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This example is a representation of an early industry comparative Brand study designed to understand how Brands of similar consumer appeal are using social media in their marketing and business initiatives.

Metrics, KPIs and analytical views used within this study have all matured and expanded since its original publish date as part of the continuing industry maturation process of defining and linking ROI to business goals.

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Comparative Brand Audit Sample

  1. 1. Disclaimer: It should be noted that social media audits and studies are conducted with custom parameters defined by the client at the time of the commissioned work. This particular audit was designed as a Comparative Brand Audit to understand how similar Brands may be using social media in the Luxury Goods market. Further, the information contained herein is based on the insight gleaned at the time of the audit and may not reflect current individual Brand trends or performance. Variances in depth and scope of audits and studies are completely dependent based upon client needs and requirements – which may reflect completely different analytical parameters, including the use of varying data models, methodologies and analysis techniques. It should be further noted that this 'aging' 2011 audit is posted as an early representation of work for a social media audit. Metrics, KPIs and analytical views used for studies have all matured since the original publish date and as part of the natural industry maturation of defining and linking ROI to Social media. The audit was commissioned by Swarovski Elements and performed by Daniel McKean for Brian Solis and FutureWorks.
  2. 2. For more information, or to inquire about conducting a social media audit or study, contact: Daniel McKean (949) 338-4762
  3. 3. social media audit luxury brand comparison Daniel McKean, FutureWorks, March 2011
  4. 4. 5 The Social Web requires the continual reflection of purposeful participation and engagement with intent. Reflection should go well beyond the ‘what’ a Brand may be doing and should also heavily reflect on the ‘why’. It is only then that a Brand can truly reflect whether it is executing from a position of strength to reap the key underlying social benefits for cultivating, reinforcing and engaging with the social media communities it aims to serve. Savvy Brands understand that social media offers much more than a new simple broadcast and promotion medium for a Brand, products or services. Successful social media Brands view the medium as an opportunity. An opportunity to become fully engaged and immersed with consumers to build an open dialogue for mutual benefit – a dialogue that has never before really been possible via traditional business communications. These social savvy Brands are not afraid to listen and then engage with their customers. And they welcome the opportunity to continuously experiment and refine how they interact using social media ‘best practices’ for greater community involvement. This seems like a very simple premise, but all too often Brands are quick to overlook the underpinning real value associated with social media. The less astute frequently make the mistake of self promotion with little regard to building an open, two-way dialogue between Brand and consumer. As a result, Brands who do not sincerely have a desire to cultivate a relationship with its customers typically never realize flourishing communities, where ultimately the Brand loses by not capitalizing on the opportunity to embrace getting to know its customers at a deeper, more personal level for greater business benefit. It is with this seemingly simple premise that constant reflection becomes a critical component for practicing social media. Reflection offers periodic, self imposed reviews that help to avoid common pitfalls of being overly self indulgent. It ensures there is a mechanism in place to keep Brands on course with viable and sustainable social media roadmaps. At times, it may be simple or complex. It may be an independent, complementary or comprehensive review process. And it may be done as often that it may be justified or required – based on individual Brand needs. But in all cases, reflection needs to be part of the social media mix. Continual reflection is an investment. But a critical investment in the overall practice of social media that guarantees a Brand operates from a position of strength in the social media sphere of influence. introduction
  5. 5. 6 Preface…………………………….7 Findings Summary……………...8 Luxury Brands Audit…………… 12 Thomas Sabo…………………..13 Pandora…………………………45 Louis Vuitton……………………81 Tiffany & Co………………….....127 Cartier…………………………...163 Coach……………………………202 H&M……………………………..243 Overall Best Practices…………. 285 table of contents
  6. 6. 7 This Social Media Audit has been structured from the guidance provided by Swarovski AG. It is designed as a first step to understand how social media marketing is currently being used in the Luxury Goods market. It is the intent of this audit to identify how social media is being practiced by comparable select Brands -- and to what level of execution and success they may be experiencing. From the insight and intelligence gathered, it is Swarovski’s goal to deeper reflect on its own social media efforts, and to review and refine as necessary its current efforts for enhanced community engagement leading ultimately to greater business success. The process and methodology used for the Swarovski Audit was custom designed to meet the project parameters. The audit compared seven comparable Luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Coach, Thomas Sabo, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, H&M, Pandora). Each Brand’s use of social media was reviewed and studied based on identifying each Brands’ chosen landscape of preferred platforms ; Twitter, Facebook, video (YouTube), images (Flickr), mobile, blogs, mainstream media. The initial audit was taken from a researched sampling, where the observations and conclusions have been made based on all global geographies. It should be noted: Depending on client objectives, FutureWorks is able to conduct multi-level General or Deep Analysis studies ,which can scale and can be implemented via phases based on individual needs. We routinely study brands; competitive brands; best practices; cause and effect; conversation sentiments; trends; influencers; and more – in addition to the nuances found within general community thoughts, opinions, preferences and biases – all on a global basis. preface
