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Gn the team


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Gn the team

  1. 1. Game Nation - The Team © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary. Created by
  2. 2. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary. Created by WELCOME Game Nation, a Video Game Theme Park, a place where you...Live The Game. ––––––––––– The Concept ––––––––––– Game Nation is combining the $12B Theme Park industry with the $25B Video Game Industry, creating a new Mega Market. ––––––––––– The Team ––––––––––– The Game Nation Executive Management Team has planned, developed, and run companies like Disney, Universal Studios and Lucas Films. ––––––––––– Industry Vertical ––––––––––– Themed Entertainment Company that specializes in Interactive Entertainment while leveraging a phaseable Real Estate Development Model. At first glance, Game Nation is a very ambitious project - with a grand vision! While this is true, the Game Nation team has Leveraged decades of experience and developed a feasible and scalable roll out. We’re excited to share with you a plan that is not only scalable, but also allows us to grow the company with revenue and profit. Our first major revenue model (GN Celebration) will be launched Summer 2013!
  3. 3. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.3 Created by Game Nation’s Executive Management Team: Daniel T. Ruke (RUKE) – Creator, Creative Development, Branding and Marketing RUKE has created, worked on and marketed entertainment and attractions for over 15 years. As a cultural brand expert, he knows how to reconcile the balance of creative and business. Robert L. Ward – Theme Park & Resort Destination Development, Strategic Planning and Creative Started with Disney and has 40 years in the theme park industry. Bob is the co-Founder of Universal Creative and former Senior Vice President of International Business Development, Universal Parks & Resorts. Charles J. Weber – Financing, Negotiations, Production, Licensing and Merchandising For 30 years, Charlie has been a key executive in the Entertainment and Communications Industries including President and CEO of LucasFilm, Ltd.; overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations, financing, negotiations, production, licensing, merchandising, Industrial Light and Magic, and THX. Cole Peacock – Investor & Governmental Relations, Corporate Program Funding and International Retail Development 15 years of building governmental relationships and securing government monies that have allowed private corporations to succeed. Marc Mencher – Licensing and Sponsor Relations, Business Development and Strategic Planning Being one of the most trusted names in the video game industry for 25 years, Marc has been an icon for over 25 years. Being a published author and speaker on everything video games, he is widely recognized as the go-to guy.   Game Nation The Team Not Just Visionaries, But Doers
  4. 4. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.4 Created by Daniel T. Ruke, also known as “RUKE”, is a creative entrepreneur and artist who transforms visions into reality, offering clients the best results and highest quality service. At the age of five, RUKE realized that art would become his life. His private training began at age eight and continued until his graduation from Ringling School of Art and Design. In 1993 RUKE opened his first company, RUKE Illustrations ( He focused on themed and branded spaces. When most artists/illustrators didn’t want to touch a computer, RUKE embraced it. Not only was he able to do hand painted murals, but the use of technology enabled him to contribute to the overall design and theme of entertainment venues and destinations. Understanding that “Brands are felt, not read”, RUKE expanded his illustration company in 1998 into blink, a non-traditional creative agency ( The atmosphere offers employees the artistic freedom to create revolutionary work while making clients successful. RUKE has always looked for the client’s uniqueness in branding, product image and sales cycles, all of which separate the client from their competition. This was a major shift in his career. He was now able to represent projects and companies from an advertising and marketing capacity, as well as contribute to the creative and the development of their products and services. By blink’s eighth year of operation, RUKE decided to expand from entertainment and destinations to the video game industry as well. This expansion opened up a wide range of opportunities for blink and the brand, RUKE. The studio didn’t stop at representing video games; it helped develop them. The demand for RUKE to personally illustrate novel covers, stage productions and a wide range of digital media allowed him to revisit his roots. RUKE was asked to start lecturing on industry experiences at multiple venues including the University of Miami. Game Nation The Team RUKE Creator, CEO & Chairmen of the Board Creative Entrepreneur and Artist
