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Letter Jens Michael Gundersen


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Letter Jens Michael Gundersen

  1. 1. To whom it may concern, Letter of Recommendation This is a letter of Recommendation for Daniel Pacurar. Daniel has been working for me, for two years, as a manager of my vineyard, Dansk VinCenter/Nordlund in Avedøre Landsby, Denmark. Daniel has had a part time job here, taking care of the vineyard, managing the spraying program and taking care of pruning of the vineyard. My ambition is to make the best wine possible in Denmark, and Daniel has been a key instrument in this, making sure that I have perfect fruit to harvest. I am very impressed with Daniels attitude towards his work here. He never stops before the work is done, and if we have to spray the vineyard he will work day or night to make sure that the vines are protected. He is not always as fast as you would hope, but that is because Daniel refuses to do less than a perfect job. It is not because he is slow-working. Daniel takes his responsibility very serious. Daniel is a serious and quiet person, who doesn’t make much noise, but just gets the job done, and to the best possible standard. My only regret in recommending Daniel is that I fear not to have his help here in the vineyard in the future, if he gets the research-job he deserves. But I can do nothing else than to give him my highest recommendation, as a person and as an employee, of any firm. Sincerely Jens Michael Gundersen Winemaker and Director of Dansk VinCenter Aps Byvej 55 DK-2650 Hvidovre - - Personal references are welcome, phone: 20 94 70 05