  7. 7. findings summary luxury brand comparison
  8. 8. 9 A snapshot of the comparable Luxury Brands across 12 focus markets. 1. H&M: Deemed the most successful - strong brand focus with high consistency, focus on community building and growth, high frequency and responsiveness, risk-taker on emerging platforms. 2. Louis Vuitton: Strong brand strategy, pure brand focus, traditional and safe activities and platform choice. 3. Coach: Product focus to drive brand awareness and commerce online and in-store, chatty language with community, but low level of interaction. 4. Pandora: Still exploring social media with emphasis on Facebook, building brand and community with product focus to drive brand awareness. 5. Thomas Sabo: Unfocused activities and poor execution, multiple Facebook properties, posts are partially in German or English, unofficial Facebook pages exist creating confusion, low level of Twitter activities. 6. Tiffany: Product focus aimed at building awareness and community using Facebook and Twitter, regularly provided fresh content, but low level of interaction. 7. Cartier: Rather poor use of social platforms: does not update on regular basis, no conversations with community. findings summary
  9. 9. 10 Most audited brands have followed a universal approach on global platforms with evidence of only a few innovators.  Objectives: build greater brand awareness and preference through user engagement to drive foot traffic and/or commerce to offline stores or online destinations  Trends: iPhone apps, onsite optimization and blogger engagement  Key platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Foursquare, marginal local platform engagements  Twitter: country-specific profiles are quite common due to absence of language filters  Facebook: one brand fan page in English is the most common approach – with few exceptions as in the case for Asia where there is cultural and market uniqueness; only Cartier uses a Facebook language filter (French), Thomas Sabo sporadically posts in other languages (e.g. German) visible to all Fans  Campaigns: top audited brands launched high-exposure social media campaigns across relevant platforms to strengthen online-offline links, not all campaigns coincide with current promotions or have a direct commerce link but are rather designed for brand-building  Content: content is key! Each brand is producing unique content specific for social media with a focus on news about offline events and product information: emphasis on product categories in terms of bigger picture, H&M and Louis Vuitton provide additional local news  Bloggers: H&M, Louis Vuitton and Coach have begun to engage with bloggers by inviting them to shows or calls for action, e.g. through competitions, content generated by bloggers is re-used by brand  Onsite optimization: H&M and Louis Vuitton integrate website and social media, e.g. through share functionality or onsite social media rooms findings summary
  10. 10. 11 Spotlight: Best Practice & Use – H&M is an engaged innovator.  Reinforces every aspect of the brand including news about upcoming events, new products and collections, store openings, special sales online and in-store, including photo and video contests and cross - promotional links to the H&M site on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Foursquare  Highly engaged with their online communities through daily conversations re: the brand which creates a thriving and enthusiastic community, social media presence is growing and expanding into new landscapes  Recently launched a Facebook store for fans to stay within their favorite social network  Social media room on website: real-time, virtual feed of their social media assets proofing transparency and confidence in online conversations around the brand  Developed multipliers to inspire a young and trendy audience through blogger contest for driving discussions across blogosphere using user generated content  Inspires conversations on a local level by inviting users to provide news about what is going on in the H&M stores in their locality and encourages discussions in an open-forum style  Risk taker: social gaming experiment and one of the first to explore new platforms findings summary
  11. 11. the audit luxury brand comparison
  12. 12. 13 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube Thomas Sabo
  13. 13. 14 Social media marketing for Thomas Sabo appears to have no clear objective or strategy. Rather, it appears to be an exploratory venture. overall impression Objective Strategy There is nothing notable about Thomas Sabo‘s execution of its initiatives. The Brand continues to place a heavy emphasis on an online e-commerce capability, but lacks sophisticated integration using social platforms. Multiple Facebook properties fracture the community causing inconsistent experiences. Execution Success The brand continues to miss the mark and gain any traction using Social. One obvious misstep has been the lack of social promotion surrounding the signing of Katy Perry as Thomas Sabo’s first Brand Ambassador.
