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Print Script Online Video Service


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Print Script Online Video Service

  1. 1. Video Conferencing with Boston Life Requirements: Computer equipped with webcam, high speed internet connection and updated flash software found at 1.Open your web browser and go to 2.Fill in your Full Name, your Email Address and create a password that is safe and easy to remember in the suggested boxes. (write down your email and password for reference, the next time you join class, you will be asked to enter this information) 3.Click Sign up Now 4.Once the interface has opened, familiarize yourself with the control panel on the lefthand side of the screen 5.Click 'Search for People', then 'Search the Tokbox Directory', enter in the text field, 'Boston Life' and click search
  2. 2. 6.Boston Life's profile should appear, click 'Add Contact'. Boston Life will now be added to your contacts seen on your Buddy List on the right hand side. 7.You are now ready to start learning through Boston Life's Online Program. 8.Please test your video connection by sending Boston Life a 'Video Message'. Click 'Video Message' then 'Send a Video Message' on the left hand tool bar. Click 'Allow' and check the 'Remember' box, then click 'close' when you receive this screen: 9.Click the + sign and add Boston Life as a contact. Click 'record' and say, 'Test, Test, Test 1 2 3'. Click 'Stop' and then click 'Send'.
  3. 3. 10.Once you've completed these 9 steps, Boston Life will contact you after receiving your video confirmation. For classes you will simply receive a URL link via email, by clicking the link, you will join the video conference.