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Colonization pt1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Colonization pt1

  1. 1. colonization is when a group of people go to anotherland and take over
  2. 2. The colonizes will often opress, ensalve or kill thepeople they encounter in there land
  3. 3. Today people of latin America are primarly Meztizos
  4. 4. Another example is the english colizanation ofwhat is now the us.
  5. 5. The english only stole land and brought women
  6. 6. There was no desire to take indians as slavesbecause africans were bought at slaves
  7. 7. The colonized always to come to speak thelanguage and convert to the religion of the colonizer
  8. 8. Globalization grew from colonization.
  9. 9. as the world globlalizes, itbecomes more american and european
  10. 10. soon, traditional cultures will be gone forever fromearth