  14. 14. 15 Katy is the perfect match made for the Thomas Sabo jewellery brand such that it is an imagination and no-one other than her is perfect for this brand. With this, Thomas Sabo is once more underlining its international position as leading lifestyle brand for sterling silver jewellery. Thomas Sabo Spokesperson, Feb. 2011 in their own words “ Re: Signing a brand ambassador for the first time in company history
  15. 15. 16 Thomas Sabo’s low profile in social media has kept it below the radar of industry watchers and pundits. industry impressions
  16. 16. 17 social platform review
  17. 17. Thomas Sabo maintains three separate Facebook Pages. Multiple Branded and general purpose properties may confuse Fans and consumers. 18 Thomas Sabo‘s “official“ Facebook page has posts in both German and English. Two other Thomas Sabo Facebook pages exist, but have no clear purpose. social platform review
  18. 18. Strengths Official Primary Page: The Thomas Sabo “Official” Facebook page is promotional and engages with its fans. It does respond to consumer comments when appropriate. The Facebook page includes posts and comments in English, German and French. The Page also allows consumers to post to the Facebook wall and upload photos. The Page appears to post approximately 2-3 times per week, and 1-3 posts per day with posts mainly consisting of product photos and links, contests, and some promotional video. There is the use of “tabs” promoting “Shop”, which links to the Thomas Sabo German e-commerce site; and a “Katy Perry” Tab to announce her celebrity endorsement. Weaknesses (Official Fan page, Secondary Corporate Page, Australian Page) The Facebook brand strategy is confusing -- competing Global Facebook accounts. “Official” Page appears to have been created in February of this year, presumably to have a more corporate presence on Facebook to announce the “Katy Perry” partnership, but this simply confuses followers where they may have become Fans on one of two other Pages. There are no vanity URLs for any of the accounts, representing a missed opportunity for branding. Thomas Sabo fails to include links to other existing social platforms on any Page such as its Twitter or YouTube accounts. Both secondary Facebook accounts do not engage and each do not allow consumers to post to the Facebook wall and upload photos. 19 Secondary Pages: Unofficial accounts post 1-2 times per week mirroring content from the Official Page. Focus / Content Direction Overall, the Brand is reinforced through product promotions coupled with F-commerce (dedicated Tab linked to e-commerce web portal). Official page does encourage Fan conversations and posts. Online / Offline There are periodic recommendations to stop into a Thomas Sabo shop and the use of F-commerce. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Official Page is interactive to the degree of being reasonably good with timely responses to Fan questions. social platform review
  19. 19. Thomas Sabo’s Facebook properties are visually appealing using a mix of Brand, product and promotional content . 20 F-Commerce “Shop” Tab Katy Perry Promotional Tab social platform review
  20. 20. 21 social platform review
  21. 21. Twitter appears to be in an early stage of exploration by the Brand with little engagement and few tweets and as a result reflects low follower counts. 22 social platform review
  22. 22. 23 Strengths Two Thomas Sabo Twitter accounts exist for both the Netherlands and Australia, both created in 2010. However, there is no verification that they are official accounts. The Thomas Sabo Australia account does have a well produced branded page. Weaknesses Both pages have very little engagement with their communities and have only posted sporadic tweets. The Thomas Sabo Netherlands page appears to be dormant with no activity since June, 2010. Very low follower/following numbers for both pages. Focus / Content Direction Minimal focus centered around Brand and product promotion. social platform review Online / Offline Very little or no activity. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis.
  23. 23. A sampling of tweets reveal the promotional aspect of the platform’s early use and of the Brand’s minimal attempts to engage followers with @replies. 24 social platform review
  24. 24. 25 social platform review
  25. 25. YouTube is representative of Thomas Sabo’s social efforts. Brand continues to explore without commitment to the platform or the social landscape. 26 social platform review
  26. 26. 27 Strengths Content has been produced to represent the brand well, but only 5 corporate videos uploaded. Weaknesses No Thomas Sabo background branding. There is a lack of content with no recent videos uploaded. Focus / Content Direction Overall, the channel is product focused (Thomas Sabo collections) for the few videos uploaded. social platform review Online / Offline No activity. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis.
