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Catalog - Products - Naval machinery and naval components - 2009 - English


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Catalog - Products - Naval machinery and naval components - 2009 - English

  1. 1. P.E.C. Group member | Deck devices | Electrical control stations and switchboards | Electromagnets | Cable trays | | Winches | Capstans | Rudders | Chain stoppers | Rollers fairleads | Anchor shackles | Anchors | Hatch covers |
  3. 3. The foundation in Galati in 1870, by the German Company Strousberg, of the Romanian Railway Workshops, involved the occurrence of the factory, intended as supplier for necessary industrial equipment andspareparts. During the time, these workshops extended their manufacturing capacities and their range of fabrication. Beginning with 1966, after the changing into Galati Naval Mechanical Enterprise, the manufacturing line was completely changed and the company has become the main supplier of decks equipments intended toequiptheshipsbuiltonRomanianshipyards. From 1990 the company became MENAROM S.A., a stock company, whose activity is mainly focused onmanufacturingofmarinemechanicalandelectricalequipments,butalsooftechnologicalandmetallurgical equipments. In August 2007, EURO P.E.C GROUP S.A. Galati, a Romanian joint stock company, purchased the whole share stock of MENAROM S.A. Galati, which is now an active member of this Group under the name of MENAROM P.E.C.S.A.. Enjoying of a rich experience of more than 40 years and due to his production capacities capable to satisfy the most various technological requirements and with the human support of a skilled personnel, MENAROMP.E.C.provesthecapabilityofthecompanytocontinuouslyimprovethequalityanddiversityofhis products for his partners, companies belonging both to E.U. (Holland, Germany, Norway, Greece, France etc.) andRomanianmarket(DamenShipyard,AkerShipyard,GiurgiuShipyard,ArcelorMittal andothers). Thus, further to continuous endeavors to better match the market demands, MENAROM P.E.C. has successfullyassimilated and delivered,under competitiveconditionsregarding priceand quality,the products requestedbyhisclients.
  4. 4. Company'scurrentproductionrangeincludes: MENAROM P.E.C.'s winches are diversified from constructive point of view and the below items are mountedonthem: - – made up from an enclosed welded housing in which the tooth wheels are working in an oil bath for providing a proper oiling and cooling. Oil filling and drain plugs are also provided. To check up the oil level,thereductiongearhasanobservationhole. - (chain slip-lifter) – intended for anchoring operation by using either a bridge-link or a bridgeless chain (DIN 766). It is a solid welded construction, that can be operated by means of a clutch claw or a frictioncoupling(atDieselenginewinches). - – also used for the anchoring operation by means of a steel cable. In this case, at least three wire turns have to remain for security purposes. As the anchor break out is to be done on the first layer, the right calculationofthecablelengthisveryimportant. - – used for operation when a nylon rope which is stored on a area of the drum called stocking areathatisseparatedfromthedrumworkingareabymeansofanintermediatedisk. - – intended for the operation with a nylon rope; for safety operations at least three turns of ropehavetoremainondrum. - – provided with metal strips and a lining that is resistant to friction. They can be provided with rods for vertical tightening, but in casethere is no enough space for such type of brake, a band brake with horizontal rod can be used. As an option, these brakes can be equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for the remote control operationfromthewheelcabin,asystemthatisintendedforthebrakesreleaseinemergencycases. - – by using brackets with the base plate welded on deck or supports provided with mounting shoes for the winch mounting on deck by means of screws. The winches can be also mounted on bed platesforaneasytransportandmountingondeck. - –itisanoptionsuitableforthosewinchesprovidedwithchainwheel,inorderto avoidthechainblocking. - - can be of electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or DIESEL type. For electric operation there are used marine electric motors with brakes and protection degree IP56 (TENV – no fan with natural cooling). Their design allows an overload operation for two minutes necessary to break the anchor out. Anti-ex motors are used if the winches are intended for mounting on ships transporting explosive substances. For such winches, the electric motors can be of single, two or three speed type. The speed adjustment of hydraulic motor is done from their operatingsystem. - – intended for mooring winches with a big stocking capacity where a proper winding ofturnsisrequired. - – is a manual operating system using a lever and a claw for the anchor lifting whenthepowersystemisinoperable. - –intendedformooringwincheswhenawarpingoperationisrequiredtoprovideastatic force greater than the band brake holding force. The system is made up from a claw that is set on deck and the indexingwheelismountedononeofthedrumwalls. Winches: Reduction gear Chain wheel Anchor drum Mooring drum Warping head Band brakes Mounting on deck Disengagingchainsystem Driving motor Cable spooling device Emergency manual operation Catchclawsystem
