a position to command sales from all over the world via the internet. At Infodataplace, we fully recognized the dynamic shift that world markets have undergone and we focus on helping you capitalize on it. That’s why our international email lists are some of the most accurate sources available in the field of global email marketing.

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  1. 1. Are you trying to obtain your prospects e-mail addresses? WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM
  2. 2. Client’s Master Database You have an internal database with missing information like email address, which stops your communicating online with your existing customers or prospects!!! WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  3. 3. Missing email address? Name: Robert Wills Address: 189 Old Cleveland Rd Phone: 909-498-4522 Email: ? Would you like to add missing emails to your existing customer/prospects database? If yes The solution is Email Appending WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  4. 4. Following are all the steps followed in Updating Database Opt-in Sources: 1.Magazine Subscribers 2.Tradeshow/Conferences 3.Surveys etc. The opt-in contacts maintained have given their consent to receive 3rd party emails regarding g their product & services. Firstly, We have our telemarketers pound the phone and verify the details provided for each contact by our various opt-in sources. Data is updated and verified by our Pro 1. Auto match software 2. Email Topology method 3. Manual Verification 4. Introductory Mail Out WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  5. 5. Auto Match Software Client data file is run against our master data bank. Client’s File Info Data Place Master Data Bank •Name •Address •Phone Client’s File is scanned against our Master Data Bank Old Cleveland Rd ? Name: Robert Wills Address: Phone: 909 – 498 - 4522 Email ID: Customer send there internal database for adding missing data. WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  6. 6. Email Topology Process Info Data Place Master Topology File Name: Robert Wills Address: Old Cleveland Rd Phone: 250-513-1110 Email ID: Name: Robert Wills Address: Old Cleveland Rd Phone: 909-498-4522 Email ID: Client’s File
  7. 7. Manual Verification Process Manual Process using our proprietary software Our Tele Callers WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL :
  8. 8. Introductory Mail Out Appended Contact All matches are passed through an opt-in permission Introductory Mail Out All the matched contacts are passed through an opt-in permission process required by law and needed to comply with Can-Spam requirements thus providing an opt-in contact WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  9. 9. The Benefits of Email Appending Permission based email is the most cost effective way to communicate with your prospects. Communicating via email increases brand loyalty / recognition and reduces offline promotion costs. It is the most cost effective way of engaging customers in multi-channel dialogue; resulting in an increase to your customer’s lifetime value. Useful, relevant information delivered via the email channel is an important relationship benefit that will cause consumers to remain loyal to a brand. Product relevance and brand loyalty are the top reason for repeat business. WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.COM EMAIL:
  10. 10. Info Data Place Corporate Office : 14999 Bobcat Ln Fontana, CA 92378, USA Telephone: (909)-498-4522 Email - WEB - WEB: WWW.INFODATAPLACE.CO M EMAIL: