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JPatrick Collateral

  2. 2. Bringing the hunt back to headhunting: J Patrick+Associates
  3. 3. Hunting season is open
  4. 4. What We Do: The Overview Industry Specialists with Broad Reach
  5. 5. It’s a common enough scene on both sides of the Perfect Job divide:
  6. 6. You know where you need to be (either in a better, more fulfilling job, or filling that job with an exceptionally qualified person) but how to get there without a huge time investment (that may or may not pay off) and stress- related medical leave? Where are all the good jobs? Where are all the good candidates? How will I recognize either one without being misled? J. Patrick + Associates is a New York City based Information Technology recruiting firm that places strong job candidates into highly desirable executive-level jobs within North America and select international locations. We employ state-of-the-art electronic search tools, a 200,000+ database of candidates and that old-fashioned, but essential, telephone to provide our clients with the best IT jobs or IT candidates. Our 20 years working in the IT industry have earned us a deep, flourishing network and an unparalleled reputation. We are invested in the integrity of the recruitment process, in our job candidates, and in the hiring managers who rely on us to find good people. Tenacious, smart, savvy and skilled: we’re in your corner whether you want a career change or a position filled.
  7. 7. J. Patrick + Associates handles both permanent and temporary placement searches within the industries of Information Technology, Information Security, Storage, Application Software, Telecom, wireless, telephony, VoIP, networking, physical security, client/server, and call center technologies. Typically, we recruit for executive management, engineering, operations, development, technology planners, architects, business development, systems engineers, sales engineers, marketing, product management, product marketing, program management, business analysts, customer service, human resources, accounting, and finance. Visit our website to find out more about how we work and how we can help you hunt down the perfect candidate or executive-level job in the IT industry...
  8. 8. real time job search detailed job descriptions
  9. 9. Hiring Managers: We get results Ultra-qualified candidates mean quick hires, which translates to money in your pocket and time in your day to breathe. Take the guesswork out of hiring IT managers and executives – let J. Patrick + Associates enlist our industry knowledge and networking to help you build strong teams made up of skilled professionals who will suit your company’s culture. Our searches are more like hunts: We track the careers of the job candidates within our network, and actively recruit from among those who have the skills to be happily employed elsewhere. Why just pick from the resumes that show up on your desk? With a combination of New York City edge and discretion, we’ll hunt down highly qualified candidates so you won’t have to.
  10. 10. Search You pay us to find the perfect candidate, and we deliver. Depending on the difficulty of the search, our fee and fee structure can vary. Our results will make us worth every penny. Connect We are strategically and thoroughly networked and have a growing database of over 200,000 candidates. A great benefit to you.
  11. 11. Job candidates: We’ve got your back Landing that perfect job takes more than dumb luck and the online job boards. Let us do the hunting for you. Conversely, building a career means more than having a job you don’t hate and a 401K. Think of J. Patrick + Associates as your career “wing man”: we’ll shine up your strengths and work with you to strengthen your not-so-strong points. We’ll coach you on everything from securing an interview with the top companies to getting the highest salary for your level. We don’t have to tell you the IT job market is one of the toughest. Get the experience, the benefit of our networking, and the NYC edge of J. Patrick + Associates on your team.
  12. 12. Cost You pay nothing for our services. All fees are covered by the hiring firm. Online Browse for jobs at your convenience, input your resume into our ASP-based database, apply for jobs, and manage your job search – all on our Web site. New positions are added every day. Apply for more than one position at a time.
  13. 13. Which Positions We Place Specifics And Acronyms
  14. 14. J. Patrick + Associates handles it all: From development and networking to customer service and sales. We specialize in hunting down the perfect job or job candidate in the following industries: Leave the hunting to us....
  15. 15. applications ASP/COM, CRM, Citrix, C, C++, content management, document management, data warehouse, databases, ESJ, e-commerce, ERP, Informix, Java, J2EE, JSP, JMS, J2SE, messaging services, middleware, MMS, .net, Oracle, Object Oriented Design, PHP, Perl, Siebel, SMS, SQL, shell scripting, UML, voice XML, Visual Basic, web services, XML, XSL networking Barcode printing, backbone, BGP, CORBA, CMIP, contact center, call center, Cisco core/edge routing & switching, CTI, client/server computing, DNS, Ethernet, firewire, H. 323, Internet, ISDN, IP routing, IP convergence, IPTV, LAN, LINUX, MVPN, mainframe, Mac OS, Microsoft systems administration, MPLS, MGCP/MEGACO, Next-Gen, NT, Novell, OSPF, PDA, PSTN, POC, QoS, RIP, SNMP, SIP, TCP/IP, TCP/UDP, unified messaging, UNIX, USB, VoIP, video over IP, videoconferencing, VLAN, VPN, WAN, XP telecom ATM, Billing, Backhaul, BSS, broadband, cable, co-location, CDR, DSL, DS1, DWDM, DS3, DACS, data center, domestic/international voice switching, E1, frame relay, FTTH, FIOS, fiber, FHSS, fault management, gateway, Hoot & Holler, intercom, IVR, Infrastructure, LCR, LER, mediation, NMS, OSS, OMC, OTN, OS1-OC255, pre-paid, PBX, PPP, performance management, provisioning, PBX, ring downs, SONET, SDH, spread spectrum, softswitch, SS7, SNMP, turrets, T1, translations, transport, voicemail systems storage / security Access control, application security, back-up, biometrics, cryptography, CCTV, DVR, disk array, data protection, fingerprint recognition, firewalls, handprint recognition, iris recognition, intrusion detection, IPS, identity management, IPSec, NAS, physical security, PKI, restore, SSL, SAN, SSO, tapeless storage, tape scheduling, thermal imaging, VPN, virtual tape wireless 802.11 a/b/c.., 2G, 3G, airport, airsnort, bluetooth, CDMA, cell site, cellular, carriers, drive test, FWA, GPRS, GSM, handhelds, hotspots, IR, MMS, mobile, NetStumbler, PCS, packet radio, RF, RFID readers & scanners, smartphone, TDMA, TKIP, WDM, wi-fi, WEPcrack, WLAN, WPAN, WiMAX, WLL, WCDMA, WPA, UMTS. Blackberry, J2ME, mobility, SMS, Java-ME, Windows CE, messaging, WWAM
  16. 16. Who We Are: The Hunters Your Recruiting Team
  17. 17. Daniel J. Sullivan / President & CEO In the Executive Recruitment field since 1987, Daniel has built the connections to land you the perfect job or candidate. Before founding J. Patrick + Associates in 1991, Dan was an account executive with KPD Systems, a placement firm specializing in technology staffing, rising to the position of Networks Practice Manager. He brings his years of expertise and networking into service for you, skillfully and swiftly. Daniel has a B.A. in History from Wesleyan University, Connecticut. William V. Liuzza / Managing Partner Ever wish you could get inside the head of a hiring manager or potential job candidate? Well, it’s your lucky day. No “regular” headhunters, J. Patrick + Associates has a graduate of John Jay’s Forensic Psychology program investigating and uncovering the perfect candidates and jobs for you: William Liuzza. William started with J. Patrick + Associates in 2000, having already tried his hand with great success as a recruiter with the U.S. Marine Corps. William’s well-rounded background gives you the upper hand in your search for the perfect job or job candidate.
