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inmation Presentation


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inmation Software GmbH, located near Cologne, Germany, is a specialized software vendor in the area of system integration and industrial IT. inmation offers a software platform - system:inmation - which is a horizontally scalable, distributed information management system for production data, or any time-related information, entirely based on recent software technologies. In addition, inmation and its international partner network act as a competent team to help manufacturing industries embarking on 360° system integration and complete Enterprise Control to achieve their goals in an efficient and sustained manner.

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inmation Presentation

  2. 2. Who we are • Industrial system integration experts with combined 100+ years of experience in software development, integration and large project execution • Background of Matrikon & Honeywell (among others) • 20+ years of highly successful industrial information management projects with leading clients • Objective: to create, establish and support a technologically new industrial system integration solution for the next decades • Today: team of 15 specialized developers in Germany, backed by strategic integration companies with 1000+ personnel • Technology partnerships with MongoDB Inc. and Transpara; corporate member of the OPC Foundation
  3. 3. One Solution for Global Real-Time Data Integration Level 1 FIELD Level 2 CONTROL Level 3 MES Level 4 OFFICE / ERP Level 5 CLOUD / WEB Interfaces Infrastructure Interfaces Infrastructure Interfaces Analysis Applications Actionable KPI Advanced Automation APC / SPC Global Accessibility Interfaces Infrastructure IIoT
  4. 4. Necessary Connectivity Software The Past
  5. 5. Necessary Connectivity Software The Past TUNNELING FUNNELING SECURITY BUFFERING REDUNDANCY BRIDGING BUFFERING SECURITY Individual • Licensing • Configuration • Maintenance Multi-Vendor • Quality Diff. • Chain Problems Application Silos High Effort System Integration
  6. 6. The Future Connectivity Remote Central Storage Cloud as an option
  7. 7. Our approach is driven by years of experience with large industrial system integration projects encompassing real-time data integration, alarm management, control performance monitoring and corporate MES/PIMS implementation strategies. Our Goal is a software system engineered to centrally manage operational real-time data throughout an enterprise.
  8. 8. Complete and Scalable Real-Time Data Infrastructure • One software from data source to data access interface or client application • Includes OPC network tunneling, consolidation of data source namespaces, and interface security • Can communicate through any number of network boundaries • Single point of access to the entire namespace 1
  9. 9. Consequent Central Management • All remote components can be configured centrally • All logs stored centrally • No individual licensing • Automatic version updates of the entire component network 2
  10. 10. Open Data Store/Storage Format • Based on NoSQL technology (MongoDB) • Single data store for all data stream types (time-based, event-based, structural, etc.) • Scales to any requirement (size, redundancy, performance) • Big Data ready 3
  11. 11. Enterprise Cloud
  12. 12. Enterprise Cloud
  13. 13. Data Worker Office system:inmation supplies a true real-time information infrastructure to companies and organizations of any size and operational complexity. Any industry - manufacturing, processing, supplying goods and services - can leverage existing data sources from any location to form a global data backbone for human and machine analysis, ultimately creating fast data systems and real-time business intelligence. system:inmation provides the required front-ends to simplify global monitoring, rapid prototyping, rapid deployment and uniform access to any information stream. The system your data analysts are waiting for, ultimately turning any organization into a truly informed workforce. Enterprise Cloud
  14. 14. Data Center In the ERP domain, it is common to have one system for worldwide operations. With system:inmation and the underlying power of NoSQL databases, you may now create a central data store for all your real-time data, streaming in from any number of global sites, facilities and assets. This data store then supplies standardized interfaces available for your enterprise analytics tools. Contact inmation to learn how incredibly cost-effective such a real-time data store can be for you. The benefits of decreasing on-site IT complexity in favor of a centralized approach are more than convincing. Enterprise Cloud
  15. 15. Mobile Data on any Device enterprise:inmation supplies web-based access to any KPI you consider important, whether it comes directly from any underling system such as the control system layer, the automation device, any on-premise IT system or even from any web server on earth. You may create derived information, math, logic, statistics of any kind and deploy the information to any device your workforce is using – being in the office or abroad. Seamless real- time information flow, from any source to any device – can you afford not to unveil this operational treasure? Enterprise Cloud
  18. 18. Airport Data Demo Azure inmation Server Azure Transpara Server
  19. 19. Central Configuration Flexibility & Adaptability MongoDB Repository Secure Access Unlimited Scalability Rich Data Source Support Namespace Consolidation Decision Support & Technical Analysis Statistics & Diagnostics system:inmation SOFTWARE FEATURES
  20. 20. Rich Data Source Support
  21. 21. Rich Data Source Support • OPC DA, XML-DA and UA Server interfaces • OPC A&E, TCP streams, UA A&C, Text File and ODBC interfaces for alarm & event data • Dropzone file interface for any file-based structured data or complete files
  22. 22. OPC HDA Client File Client OPC DA Client OPC AE Client Ole DB Client OPC XML-DA Client OPC UA Client AnyProcess Data Source Any Event Source Any Historian Any OPC UA Server Any XML-DA Server Any Historian Any OPC UA Server Any XML-DA Server Database Control Systems Control Systems Control Systems MS Access, MS Excel Files Processing Native Provider ODBC Provider Generic DB Access ACE Provider XML, Text, MS Excel Files processing Runtime Env Local Networks Availability LAN(s) Host Availability Deep Statistics Own Events AnyProcess Data Source Any Event Source Control System Control System inmation: Connector Win OS Client inmation: SPROX Runtime Metrics PROX Session Mgmt Local Host in Production LAN (inmation Middleware Data Source) Remote Interface Host X in Production LAN Rich Data Source Support
