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Aurel Vlaicu Highschool


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A short presentation of Aurel Vlaicu Highschool

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Aurel Vlaicu Highschool

  1. 1. Our school -past, present and future-
  2. 2. Summary 1. Journey to Orăștie, Hunedoara County, Romania; 2. The story of The “Aurel Vlaicu” National College; 3. Educational offer 4. Activities 5. Didactic activities 6. Extracurricular activities 7. Erasmus+ ”Creative Pedagogical Design For Successful Careers” a) The first activity: Participation at the Romanian International Universities Fair (RIUF) b) The second activity: Job stock for grads c) The third activity: The launching conference of the Erasmus+ ”Creative Pedagogical Design For Successful Careers” Project d) The fourth activity: The career guidance hour, with a creative pedagogical design e) The fifth activity: Career shadowing activities
  3. 3. 1. Journey to Orăștie, Hunedoara County, Romania
  4. 4. 2. “Aurel Vlaicu “ National College -story- • Over its decades of existence, our school has passed through five historical periods: 1) It was founded under the name of ”Aurel Vlaicu” High School, being the first educational institution that used Romanian as a primary language in our town. (1919) It got closed after a reform in education. (1948) 2) Six years later, it was reopened, this time under the name of ”Aurel Vlaicu” Middle School”. (1954)
  5. 5. 3) It became an industrial high school with a mechanical specialization. (1977-1990) 4) After 1989, it regained its title of ”Aurel Vlaicu” Theoretical High School. 5) Its statute changed from ”High School” to ”National College”. (2000)
  6. 6. 3. Educational offer Our high school prepares students on two levels of study: • Middle school, referred to 5th - 8th grades; • High school, referred to 9th - 12th grades, with specializations: – Computers – Science – Philology The material basis of the school is well assured. There are excellent conditions for the complete development of the educational process at a high level. In the school there are multiple classrooms divided based on their subjects.
  7. 7. Pictures from our classrooms Physics Laboratory Biology Laboratory
  8. 8. 4. Activities • In our school take place different types of attractive and interesting activities. Didactic • Activities Extracurricular
  9. 9. 5. Didactic activities -”The purpose of education is the transfer of flame”(Vasile Ghica)- • Our high school is proud with the results of students’ preparation for contests and scholar Olympics. • We have performances especially in Informatics and Foreign languages.
  10. 10. Other didactic activities Experiments
  11. 11. 6. Extracurricular activities • Beside the formal activities, here, in our school, we enjoy taking part to some extracurricular activities that are developing our imagination, creativity, teamwork capacities, organizational skills and help us improve the way we communicate with each other. Harvest Day
  12. 12. Juniors Prom
  13. 13. 5th graders’ Prom
  14. 14. Volunteering
  15. 15. Charitable bazaars
  16. 16. Scholar Festivities
  17. 17. Best of Vlaicu
  18. 18. Cultural activities
  19. 19. Excursions
  20. 20. 7.Erasmus+ ”Creative Pedagogical Design For Successful Careers” • Career?…Future?…Challenges…Questions…A lot of unknowns • Expected answers…themselves, in today’s society…through experience…through the others • The Erasmus+ “Creative Pedagogical Design For Successful Careers” Project aims at the improvement of the level of key competences and capacities of the professors from our college in career education, for a better professional enclosure of the students on today’s labour market.
  21. 21. a) The first activity -Participation at the Romanian International Universities Fair (RIUF)- 6.10.2016 • RIUF is the biggest educational event in Romania and South Eastern Europe. Every year, over 100 educational institutions, from over 20 countries, come to interact directly with the young Romanians that are interested about international studies. A group of 40 students from various terminal grades has participated to RIUF Timișoara, taking interest in the educational offer of the universities from our country and abroad. • Purposes:  Identification of participating students’ expectations on the activity through expectation enquiries.  Knowledge of the educational offer and admission conditions of the universities through dialogue with the assignees of the universities attending the RIUF.  Getting feedback over the activity through the expectation enquiries applied at the end of RIUF.
  22. 22. Photos from RIUF
