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Master Copy - Copy


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Master Copy - Copy

  1. 1. DANIEL R. MEDRANO * (805) 637-7369 * Camarillo, California SUMMARY Sr. Quality Control Inspector with 30+ years experience of overseeing and coordinating the quality control activities (internal and suppliers) to ensure quality processes are used to deliver high quality products to customer. EXPERIENCE Sr. Quality Control Inspector IV, Weatherford Int’l, Ventura, CA, 2001–2015 Responsible for using precision measuring instruments, inspection devices and equipment, shop mathematics including geometry and trigonometry, handbook formulas, various documents, inspection books, drawings, templates, fixtures, test indicators, comparators, sine bars, etc., to accomplish any first article inspection.  Worked closely and provided guidance to the Manufacturing and Engineering Departments of any needed corrective and/or preventive action activities.  Carried-Out work assignments to the highest quality level with no supervision.  Alternate Receiving Inspector responsible for chemical and product certification and inventory control.  Implemented inspection and sampling techniques, quality control plans or other internal control procedures to ensure the production of products meet or exceed internal and customer requirements.  Participated in root cause analysis team(s) working on product defects/failures.  Managed and maintained Quality Control Reports (MAG, Load Test, Work Orders, and Torque Test).  Assisted QA Supervisor in implementation and coordination of the Quality program.  Assisted in developing procedures, work instructions, and other documents relating to Quality.  Implemented quality specifications and standards for raw material, in-process and finished products.  Implemented activities required to maintain compliance with ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and American Petroleum Institute licenses.  Mentored Engineering, Quality, and Machine Shop personnel.  Ensured regulatory, published product standards and/or customer requirements were communicated to appropriate individuals within the organization.  Visited suppliers (internal and external) when necessary on specific quality issues.  Assisted with supplier audits and internal audits. Quality Control Manager, Weatherford Int’l (formerly Oil Country), 1993–2001 I was responsible for supervising four employees ensuring corporate compliance within the Quality Control Department. (Position was reassigned to the headquarters in Texas when acquisition occurred.)
  2. 2. Daniel Medrano, Page 2 Sr. Quality Control Inspector IV, Rockwell Int’l Rocketdyne Division, Canoga Park, CA, 1978–1992 I was responsible for a wide range of inspection functions in compliance with AS9100, ISO 9000, program documents, drawings, specifications, quality standards and supporting machine shop and tooling operations. Sr. Procurement Quality Control Inspector IV: Inspected customer finished machined parts and raw castings using layout and table work to ensure parts met all drawing specifications and requirements. (Promoted in 1986) Quality Control Inspector III: Inspector of machine parts, table layouts, and table inspections. (Promoted in 1983) Mill Operator: Running a Bridgeport cutting machine and horizontal mill to make small parts. (Promoted in 1980) Deburr Hand: Grinded parts to smooth and remove all sharp edges. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS  Subject Matter Expert in Reverse Engineering, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Table Work, and testing and inspection techniques related to metal fabrication/production for oilfield and aerospace applications (i.e. gauging, visual inspection methods, calibration, NDE methods, weld inspection, final testing etc.).  Able to manage and coordinate multiple programs, projects and deadlines.  Understanding of quality engineering and statistical quality management techniques.  Able to implement quality audit process and related techniques.  Able to participate in failure analysis and problem solving activities.  A team player; works well with all levels of management and non-management personnel.  Able to work independently with no supervision. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES  FARO, Basic X Arm  FARO, Basic Measure Arm  Total Quality Management  Essentials for Enterprise Excellence  Root Cause and Analysis  Trigonometry  Metrology, Measurement & Calibration Overview  Supervisor Development Program SOFTWARE  FARO, V1.0  Vellum  Graphite  Performance Tracking System  Stellent Document Management  ECNet
  3. 3. Daniel Medrano, Page 3 INSPECTION TOOLS  FARO, V1.0  FARO, CAM 2 Measure, V10.3 ARM  Camera & Borescope  Electronic Calipers  Dial Calipers  Vernier Calipers  Inside Dial Caliper Gages  Inside Micrometers  Electronic Outside Micrometers  Standard Outside Micrometers  Outside Micrometers  Steel Scales  Indicating Micrometers  Pitch Micrometers  Bench Micrometers  Groove Checking Gage  I.D. Micrometers  Depth Micrometers  Dial Depth Gages  Inside Micrometers  Caliper Gages  Internal Micrometers  Intrimik Hole Micrometer  Dial Bore Gage  Pistol Grip Bore Gage  Countersink Gages  Dial Test Indicator  Blade Micrometers  Magnetic Base  Granite Base Comparator Stand  Tool Makers Surface Gage  Comparator Stand  Electronic Height Gage  Dial Height Gage  Staggered Or Straight Block Height Master & Riser Blocks  Bench Centers  Gage Blocks & Setting up Gage Block Set’s I.D. & O.D.  Planer & Sharper Gages  V- Blocks  Sine Bars & Sine Plates  Magnetic Blocks  Angle Gage Blocks  Screw Pitch Gages Std.  Screw Pitch Metric  Thickness Gage Std. & Metric  Pitch Micrometers  Ring Gages  Plug Gages  Thread Wire Set  Spring Divider Calipers  Steel Protractors  Trammel Hears Divider Points  Combination Squares  Steel Squares  Tape Measure  Rockwell Hardness Tester  Brinell Hardness Tester  Hardness Tester Blocks  Flexible Fiberscope Inspection Tool  Microscope  Machinist Levels  Machinist Jacks  Diameter Tape, Pi Tape  Portable Hardness Tester  Portable Surface Roughness Gage  Optical Comparator  Ultrasonic Non Destructive Tester  Faro Arm CMM  3 Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine