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Understanding the channels - An Overview Of Social, Mobile, Digital And Traditional Marketing For B2B


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Understanding the channels - An Overview Of Social, Mobile, Digital And Traditional Marketing For B2B

  1. 1. Understanding The Channels: An Overview Of Social, Mobile, Digital And Traditional Marketing For B2B
  2. 2. With an endless gamut of channels coming into play in today’s complex world of marketing, B2B marketers often find themselves reeling under the pressure of which one to choose. There’s digital in general, mobile marketing and how our omnipresent devices are changing everything about marketing. There’s social media marketing and, of course, there’s traditional marketing, which still remains an important part of the equation. However, in the B2B industry, not every marketing channel makes sense for every business. No one- size-fits-all-formula works either. What works then? In order to find the right marketing channel for your business, you’ve got to be a little inquisitive, a little more intuitive and a whole lot more focused.
  3. 3. ONE GOAL, MANY STRATEGIES – KNOW THE DIFFERENCE While your marketing efforts should be customer- centric, you may go about it through different marketing routes.
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL MARKETING Display ads, direct mail, banner ads, billboards, TV, radio, and a whole lot of offline tactics are important when it comes to attracting the attention of your target customers. These are traditional marketing tactics and, for a long time, were the only way to do business. DIGITAL MARKETING I like to think of digital marketing as traditional marketing done online, as the basic premise remains the same – engaging the customers and responding to their concerns. While digital marketing may seem like a less human interaction than face-to-face marketing, remember there’s a human behind every desktop or mobile screen that you’re targeting.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING With marketers increasing their social media spending at a steady rate, this has emerged as one of the most popular marketing channels for B2B companies. Great for building a brand image for your business, for listening and gathering insights, and for finding and engaging with prospects and customers, this marketing strategy works best when integrated with other marketing tactics. MOBILE MARKETING Mobile has, without question, taken over as the most preferred medium for research and consumption of content on the Internet. As such, a designing and developing all marketing strategies with a mobile first mindset isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.
  6. 6. MARKETING STRATEGIES MUST OVERLAP At some point, your marketing strategies need to converge to give you the best outcomes. For instance, if you are selling software, you can find new customers and educate or inform the existing ones about new products or updates through social media and/or the use of video in creative ways. But, if you sell farming equipment, you might split your marketing efforts into two ways – social media for educating customers, combined with traditional methods like direct mail, banner ads or TV spots to help you do the actual selling. Then again, dividing your prospects into different segments would require you to have more than one marketing strategies in place to target specific groups. This is why you need a marketing mix – a seamless integration of two or more marketing tactics
  7. 7. LET’S START WITH THE BASICS The heart of every marketing effort should lie in its target customers. So if you start by shutting out all the noises and focus only on your target customers, you will be better positioned to develop the right marketing model to suit your business goals. Remember, what’s good for your customers will ultimately be good for your business. Here are a few steps you can follow to know what might work for you:
  8. 8. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS An important fact that most marketers ignore is that customer intelligence at the core of your marketing efforts. So the ideal way to begin is by gaining a better understanding of your customers. Note their key demographics like age, gender etc., identify their needs, their purchase patterns, spending habits, what influences their buying decision, and so on. Collecting and analyzing this data is crucial in deciding which marketing channels are the best fits for you.
  9. 9. ANALYZE YOUR OWN STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Introspecting is a great way to build your marketing model on the basis of your strengths while supplanting your weaknesses. Carry out a SWOT analysis to spot the strengths and weaknesses of your business operation while identifying the opportunities and threats you are likely to face.
  10. 10. UNDERSTAND WHAT ‘MIGHT’ GIVE YOU THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK To find the right marketing voice for your business you would of course be looking for that channel which offers the best returns on your money and efforts. But ROI is a highly elusive term and if you’re not sure what to measure, you could well end up mistaking all those glorious social media “likes” and “shares” as a great return, while there’s no real cash coming in. When it comes to calculating your ROI, look at your vanity metrics, but use your real metrics – things like list growth, form submission, leads, conversions, etc., and what channels they came from to measure your true ROI.
  11. 11. DON’T BE TEMPTED TO TRY EVERY NEW TRICK IN THE BOOK RANDOMLY If you wish to try something new, by all means, go ahead. However, don’t be swept away by every shiny new tactic that arrives in the market. If there’s something that’s working for you, stick to it while adding one or two tactics in your marketing mix and then evaluating their effectiveness. Try out one marketing model at a time. Give your strategies some time to show results before jumping on to the next one. While trialing different strategies is something that most marketers do, they tend to overlook the main goal behind their marketing efforts – giving their customers the best experience ever. When this is taken care of, your marketing efforts will fall into place.
  12. 12. Dan Newman is the president of Broadsuite where he works side by side with brands big and small to help them be found, seen and heard in a cluttered digital world. A regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post, he is also the author of two books, a business professor and a huge fan of watching his daughters play soccer. Dan Newman President of Broadsuite @danielnewmanuv