  5. 5. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.5 Created by In 2010 RUKE combined all of his experience and talents to create Game Nation, the world’s first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort ( With total immersion and complete interactivity, Game Nation will merge video game mechanics with physical themed attractions, creating some of the most unreal experiences gamers have ever had. Because of his passion and drive for societal improvement, RUKE consults, free of charge, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to advance to the next level. RUKE does this through several international networking groups as an effort to give back. Participating in workshops nationwide allows him to help people see a previously unrecognized future for their companies. RUKE served the South Florida chapter of the IGDA (International Game Developer Association). He worked on the board as an advisor and has done special projects to help shape their future. He currently severs as Star member of World Game Executives. This honor is bestowed only on the top, most innovative thinkers in the video game industry. RUKE is very proud to also be on the Board of Advisors for this international group of gaming professionals. RUKE enjoys spending quality time with his children is in his secret, dedicated Star Wars room. There he has all the toys he has been collecting since childhood. He and the 4 children work on miniature sets and worlds inspired by the Star Wars franchise. This 600 square foot room serves as a place where RUKE plays with the children and practices themed design, architecture and special effects. Visit RUKE prides himself in creating cultural brands and being a keen observer of not only audience demographics, but, more importantly, their psychographics and socialgraphics. If you ask him, RUKE will tell you, “Work is not my life. I live my work.” Game Nation The Team RUKE Creator, CEO & Chairmen of the Board Creative Entrepreneur and Artist
  6. 6. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.6 Created by Robert Ward’s forty year career has centered on the leisure time, resort destination and entertainment industries worldwide. During his twenty plus years with Universal Studios Parks & Resorts he was a Co-Founder and key executive of Universal’s creative think tank development team that has conceptualized, designed and implemented Universal’s global entertainment projects. Bob is acknowledged as being an instrumental leader in the creative repositioning of the Universal Studios Tour from it’s beginnings in Hollywood as a straight forward “industrial tour” into one of the recognized leaders of destination entertainment, theme parks and resorts world-wide. He led the conceptualization and master planning development of Universal Orlando Resort, Universal’s $3.5 billion premiere entertainment resort destination in Orlando, Florida and then Universal’s product expansion into Japan, Asia and Europe. The International Themed Entertainment and Experience Design Industry recently awarded Bob the prestigious 2009 THEA Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of excellence and creative achievement associated with the arts and sciences of themed entertainment, outstanding visitor experiences, attractions and places. In 2005, Bob established his consulting practice where his diverse global development experiences, strategic business insights and creative imagination combine to create a unique brand of world-class “signature placemaking” for clients in the areas of large, mixed-use, leisure and resort destination developments, and urban town planning. Partnered with Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Andrew Snowhite, co-founders of environmental consulting firm Azure Worldwide, he is also exploring new placemaking applications that empower individuals, communities and businesses to improve the health and sustainability of their environment and community while adding value to partners and consumers. Bob is presently active in greater Asia, Korea, Dubai, Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. Game Nation The Team Robert L. Ward CEO of Strategic Insights & Creative Imagination Theme Park & Resort Destination Development, Strategic Planning & Creative
  7. 7. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.7 Created by For the past 30 years, Charles J. Weber (Charlie) has been a successful key executive in the Entertainment and Communications Industries. Mr. Weber has been instrumental in securing public and private corporate financing, domestic and international distribution, mergers and acquisitions and the production and financing of motion pictures He has also served in an executive role for Fortune 500, real estate, and entertainment companies and has executive produced a number of feature films. He has been President and CEO/COO of the following companies: LucasFilm, Ltd: As President and Chief Executive Officer of George Lucas’ company, Mr. Weber was responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations, including international operations, financing, negotiations, production, licensing, merchandising, Industrial Light and Magic, and THX. He was also involved in the making of: The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and More American Graffiti. Embassy Communications: As President and Chief Operating Officer of Norman Lear’s and Jerry Perenchio’s company, Mr. Weber was involved in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, television and motion picture production, international and domestic distribution, cable operations, pay television services and Hispanic broadcasting. He was also involved in the making of Blade Runner. Entertainment Company of America (ECA): President and Chief Executive Officer. Through ECA’s early involvement in the development of interactive in-flight systems, ECA developed the distribution, programming, and technical expertise to support in-flight audio/video games, merchandising, communications, and gaming requirements on aircraft. Game Nation The Team Charles J. Weber CEO of Weber Communications, Inc. Financing, Negotiations, Production, Licensing and Merchandising
