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4 Amazing Sales Tools I Use Every Day - Be Effective - Tools to Close Deals Faster


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These are my four favourite sales tools that have helped me close the biggest deals of my life. The tools have helped me speed up my sales cycle and close more deals faster. Check them out!

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4 Amazing Sales Tools I Use Every Day - Be Effective - Tools to Close Deals Faster

  1. 1. 4 Amazing Sales Tools I Use Every Day Be Effective – Tools to Close Deals Faster
  2. 2. The Road to Success is Always under Construction. Do You Want to Use a Spade or a Excavator?
  3. 3. 4 Amazing Sales Tools I Use Every Day
  4. 4. Sidekick Tool 1 Why is it so good? One of the hardships being in sales is that you send hundreds of emails and often don’t get any response or feedback. It is tiring and many times you don’t know if anyone ever sees your emails. Sidekick is a solution to this problem. What do I get? See Who Opens & Clicks Your Emails Show you if someone received and opened an email. It works directly from Google mail, Apple mail & Outlook. Profiles in Your Inbox See relevant information for the receiver as you type in your inbox. Schedule Emails Write emails now and send them later. How do I get this tool? Go to and sign up
  5. 5. Daniel’s Tips I have created articles and information that helps my prospects to be successful. I have then created prewritten emails that I send using Sidekicks sequencing tool. It’s a great way to build trust at the same time as you help. on How to Use Sidekick
  6. 6. Calendly Tool 2 Why is it so good? Ok lets schedule a meeting! And there you have it. It is just so cumbersome for both you and the client. You create 3 time slots send them to the client that don’t reply for two weeks and when they reply that time slot is already booked for another client. Do I need to continue? Calendly solves this issue for both you and your clients convenience. What do I get? Make It Possible for Clients to Book a Meeting With You Easily You client easily see your available time slots. Automatic Sync With Your Calendar Automatic sync with your Office 365 or Google calendar. Automatic Booking When your client find a time slot it is one click, fill in some information and then click OK. How do I get this tool? Go to and sign up
  7. 7. Daniel’s Tips I have added the meeting link to all my emails to allow clients to easily book a meeting with me. Also when I suggest meetings I ask people to go to this link and see what time slots that are available. on How to Use Calendly
  8. 8. Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make it Happen.
  9. 9. Wunderlist Tool 3 Why is it so good? I really love this really easy to use To Do list and I love it because I have it on all my devices, it is synced and it is so easy for me to add new tasks. What do I get? Add All Your Tasks Keep track of all your tasks & when you need to get them done. Sort Into Groups I have all tasks sorted into different type of groups & projects so I better get an overview. Assign Tasks to Colleagues I love that I can easily assign a task to a colleague. Multiple Devices Use Wunderlist on multiple devices – makes it easy to manage tasks wherever you are. How do I get this tool? Go to and sign up
  10. 10. Daniel’s Tips I create groups & lists to keep track of projects and respective tasks. I then share these with colleagues so we can assign tasks to each other & see progress in how tasks are done. on How to Use Wunderlist
  11. 11. The Best Web Meeting Tool
  12. 12. Zoom Tool 4 - The Best Web Meeting Tool Why is it so good? I love this meeting tool because it just works. There are almost never any issues and customers just click and connect. What do I get? • Video Conferencing • Mobile Screen Sharing • Prospects Can Attend The Meeting From Any Device • Prospects Can Call in Using International Numbers How do I get this tool? Go to and sign up
  13. 13. Daniel’s Tips 15 min before a web meeting, I send the instructions for how to connect. It makes it easy for the prospect to simply click the link in the email. In addition it removes potential confusion & the pain finding the instructions. on How to Use Zoom
  14. 14. Download My Free Tools Download here Download hereDownload here Download here
  15. 15. PRESENTER Daniel Nilsson Oct 19, 2016
  16. 16. Daniel Nilsson My passion is to grow people and organizations. I love to create customer-focused solutions and processes that last. My goal is to create a positive effect for over 100 million people all over the world. I think giraffes are cool. Growth Strategist LinkedIn Web Page Twitter Facebook
  17. 17. User Quotes These are quotes from spontaneous thank you emails I’ve received. If you have any questions send an email to “ Incredibly helpful document and so I want to pass along my thanks for creating and posting it. Greatly appreciate it! Greg Mand, USA “ I think this is a great tool for my sales folks. Michael V. Nguyen, California, USA “ I’ve recently started working for a B2B sales company & i came to read your slides about defining the sales process. It was very effective. Melbin Thomas, USA
  18. 18. With Your Sales Good Luck LinkedIn Web Page Twitter Facebook +46 707-403684