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Short presentation on Caguas in the heart of Puerto Rico and it's attractions and hotel offerings.

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  1. 1. • It is the largest city in the Eastern region of Puerto Rico and it is located 12 miles south of San Juan. It is set at the crossroads of the main highways connecting the north and the south, and the center to the east of the Island. • It is located in the largest valley of Puerto Rico surrounded by two mountain ranges, a rainforest and 4 rivers. • Caguas has evolved as a major tourist destination offering a distinct true Puerto Rican Creole (“Criollo”) Cultural experience. • Caguas represents the “Criollo” ...the true Puerto Rican identity. A fusion of three ethnic roots, Taíno, Spanish and African, which is different from the “Spanish” identity of San Juan. Caguas!... The Creole Heart of Puerto Rico, Cradle of the Puerto Rican Identity!
  2. 2. Caguas!... The Creole Heart of Puerto Rico, Cradle of the Puerto Rican Identity! • To showcase the Puerto Rican Creole Identity, the City has developed a series of events, activities, monuments and tourist attractions.… It is a living museum! • It is the home of: The Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden William Miranda Marín; The Route of the Creole Heart: a historic and cultural urban trail featuring twelve stops that shows what it means to be uniquely Puerto Rican; the Four Points Caguas Real Hotel and Casino: with the largest casino on the Island; the Caguas Real Golf Course with18 holes; the San Salvador Rain Forest Adventure among many other recreational and tourist attractions. • Caguas is one of the most modern cities in Puerto Rico and has become the most vibrant tourist destination on the Island– where hospitality, tradition, culture, history, nature, adventure and entertainment are showcased in a beautiful and exciting way! • Recently, the City won the 2010 International Bronze Award for Liveable Communities.
  3. 3. Six main reasons to visit Caguas: 1. Offers a unique and distinct “Criollo Experience”. It is the best place in Puerto Rico to experience the “real” Puerto Rico!!! Its sights, its flavors, its sounds…its essence. 2. It is ready to welcome visitors: • Information, promotional materials and tours are available in English. • Easy access to parking facilities for ground transportation companies. • The Tourism Information Office opens for business six days a week. • Tours are provided by experienced tour operators endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. • Free Salsa lessons are offered every first Wednesday of the month across the Tourism Information Office in the main plaza 3. It is only 30 minutes away from the San Juan Metropolitan Area. 4. Our cultural, recreational and entertainment offerings are of the highest order. 5. It offers a “real” Puerto Rican gastronomical experience at affordable prices. 6. It is very well known for the hospitality that characterizes its people.
  4. 4. The Creole Heart of Puerto Rico beats in Caguas. Come and discover why… The Criollo Tour will take our visitors through a beautiful drive not only to the center of the Island, specifically to the City of Caguas, but also through Puerto Rico´s past…where the Puerto Rican identity was born. It will first visit Downtown Caguas and it will end at the Caguas Cultural and Botanical Garden.
  5. 5. The Creole Heart of Puerto Rico beats in Caguas. Come and discover why… In Downtown Caguas our visitors will visit The Creole Heart Trail. It is a historic and cultural planned urban trail. It connects Caguas museums, historic sites, monuments, and art galleries just steps away from one another. It is complemented with a nature walk along the river, local festivals or performing art shows. Just follow the compass in our sidewalks. This walking tour starts at the Tourism Office, located across the City´s main square: Santiago R. Palmer Plaza
  6. 6. At the museums beat the heart of Puerto Rico! Visitors will learn about: • The history of Caguas, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. • How the Creole Heart loves the land, provider of sustenance. • How the Creole Heart celebrates all Puerto Rican musical expressions: Traditional forms of singing to the beloved land, Danza, Bolero, Bomba, Plena, Salsa, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop and Reggaetón… • How the Creole Heart believes in God and loves its neighbor • And will enjoy a great collection of Puerto Rican Arts and Crafts.
  7. 7. The Creole Heart of Puerto Rico beats in Caguas. Come and discover why… At the Santiago R. Plaza Palmer, visitors can relax under the shade of the trees, and purchase delicious local fritters, snacks, delightful local homemade candies or ice cream, exquisite gourmet Puerto Rican coffee, refreshing piña coladas or fruit frappes.
  8. 8. The Creole Heart Trail (walking tour)
  9. 9. Caguas! Route to the Heart of “Criollo” Culture Tour The tour continues to the: Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden!
  10. 10. Caguas! Route to the Heart of “Criollo” Culture Tour • The Caguas Botanical & Cultural Garden is a unique display of animal and plant life, and architecture dating back to the mid 1800s. • It is home to ruins of the Hacienda San José sugar cane processing facility as well as to the remains of a large indigenous village.
  11. 11. Caguas! Route to the Heart of “Criollo” Culture Tour •The diversity of themed gardens honors our three ethnic roots: Taíno, Spanish and Africans which fused to create the “Criollo” (Creole) national identity. •The plants are well-known for their beauty and fragance, and their culinary, medicinal and other properties.
  12. 12. Caguas! Route to the Heart of “Criollo” Culture Tour Very happy people enjoying Caguas and the Botanical Garden!!!
  13. 13. ¡Muchas Gracias!