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Woodland Hills Elementary School - The PATTER - September 2017


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The September 2017 Edition of the WHES PATTER Newsletter

Published in: Education
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Woodland Hills Elementary School - The PATTER - September 2017

  2. 2. A Publication of WHECES: Principal: PATTER Editors: 2201 San Miguel St. Yvonne Dix Clara Kim Woodland Hills, CA 91364 PATT Co-Presidents: Jennifer Eisenberg Mina Mortezai-Semsar Kristen Morquecho Alisa Bleske Hello WHES Families! My name is Yvonne Dix and I am the new principal here at Woodland Hills CES. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful community. The school year is definitely in full swing. We already had our Back To School Night and our first HERO awards assembly. Please know that all parents are WELCOME to come and join us in hearing what’s coming up next with our fantastic PATT organization. We all greatly appreciate each and every way you continue to support the students. We are continuing the positive concept that began last year with our Student of the Month awards in celebrating our students’ developing their concept of thinking and acting towards others. Below are areas in which students are learning and growing to become more aware of themselves and others. Thank you for working with us to encourage these areas at home and letting your child know how proud you are of them as they are growing into each of these specific areas. August – Creativity January – Collaboration September – Respect February - Perseverance October – Positivity March - Enthusiasm November – Gratitude April - Communication December – Compassion/Kindness May – Fairness June - Curiosity The enrichment classes have begun and students seem to be enjoying the different activities. Each session runs for 8 - 9 weeks, Sept. 11th through the week of Nov. 10th , and then online registration will begin again. I will soon begin ‘Coffee with the Principal’. Please come and join me in a relaxed form each month to hear what is happening at Woodland Hills CES! I would love to see each and every one of you. Thank you for all your continual support! Yvonne Dix
  3. 3. DearWHECES families, It's hard to believe that we are well into our fall semester this academic year. I want to thank you as always for your cooperation with the transition in administration as we welcome our new principal Yvonne Dix and our new full time assistant principal Mr. Murray MacPherson. I also thank you for all your donations and volunteering. This year, the HERO campaign is being extended until the end of September so there is still time to beat the top classroom participants.We are halfway to our goal of 100% participation.Thanks to Mrs. Gairdner, Mrs. Sriro and Mrs. Isutzu as their classes have seen the greatest participation thus far.Any donation, no matter how small, counts towards your teacher and classroom participation percentage. I know we all want to keep our school rank high and our children thriving academically, so please make your donation soon, as all the HERO money goes directly into your children's class- room! We encourage all of you to attend the PATT meetings to hear about where your donations are going and what they are paying for, as we will be reporting monthly on the budget. If you cannot make the meetings, the minutes will be posted on the school website.As always, if you would like to bring up any specific issues to the board, please email us at least a week ahead of the next PATT meeting to Remember that you are all part of PATT and the more involved you get in your children's school as volunteers, the more excited, happy and enthusiastic your children will be. On that note, I’m excit- ed to share that the teachers and administration have recently agreed to allow all parents on campus for our end of month assemblies. During the morning assembly, we share news, upcoming events, and cheer on all the kids that work so hard and receive awards, so put it on your calendar to be there every month! Sincerely, Mina Mortezai-Semsar PATT co-president Greetings from Your PATT Board
  4. 4. I’m Nyah Marley and I'm so happy to be this school’s new student council president. I love this school so much and the students and staff are amazing. I have been here since kindergarten and now I'm in 5th grade. This year I have many new ideas. I’m going to help us achieve the goal of making sure everyone is treated fairly and included. Some people are brought down by what other people say to them. Also at our school we have a trash problem. If we continue this then the animals around us will get hurt. We need to pick up our trash and if you see someone leave trash, ask them to pick it up please. You will be a real hero. Next thing you know, we’ll be the cleanest school. I’m going do my best to make sure this year is the best year. Sincerely, Nyah YOUNG INVENTORS Tyler Driscoll is in the fourth grade, loves tinkering with anything he can lay his hands on, and is constantly looking for ways to create new products that help people. His latest invention is a cell phone sound-enhancer. He made it out of easy-to-find household items like cups, cardboard and tape. His mom appreciated the idea very much and encourages his 'tinkering'. We're glad they decided to share the information and a picture with us. Nice work Tyler!
  5. 5. Avia Butler Diego Hernandez Natasha Morrow Ihsan Moodadi Skylar Polishuk Declan Powers Ian Blakey
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