  18. 18. How We Work: Case Studies
  19. 19. Technical A leading Contact Center Technology vendor required a Sales Engineer to support sales to its Financial Services Major Accounts team, located in NYC. The position required very strong contact center technology knowledge, including exposure to VoIP, ACD, PBX, CTI, CRM, and call recording areas, as well as strong presentation and product demonstrations skills. J. Patrick + Associates was able to identify and place a candidate in under three weeks, and this client has subsequently hired additional Sales Engineers through our firm in NJ, GA, and IL.
  20. 20. Sales An Information Security vendor was growing several new sales territories, and required Enterprise Account Managers in several US cities. We identified a pool of candidates for each territory and convened interview meetings in those cities with the Sales VP. These consisted of meeting 8-10 pre-qualified candidates at a hotel, airport or other meeting facility and conducting a day’s worth of interviews. In each case, a quality hire was made. This saved a tremendous amount of time and effort for the hiring Sales VP, and resulted in a faster ramp-up of the firm’s sales goals.
  21. 21. Marketing A Security Video Technology firm needed a Partner Marketing Manager. The position required strong technical, marketing, product management, and partner relationship skills, as well as industry vertical knowledge that were in short supply in the firm’s immediate vicinity. We were able to identify several strong candidates that fit the position, and closed out the position inside of three weeks.
  22. 22. Why We’re The Best Choice Testimonials from our clients
  23. 23. Innovonics has been successful in Europe and Australia; our next goal was the US market. I called J. Patrick + Associates looking to hire a General Manager to run the US operations. They made it very easy for me. I flew into New York and met 6 qualified candidates in two days at their office in midtown. By the end of the second day, I made my hire! It doesn't get any easier then that. Blair Healy, CEO, Innovonics, Kesington, Australia
  24. 24. Safend Recently William recruited me for my position at Safend. He did an excellent job of ensuring that both Safend's and my needs were met. He was professional, thorough, informative, diligent... all the qualities of a great recruiter! I would recommend William to find qualified candidates for your company as well as recommend him to find a company for individuals.” Susan Callahan, VP, Business Development & Marketing at Safend Software
  25. 25. RIM While working William and his company in my career search, I was treated like a pro-athlete with a super agent. William and his team provided timely updates, great advice, and encouragement. I was presented to my new employer like a super free agent on the market. Needless to say after conferring with William with everything from compensation packages to perks, I landed a great new career opportunity with a great company. I would highly recommend him and Patrick and Associates." Edward Walton, Professional Service Consultant at RIM
  26. 26. Croix Connect I've been working with Dan since 1992, and can honestly say he and his team are the best recruiters I've ever worked with. He's helped me with everything from management positions to technical resources, and everything in between. He understands the business in general, and takes time to know YOUR needs to ensure a good fit, both in skills and in company culture.” Brian Roberts, CEO at Croix Connect
  27. 27. Juniper I've known Dan professionally for nearly 20 years He is the consummate professional who continually strives to improve his craft, his relationships, and his ability to deliver results. Anthony Langella, Regional Services and Support Manager at Juniper Networks
  28. 28. MetTel Of all the search firms I have used, Dan and the J. Patrick team, have been the most successful in understanding my needs and filling the bill in a timely fashion. The type of people that Dan brings in have become career long business associates not just employees. Ed Fox, VP Network Services at MetTel
  29. 29. Just for job candidates, J Patrick + Associates will: Get you noticed by hiring managers; you and your qualifications will stand out from the crowd of resumes on their desks Help you prepare for the interview, specific to the corporate and team climate of the hiring firm Assist you in negotiating the best compensation, and the highest salary.
  30. 30. Just for hiring managers, J Patrick + Associates: Knows the IT industry, and understands what qualities make an exceptional IT executive Has 20 years of experience making synergistic matches between IT executives and companies like yours Unceasingly manages a database over 200,000 candidates strong, and it grows daily Understands how to sell your company to the top performing people you want to recruit
  31. 31. J PATRICK+ASSOCIATES 18 WEST 27TH STREET 6TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10001 T 212/ 964.9393 F 212/ 964.9645 JPATRICK.COM