  23. 23. Configu- ration Request Logical Network socket tcpip::singleport Media LAN WAN IPv4 IPv6 Satellite Link Ethernet FO Transport Provider Generic InternetTP Cellular (UMTS…) Directional Radio QoS (Contract) Other Bandwidth Reliability Security Context Core User & System Ad-Hoc Requests inmation: SPROX Late Data Supply Statistical Data Fast Process Data Slow Process Data Event Streams General Data Binary File Distri-bution Win OS Patches Inmation Software Patches Custom File Exchange Real-time Data Supply Classified Data A+ A B+ B B B C PROX Session Mgmt inmation: Connector Network Characteristics Configuration Attributes Session Characte- ristics Self Deter- mination Structural Queries (Address Spaces) Out-of-Band Data Requests Remote Connector Registration Configu- ration Request inmation: SPROX Late Data Supply Real-time Data Supply A B B PROX Session Mgmt inmation: Connector Rich Data Source Support
  24. 24. Corporate Data Center / Cloud Rich Data Source Support inmation: Connector Any transport provider inmation: SPROX WAN / PN / VPN OPC UA Server inmation: Core Service inmation: Data Studio Web Server Classic OPC Server {} JSON/ BSON NoSQL Data Stores
  25. 25. Flexibility & Adaptability
  26. 26. Flexibility & Adaptability • system:inmation’s inner architecture is a Enterprise UA Server • It consolidates any number of data sources, supplying interfaces to any legacy and future production system • It is not build to process numerical data only, but any type of data • It scales to any extent – from single machine to hundreds of CPUs
  27. 27. Flexibility & Adaptability • system:inmation itself provides OPC Servers for any 3rd party product integration • inmation OPC Servers can be run in any number on any number of host computers • Prog ID and Address Spaces can be configured to support limited access for a certain user group ( e.g. External Partners) • OPC Security supported
  28. 28. Flexibility | Adaptability
  29. 29. Flexibility | Adaptability Support for Various Information Sources
  30. 30. Flexibility | Adaptability Interface Standards
  31. 31. Flexibility | Adaptability Connector & Data Source System Integration Scalability
  32. 32. Flexibility | Adaptability Network Security
  33. 33. Flexibility | Adaptability Core & Computing Scalability
  34. 34. Flexibility | Adaptability Central Repository
  35. 35. • Powered by Lua Script • Unlimited number of used system items and used system item properties within a calculation • Unlimited number and any kind of calculation in one calculation item • Write calculation results to different system items or archive • Calculation execution can be set to periodic or event- driven • Use freedom of LUA Script to realize any kind of control Powerful Calculation Engine
  36. 36. Powerful Calculation Engine Example: PID control algorithm
  37. 37. Repository
  38. 38. Repository • MongoDB is the world-wide leading NoSQL Database • NoSQL is highly adaptive to changing data structures • NoSQL is suited for High Frequency Bulk Inserts • NoSQL scales easily at much lesser cost than traditional RDBMS • MongoDB in detail in the next session
  39. 39. MongoDB Repository
  40. 40. Remote Data MongoDB Repository
  41. 41. Core Service MongoDB Repository
  42. 42. Operating System Support MongoDB Repository
  43. 43. Simple, scalable Data Redundancy MongoDB Repository
  44. 44. Data Sharding (Clustering) MongoDB Repository
  45. 45. Enterprise Data Store MongoDB Repository
  46. 46. Secure Access
  47. 47. Secure Access • system:inmation allows for role-based access definitions, based on configurable profiles • Active directory user and groups information is incorporated • Virtual Namespaces can be freely defined, consisting of any high or low level entity, to grant access to a limited scope of information (e.g. business partners)
  48. 48. Unlimited Scalability
  49. 49. Unlimited Scalability • One system:inmation can consist of a single or up to any number of Connector Services, Core Services, Data Stores and Interface Servers • There is no local licensing • System communication which requires protection is encrypted • European-style: No patriot act, no backdoor
  50. 50. Central Configuration
  51. 51. Central Configuration • Remote components do not require any local configuration • inmation:DataStudio is based on configuration by drag & drop • All detection mechanisms of underlying data sources are used in conjunction with Engineering Templates (no counter-engineering) • JavaScript API for mass engineering or replicated system setups
  52. 52. Namespace Consolidation
  53. 53. Namespace Consolidation • system:inmation lets you build a logical asset structure (ISA-95) on top of the I/O model • Heterogeneous namespaces from subordinated systems can be re-aligned according to corporate standards • Designation systems can be enforced by simple storage of key value documents in the system’s Data Store
  54. 54. ISA-95 applied
  55. 55. Decision Support & Technical Analysis
  56. 56. Decision Support & Technical Analysis • Classical Trend Analysis for Numerical Data (Raw and Aggregated History) • Alarms & Events Integration • Management of Change Support • Central Log Access, Filtering, Search
  57. 57. Statistics & Diagnostics
  58. 58. Statistics & Diagnostics • system:imation collects all significant status & performance indicators • External Server Performance • Network Performance • General System Performance • Performance Data and logs are centrally accessible
  59. 59. Summary
  60. 60. • Centrally managed Real-Time Infrastructure • One logical access point for systems, applications and users • Simplified engineering and Change Management • Data Storage option allows for massive scale towards the Private Information Cloud • Multiple point-solutions and tools to be obsolete
  62. 62. Data Centers Remote Connectors Core Server
  63. 63. Data Centers Remote Connectors Core Server
  64. 64. Thank you.
  65. 65. Contact Zollstockgürtel 57 50969 Köln Germany +49 221 168 144 16