  27. 27. Content’s production uses an appealing art-style filming technique with an aggressive music track to appeal to Thomas Sabo’s unique demographic. 28 social platform review
  28. 28. 29 social platform review
  29. 29. Blogs and bloggers are not an emphasis for the Brand. 30 There are no visible indications that Thomas Sabo engages in special relationships within the blogger community. However, what has been discovered is that Thomas Sabo did experiment for a short period of time with a corporate blog to highlight its latest creations; however, it appears the Blog has been neglected as the last post was Sept. 2010. social platform review
  30. 30. 31 the brand foundation
  31. 31. Social emphasis has primarily been applied to collections and products to reinforce the Brand. 32 The Pop Now Collection campaign with Katy Perry is shaping up to be a missed social opportunity for engagement as there are no signs the Brand has placed much of a social emphasis on the campaign. social engagement Brand engagement
  32. 32. Heavy product / collection focus promotion aims to reinforce the Brand and its unique eclectic fashion place in the industry. 33 brand / product focus Brand.product engagement
  33. 33. 34 campaign Brand engagement
  34. 34. Thomas Sabo has yet to place much social emphasis on the Katy Perry ambassadorship or the Pop Now campaign. 35 Minimal announcement posts are present on Facebook, but are not sustained for reinforcing the campaign. Thomas Sabo fails to leverage other social platforms for greater social visibility. campaign visualized Brand engagement
  35. 35. social assessment brand snapshot 36
  36. 36. 37 Community building across the social landscape continues to lack momentum so far for Thomas Sabo. Thomas Sabo is still figuring out how to use Social in its Brand / product marketing initiatives overall performance
  37. 37. 38 Thomas Sabo’s lack of Social sophistication prevents it from executing on a local or country basis. local performance
  38. 38. 39 Thomas Sabo has made limited attempts to direct followers to commerce or other brand enhancing destinations. Highlight of note: there is a “Shop” tab on its Official Facebook fan page property, but to date overlooks a large market opportunity by excluding the United States. Interesting to note: Thomas Sabo has experimented with email marketing with social integration using Facebook and Twitter links. Twitter and Facebook posts may link occasionally to photos of its latest products, but fails to further steer the followers to its e-commerce site. call to actions / commerce
  39. 39. 40 Thomas Sabo relies on building a global eclectic fashion image that is transferrable to and adopted in all regions of the world. Social is not currently at the forefront of its branding or marketing initiatives, but it continues to experiment with various platforms. global spotlight
  40. 40. 41 Unique to the other Luxury brands, Thomas Sabo tweets pictures using a tool such as TwitPic, which makes it easier (and more inclined) for followers to follow the links to view the products and other promotional content. brand best practices Aside from this one practice, the Brand is not doing anything special. Social is not at the forefront of Thomas Sabo's current branding or marketing initiatives, but it continues to experiment with various platforms.
  41. 41. 42 Thomas Sabo is clearly not an innovator in the Social space. innovation spotlight
  42. 42. 43 Although it has not been played out, if Thomas Sabo fails to execute a Social Campaign around the popularity of Katy Perry as a Brand ambassador, the Brand simply loses for lack of foresight and execution. social missteps
  43. 43. 44 Thomas Sabo has yet to build any success stories due to its lack of initiatives and random continued experimentation using social media marketing. achievements
  44. 44. 45 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blog YouTube Mobile iPhone app Pandora
  45. 45. Pandora’s objective with social media has been to raise awareness and preference for its Brand and product lines, while driving commerce into retail and authorized online resellers. 46 overall impression Objective Strategy Pandora has elected to place most of its social emphasis on the Facebook platform. The Brand has shown it is committed to building a community of Fans through active engagement and content. The Brand is executing well on the Facebook platform using a mix of fresh content and Applications to personalize the Fan experience. It is growing the Brand’s Fan base at a rate of roughly 20,000 new fans per month. However, the Brand is not executing well with other social platforms such as Twitter and YouTube as there is a lack of commitment to both platforms. Pandora’s Introduction of an iPhone Gift Finder app appears to be well received and contains a number of features enthusiasts are appreciating. Execution Success Pandora has found most of its success through Facebook. An innovative Facebook bracelet designer app coupled with web portal link offers a constant flow of fresh content stimulating Fan engagement elevating Pandora to a higher social presence and adoption over other comparable Luxury Brands.