  5. 5. Thewinchesarecertifiedbythemainclassificationsocieties,suchas:RNR,GL,BV,LRS,DNV,ABS,etc. with electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or DIESEL operation. These winches are made up fromthebelowitemswhichcanbecombinedonetoeachother: 1. (chain slip-lifter) for a stud link chain of size 19 mm up to 40 mm and the quality of materialU1orU2; 2. for steel cable (type 6x36 with tensile strength of 1960 N/mm2) and diameters rangingbetween18mmand36mm); 3. with cu nylon roe or steel cable. It is provided with intermediate disk to separate thestockingareafromtheactiveone; 4. formooringoperationbyusingthenylonrope; ,withelectric,hydraulic,electro-hydraulicorDIESELoperationinthefollowingvariants: 1. (chainslip-lifter) forstudlinkchain,sizefrom19mmupto54mmandmaterial qualityU2orU3; 2. forsteelcable(type6x36withtensilestrengthof1960N/mm2)anddiameters rangingbetween20mmand44mm); 3. withnylonropeorsteelcable.Itisprovidedwithintermediatedisktoseparatethe stockingareafromtheactiveone; 4. foroperationusingthenylonrope. of CPW type, left or right variant, with operating possibility by means of a hydraulicgearmotor.Theycanhaveastaticpullingcapacityof20,40,50or60kN. Inland winches chain wheel anchor drum mooring drum warpinghead Seagoingwinches withchainwheel withanchordrum mooringdrum warpinghead Manual coupling winches
  6. 6. Rudders Hydrodynamic profile rudders, forinlandandseagoingvessels Type HD, according to VanderVelden®MarineSystemsdesign Rudder trunks, streamline bodies andtillers Chain stoppers for U2 and U3 chain qualities, intended for chain sizes from 12,5to40mm KnifechainstoppersforU2chainquality,intendedforchainsizesfrom12,5 to40mm Simple,withverticalrollers–typeFA4,FA5,FA6 Simple,withverticalandhorizontalrollers–typeFB5,FB6 Swivelshackles,fromsize17,5/12,5to50/42 Cruising anchors, steel construction with the weight from 225 kg up to 9.075kgs Chainstoppers Rollersfairleads Anchorshackles Anchors Capstans
  7. 7. Hatchcovers Deck devicessuch as: derricks, davits, cranes and others. Electricalcontrolstationsandswitchboards Controlstationsforanchorandmooringwinches Navigatingpanels Engineroomconsoles Emergencyswitchboards Controldesksforthevesselmainengine Mainswitchboardsforspecialships Marineelectricheaters Electricswitchboardsformetallurgicaluse ControlstationSCMPtype Navigatingpanel-PN Auxiliarynavalswitchboards Measuringandprotectionunitforthree-phaseelectricalbranches StartingresistorsandspeedregulationboxesforDCandACmotors,RPRT-Stype
  8. 8. Equipmentforindustrialprocesses,basedonclients'projects: Continuouscastinglines Expandingmandrels “S”rollerblocksanddrivingrollers Straightening,coilpressingandpackingmachines Rollertracks,normalandplanetaryreductionsgears Cylindricalandtaperwheelgears Beltandscraperconveyers Conveyerbucketsandladdertruck Oilfuelandpetroleumproductstanks ElectromagnetofSGP-4TYPE Cabletrays LaddercabletraystypeRZE,RHFandRHU ElbowcabletraystypeRZE,RHFandRHU,bend90
  9. 9. The above profile description is a non-restrictive range, being an extract from the company's offer, related totheproductsthatarecurrentlymanufacturedbasedonourmajor,regularclientsorders. MENAROM P.E.C. has the full capability and availabilityto respond also to various other particular requests, basedoncustomers'projects,withinthefollowingapplicationrange: metallicstructures machiningandmechanicalengineeringworks electricalengineeringworks For the delivered goods, MENAROM P.E.C. provides technical assistance not only for the equipments,butalsoserviceduringtheguaranteeandpost-guaranteeperiod. MENAROM P.E.C. endowment consists in production sections and workshops able to perform all kinds of works for various products and items manufacturing. The technical capacity is based on the following units and facilities: Our company has an ISO 9001:2000 certification since the year 2000 and our products are certified and accepted by the main Classification societies, such as: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd,RomanianRegisterofShipping,etc. fitting up EngineeringandDesigningCenter QualityManagementandInspection MechanicalTestingLaboratories
  10. 10. Steelconstructionssection,havingpossibilitiesfor: Mechanicalandoxi-gascutting Hotandcoldformingworks Coldrollerbendingandstraightening Electricalandargon/corgonweldingworks Anticorrosiveprotection-sandblastingandpainting,performedinspecializedtechnologiccabins Mechanicalworkssection,with: ØCNCmachine-tools,asunder: High precision horizontal lathe CHALLENGER BNC-28200A, with CNC FAGOR 8055iTC High precision horizontal lathe CHALLENGER BNC-2240X, with CNC FAGOR 8055iTC Turning center GILDEMEISTER CTX 510 eco V3, with CNC Siemens SINUMERIK 810D HorizontalmillingcentertypebohrwerkAWEABL3018-S,withCNCFANUC 18iMB CarousellathetypeSC17modernizedandupgradedwithCNCcontrollerFANUC ØOthermachinetools,asfollows: Parallelandcarousellathes Universalandportalmillingmachines Boringandmillingmachines Grindingmachines Spurgearmillingandgrindingmachines Hot metal works, by forging and heat treatmentsoperations,with: Heatingfurnace Forginghammer Secondary-heattreatmentfurnace
  11. 11. MENAROM P.E.C. has the necessary logistics to provide the good operation and maintenance of its own equipment and machine tools and to perform various kind of tests to the goods ordered by the costumersinordertoassurethefullcompliancewiththeclientsqualityrequirements. Machinerymountingsection,havingpossibilitiesfor: MaintenanceSection Warehousesandstoringplatforms Utilitiesforsupplyingofelectricalpower,oxygen,compressedairetc. Mountingcheckingandtestingmechanisms Hydraulicstatictest Hoistinginstallationstand Steelconstructiontransportandhandlingendowments Mechanicalcutting Coldformingworks Electricalandargon/corgonweldingworks Electricalapparatussection,withmachinesfor:
  12. 12. Galati, Romania, street o Tel: +40 236 448931 | Fax: +40 236 448257 e-mail: Calea Prutului n . 12, 800219