Presentation on MooData


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Presentation I did for a application called MooData that I worked on at CMU - Australia.

MooData puts data on Millk results into the hands of the farmer.

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Presentation on MooData

  1. 1. MooData Photo by @Daniel_Rowe
  2. 2. Dashboard Howdy Farmer John!
  3. 3. • Notify the farmer the moment their data is available • Help the farmer see trends in their own results and compare against other farmers
  4. 4. Moo! Anoop Mishra Pascol Gomes Marco Garcia Sara Cheng Daniel Miller
  5. 5. Attributions Creative Commons Images • • DanielRowe - • MortenJust - Noun Project Icons • • Milk designed by Jacob Halton from The Noun Project • Sun designed by Adam Whitcroft from The Noun Project • Moon from The Noun Project • Database designed by Cees de Vries from The Noun Project