  46. 46. 47 Pandora’s executives are not discussing its social media efforts in the public domain. in their own words
  47. 47. 48 It’s a good example [Pandora Jewelry Designer app] of how a higher-end retailer is using Facebook to create a social buying experience. The experience seems to be resonating with users, too... industry impressions “
  48. 48. 49 social platform review
  49. 49. Pandora does a good job engaging Fans while placing a heavy emphasis on product promotions and commerce. 50 social platform review
  50. 50. 51 Strengths The Pandora Jewelry Facebook page is promotional and engaged with their fans. The Brand responds and converses with fans regularly on their wall and within the Notes and Discussions tabs. Pandora Jewelry also allows consumers to post to the Wall and upload photos which reinforces the community experience. Overall, Pandora does a good job with posting almost daily, with 1-3 posts per day—mainly consisting of product photos and links, contests, Pandora website, Pandora club, and some promotional video. Pandora also uses a “tab” to promote their “bracelet designer app”. Weaknesses While Pandora does a good job with posting regularly and talking to their community, it should consider posting more variety of content. For example, posting more video, photos of celebrities or notable personalities who wear their jewelry, behind the scenes photos, and links to articles that mention Pandora would make their wall more interesting. Also, Pandora does not list under “Info”, its other social platforms, i.e., Pandora Twitter and Pandora YouTube channel missing an opportunity to build its overall social community. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: posts mainly consist of product photos and links, commerce designer app, Pandora Club, contests, information, and some promotional video. Online / Offline Random calls to action to drive foot traffic into stores, e.g., 10% discount on charms offer for US residents if they purchase a select bracelet. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Pandora has created a number of vehicles to reward its Fans (Pandora Club), and frequently offers helpful tips on caring for the jewelry along with timely responses to Fan customer support concerns. social platform review
  51. 51. Pandora has taken a clean and straight forward approach notes and discussions. 52 to Facebook using Page tabs well - such as social platform review
  52. 52. 53 social platform review
  53. 53. Pandora has not placed a great deal of emphasis on Twitter to build a community. 54 social platform review
  54. 54. 55 Strengths Pandora does randomly engage with its followers with @-replies and retweets. Tweets include links of products, event photos, the Pandora website, Pandora club, links to fashion articles, and video. Pandora has a branded Twitter background and their profile uses the opportunity to list the Pandora website. Weaknesses Pandora tweets infrequently -- approximately 1-4 times per month. There are no commerce calls to action or links; no use of “lists”; very little use of #hashtags. With a low follower and following count, Pandora needs to “up their game” on Twitter and start tweeting more frequently. It should also start cross promoting the Pandora Facebook page, website and YouTube channel. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: links included in tweets are to product/event photos, Pandora website and video. Online / Offline There are some tweets mentioning attendance at various industry events do invite followers to the events. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Some @replies to address customer support questions, but limited. social platform review
  55. 55. 56 Pandora’s Twitter account is a social opportunity being neglected through its infrequent and non-committal use. social platform review
  56. 56. 57 social platform review
  57. 57. 58 Strengths Pandora has a branded YouTube channel with 19 videos uploaded to its channel. Videos are well-produced, compelling to watch, and consist of re-purposed commercials, some behind the scenes footage of creating Pandora pieces, interviews, “Grazia” workshop which discusses trends, and foreign language ambassadors. Weaknesses Video content is not current. The last video posted is dated April, 2010. Pandora needs to update its YouTube channel with current video more frequently. Branding for the channel could be improved. Videos do not have a call to action at the end, which could easily direct viewers to “Like” their Facebook page, “follow” on Twitter or “go to website”. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: Varying content is focused on Brand and product videos, photo shoots, and a series of foreign language ambassador videos. social platform review Online / Offline None observed. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Pandora has engaged in conversation with visitors who have asked questions or had comments on the video content.