  8. 8. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.8 Created by Cole has lived in Ft. Myers since 1983. Cole’s family is fourth generation Floridians. He is married to Rachel and they have three children Sterling, Hannah, and Jackson. Cole graduated from Cumberland University. He has 14 years experience in the areas of governmental affairs and non-profits and seven years in corporate relations including charitable giving, community development, investor relations, crisis management and social responsibility. He is a past retail executive for a major retail corporation, managed political campaigns, on the state and local level, and currently is President of his own company (RC Peacock Consulting) that credits Hope Hospice and The Florida Retail Federation as clients. He began his career in the Florida Legislature as a legislative aide. After years of administering multiple political campaigns including Keith Arnold for Governor, Mayor Jim Humphrey and Senator Dave Aronberg, Peacock joined Chico’s FAS in 2003 where he spent the next seven years on the retail organization’s executive team overseeing communications, governmental and corporate relations. His tenure includes producing tax exemptions, lawsuit reform, securing corporate program funding, workforce and free trade legislation as well as directing crisis management and relief efforts nationwide. He helped create Chico’s Charities, Inc. and led fundraising initiatives that helped support our communities. Peacock is a member of the 2008/2009 Leadership Florida Class, the Florida and Greater Ft. Myers Chambers, the Executive Board for the Florida Retail Federation, the state-wide Board for Step up for Students and also serves on a number of non-profit Boards including acting as Chair of the Boys and Girls Club Be Great Campaign, Chair of the American Red Cross of Lee County, Vice Chairman of the Edison Ford Winter Estates and Treasurer for the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools. Game Nation The Team Cole Peacock CEO of RC Peacock Consulting Investor & Governmental Relations, Corporate Program Funding and Int’l Retail Development
  9. 9. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.9 Created by Marc Mencher - is a recognized game industry career specialist and author of the widely- acclaimed primer, “Get in the Game: Careers in the Game Industry.” As CEO and co-founder of GameRecruiter, he has been responsible for helping innumerable job seekers secure jobs with leading game companies. Marc is a regular speaker at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Game Career Seminar and International Game Developers Association (IGDA) events around the country, as well as at college campuses and job fairs. Marc Mencher is CEO and co-founder of GameRecruiter (formerly known as Virtual Search). GameRecuiter is a “game focused” recruiting firm that specializes in unadvertised jobs and career opportunities within the gaming industry. Their experienced staff works on searches that are highly confidential and never posted. Created in 1996, their headquarters are based within Fort Lauderdale, with multiple satellite offices in Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando and San Francisco. They provide services to meet the needs of their extensive candidate and client network within the US and Internationally. In October 2002 Marc Mencher wrote the book “Get in the Game! Careers In The Game Industry.” The book guides and prepares readers to start a career in the game industry. “Get in the Game!” shows the reader how to research, network, and meet the right industry people. Marc Mencher is an advisory Board Member for Full Sail Real World Education, Westwood College, Keiser University, and the Family of Art Institute Colleges across the country. He gives advice to help schools teach and create better curriculums in game related degrees, including Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees in game programming, game art, animation and game design. Marc Mencher was formerly the president of IGDN, International Game Developers Network and is currently holding regular meetings as South Florida chapter coordinator for IGDA, International Game Developers Association. Game Nation The Team Marc Mencher CEO and Co-Founder of GameRecruiter Licensing and Sponsor Relations, Business Development and Strategic Planning
  10. 10. © 2013 Game Nation/RUKE. Game Nation™. RUKE™. All materials in this document is proprietary.10 Created by “Disney didn’t invent film, animation or theme parks, but he capitalized on the relevant media of the day. And that’s what we are doing!” - RUKE