  23. 23. b) The second activity -Job stock for grads- 20.10.2016 • The County Agency for the Workforce Occupation (AJOFM) Hunedoara has organized, on the 20th of October 2016, an event to facilitate the grads’ access to vacancies in the town of Orăștie and to allow the direct interaction with the economical agents. A group of students from 11th and 12th grades along with the teachers, Lucia Oana and Diana Lupșa, has participated at the Job stock from Orăștie, an event that took place at The County Agency for the Workforce Occupation. The students had access to information about the actual offers on the labour market from Orăștie, as well as the qualification offer of AJOFM. • Purposes:  Knowledge of the local offer on the labour market as well as the local qualification offer.  Information about the facilities provided by the employers for the grads that are getting a job.
  24. 24. Photos from the Job stock
  25. 25. Photos from the Job stock
  26. 26. c) The third activity -The launching conference of the Erasmus+ ”Creative Pedagogical Design For Successful Careers” Project- 07.11.2016 • The activities from the “Different kind of Week” (The week dedicated for the extracurricular activities, 07.11.2016) started with the Launching conference of the Erasmus project. At this event have participated professors, students, assignees of AJOFM, teachers from other schools, journalists. It has been presented: the necessity of developing this project in our college, the purpose and the goals of the project, the activities that will take place during the two years of project, the expected results, the project team and the international partners. • Purposes:  The launching of the Erasmus+ “Creative Pedagogical Design for Successful Careers” Project and knowledge of its goals and results.  The awareness in our school of teachers’ and students’ necessity to involve into the activities of the project for improving the guidance activities for a successful career.
  27. 27. Pictures from the launching conference
  28. 28. d) The fourth activity -The career guidance hour, with a creative pedagogical design- 07.11.2016 • The form masters of various grades have developed, immediately after the launching conference, interactive classes of career guidance such as: “Jobs, wearing uniform”, “Colorful dreams”, “The surprise box”, “Career exploring and guidance”. • Purposes: Being in the know with the job world. Exploring the effect of the uniform over the roll of the identity- freedoms and constraints that are being involved. Presentation of PPTs about the upcoming job. Exploring through drawing and creative messages of the upcoming jobs.
  29. 29. Pictures from the career guidance hour
  30. 30. e) The fifth activity -Career shadowing activities- 09.11.2016/ 13-18.11.2016 • Members of the team project, supported by fellow workers as by specialists from various work areas have participated with the students to career shadowing activities wherewith our pupils could be the various work areas specialists’ apprentices to be aware of the “ingredients” of a successful career and what are the actions to be followed for evolving. • The jobs that were chosen by our students were: – Chef , in collaboration with The Mercur Grandballroom Company from Simeria – Clinician psychologist, in collaboration with The Particular Psychological Laboratory member, Psychotherapist Liliana Bârlea – Judge/ Attorney/ Lawyer, in collaboration with The Court of Orăștie – Pharmacist, in collaboration with The Jula Aurora Pharmacy – Surgeon/ Nurse, in collaboration with The Municipal Hospital of Orăștie – Nutritionist, in collaboration with The Laboratory of Doru Dorobăț for nutrition and health – Journalist, in collaboration with Radio Color from Orăștie – SMURD Assistant, in collaboration with The “Samaritenii Orăștieni” Association, the SMURD Paramedic Khalil Mansour – Musician, in collaboration with the Arts Teacher from our College, Geanina Iosif – Architect, in collaboration with Cons Instal Project from Orăștie – Fireman, in collaboration with the fire brigade from Orăștie – Mayor, in collaboration with The Town Hall of Orăștioara de Sus – Fashion designer, in collaboration with the Romanian Fashion Designer Ramona Manghiuc • Purposes:  Experimenting the upcoming job through career shadowing activities with specialists from the chosen work area.  Obtaining useful information about the upcoming job having a dialogue with the chosen mentors.
  31. 31. Our “Chefs”
  32. 32. Pictures from the psychotherapist
  33. 33. Pictures from The Court of Orăștie
  34. 34. Pictures from the activity made in collaboration with The Jula Aurora Pharmacy
  35. 35. Photos from The Municipal Hospital Orăștie
  36. 36. Photos from The Municipal Hospital Orăștie
  37. 37. Photos taken at The Nutrition and Health Laboratory
  38. 38. Photos taken at the activity made in collaboration with Radio Color
  39. 39. Pictures from the activity made in collaboration with SMURD
  40. 40. A day being a musician
  41. 41. Photos taken at The Cons Instal Project
  42. 42. Visit at the Fire Brigade
  43. 43. Visit at the Fire Brigade
  44. 44. Pictures from The Town Hall of Orăștioara de Sus
  45. 45. Meeting with the Romanian Fashion Designer, Ramona Manghiuc
  46. 46. Thank you!