  58. 58. Pandora has produced a mix of videos that support the Brand and its Products, but lacks a vision for the channel. 59 social platform review
  59. 59. 60 social platform review
  60. 60. 61 Strengths The Pandora iPhone app offers an extended platform for branding. It also provides an easy way for a consumer to browse the entire Pandora catalog regardless of physical presence. The app features interactive catalog images, store locator, social sharing, wish list and link to Pandora Club online web channel. The app also enables social integration sharing with Facebook. Weaknesses Unfortunately, consumers cannot order/buy Pandora products directly from the app. Consumers still need to go into a retail location to buy. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: interactive catalogue reinforcing brand adoption. Online / Offline Potential to drive foot traffic into stores with store locator feature. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support As a free app, rewards loyal customers and enthusiasts. social platform review
  61. 61. App offers new engagement opportunities for Pandora aimed at driving foot traffic. 62 social platform review
  62. 62. 63 social platform review
  63. 63. Pandora misses an opportunity with the blogger community. 64 Discovery has not revealed that Pandora is developing any special relationships within the blogger community, nor is it blogging. social platform review
  64. 64. 65 the brand foundation
  65. 65. Pandora has placed greater social emphasis on its Facebook presence over other platforms where it engages extremely well with its Fans. 66 Social efforts aimed at reinforcing the Brand have mainly centered around product and design, with community-designed bracelets used throughout to represent personalization. social engagement Brand engagement
  66. 66. 67 Engagement includes heavy product focus along with frequent interaction with Fans and followers via surveys and opinion requests. Pandora does a good job of building a community spirit with its Fan requests. brand / product focus Brand.product engagement
  67. 67. 68 campaign Brand engagement
  68. 68. Pandora is using Facebook as the preferred delivery platform to promote its 10th Anniversary as it spotlights the “Pandora Bracelet” as the cornerstone to the Brand. 69 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  69. 69. 70 campaign Brand engagement
  70. 70. 71 The Pandora Club uses some of the same functionality of its Jewelry Designer application packaged into a community sharing environment. campaign visualized Brand engagement
  71. 71. social assessment brand snapshot 72
  72. 72. Pandora places most of its emphasis on Facebook using the platform to actively promote products and engage with Fans. 73 Pandora continues to explore the valued use of YouTube and Twitter. overall performance
  73. 73. 74 Social outreach across the Brand’s social properties remain mostly global with a few exceptions. local performance
  74. 74. 75 Pandora does not engage in e-commerce – instead preferring to drive all sales through retail or online resellers. call to actions / commerce
  75. 75. Pandora’s use of a Facebook App to give Fans the ability to design their own bracelet personalizes the Fan’s Brand experience. 76 Facebook App turns engagement into community and commerce. innovation spotlight
  76. 76. 77 Pandora’s support of local geographies is limited to periodic encouragement of its Fans and followers to purchase Pandora products from Local Retailers and Authorized Online Resellers. global spotlight
  77. 77. 78 The Facebook “bracelet designer app” is considered in many circles as a major innovation. The interactivity built in engages the Facebook Fan, while reinforcing the Brand and its image. Allowing consumers to build their own bracelets has vast appeal. The app makes it easy to do so and gives the consumer the final price based on the items used in the jewelry design. iPhone app offers an extended platform for branding. Provides an easy way for a consumer to browse the entire Pandora catalogue where ever they are. Features interactive catalog images, store locator, social sharing, wish list and link to Pandora Club online web channel. Also enables social integration sharing with Facebook. brand best practices
  78. 78. 79 During the course of this research for the time period reviewed, there were no Brand-related issues that surfaced across the social landscape. social misstep
  79. 79. 80 Pandora’s growing presence and success on Facebook symbolizes its biggest achievement to date for applying social media to its marketing efforts. The Brand is well engaged and responsive with its Fans, delivering a fresh dose of content daily and frequently interacts with its followers asking for opinions and thoughts through informal surveys. Its use of an innovative, interactive Facebook app to personalize the Brand engagement experience through the ease and simplicity of designing personalized bracelets demonstrates the Brand is exploring and developing social best practices. Although Pandora has not found similar success on Twitter or YouTube due to its lack of commitment to either platform, it does continue to experiment with both. Its introduction of a Branded iPhone app shows the Brand is seeking new ways to engage and interact with customers. Pandora is definitely a Brand growing more sophisticated socially, but it still has plenty room for growth in order for it to become a master of applying social media expertise to its marketing initiatives. achievements
  80. 80. 81 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube Flickr Mobile Foursquare iPhone App Louis Vuitton
  81. 81. 82 The objective of the brand’s efforts is to create an experiential global corporate image tied to culture, life journeys, travel and luxury. overall impression Objective Strategy Currently a re-branding effort is underway using the umbrella “The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton”. All social activities are structured and well planned resulting in a high level of engagement with content creation that is tightly integrated across all major social platforms – there is a heavy emphasis on brand image and brand/product awareness with minimal focus on product and localization. Execution  Several notable observations: Social dialogue remains aloof even though the Brand recognizes that Luxury brands may appear “arrogant and distant” (the disconnect may simply be a characteristic of luxury brands to maintain an image of exclusivity).  Where efforts have been placed on product or localization, they have deep tie-ins reinforcing the overall global brand image.  The use of social is ever increasing with an obvious corporate commitment. Success As a result of its social media efforts, Louis Vuitton is maintaining and growing its prestige worldwide.
  82. 82. 83 Digital is a core, core component of our strategy. [Social media] emphasizes the emotional aspects of a luxury industry [that] is sometimes perceived as arrogant and distant. When you put together opposites in the landscape like this, it’s a great source of innovation and emotion. Kamel Ouadi, global digital director at Louis Vuitton, Paris “ in their own words
  83. 83. 84 Louis Vuitton has placed video and social media at the heart of a strategy to become the number one luxury brand online by next year [2011] In 2010, no one did this better than Louis Vuitton…[branded generated content] Louis Vuitton’s social media presence blows most brands out of the water… Yesterday’s opening of the new Louis Vuitton London flagship was a great way to show how a luxury brand can master the art of Social Media… Industry watchers in general have positive impressions when evaluating Louis Vuitton’s social media initiatives. industry impressions
  84. 84. 85 social platform review
  85. 85. without encouraging community engagement. 86 Louis Vuitton places emphasis on Brand promotions social platform review
  86. 86. 87 Strengths Louis Vuitton does a fantastic job loading their Facebook page with an abundance of fresh content—product photos, celebrity photos, campaign videos, video interviews, product links, live video broadcast of red carpet events and fashion shows, etc. In addition, they make great use of custom “tabs” on their Facebook page, e.g., ‘Journeys’ (Journey to the Heart of Africa w/Bono & Ali) and ‘Mon Monogram’ (allows consumers to personalize their own LV bag, complementing the real-life Mon Monogram Louis Vuitton service). They post on an almost daily basis, with at least 1-2 posts per day. They also list all of their available sites and social platform URLs on the ‘Info’ tab. Weaknesses Louis Vuitton does not encourage engagement. The Brand fails to interact with its community and it does not allow consumers to post comments or upload photos to their Facebook Page. All conversations are one-way and Louis Vuitton-initiated. Consumers are only able to “Like” and comment on Louis Vuitton posts. Furthermore, there is no use of ‘EVENTS’ app to create an invite for their community to “attend” a special events virtually, e.g., live fashion shows on Facebook; or as a reminder of a product launch and/or any offsite events. There also is no mention of recently launched ‘Amble’ mobile app. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand centric - seasonal collections, new products, special events, Core Values ‘Journeys’ campaign. Online / Offline All calls to action are focused on a visit to a store location to see a collection/product in person. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Louis Vuitton builds loyalty through exclusive and rich content. No rewards offered, nor is customer support issues addressed on this platform. social platform review
  87. 87. 88 The Louis Vuitton Facebook property is produced well, but the inability of Fans to engage in conversation throughout the Page remains to be a limitation. social platform review
  88. 88. 89 social platform review
  89. 89. Louis Vuitton chooses not to engage with followers maintaining a sense of aloofness. 90 social platform review
  90. 90. 91 Strengths Louis Vuitton has two Twitter accounts - @LouisVuitton_HQ and @LouisVuitton_US. Both accounts tweet almost daily with links to products, photos, videos, the Facebook page, website, campaigns/promotions, mobile app, celebrity photos, and fashion articles. There is some use of #hashtags in tweets. LV/US account may occasionally ask for feedback from the community in regards to the use of the LV/US Twitter account. Weaknesses Both Louis Vuitton Twitter accounts do not engage with their followers (except for one noted instance cited above). The LV/HQ Twitter account does not retweet followers nor respond with @-replies. The Brand solely broadcasts information. The LV/US does use @-replies or retweets, but only of favorable Brand image material from magazine/press organizations. No LV branded Twitter background for either account. There is no use of “lists”. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand centric - seasonal collections, new product lines, Core Values and Journeys campaign, special initiatives, charitable events, holiday campaigns. social platform review Online / Offline No activity. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis.
  91. 91. 92 Twitter properties tweet good volumes of fresh daily content, but do not engage with followers. social platform review
  92. 92. 93 social platform review
  93. 93. 94 Strengths The Louis Vuitton YouTube channel has plenty of content with 108 uploaded videos, more than 1,163,831 views and over 4,000 subscribers. The current highlight video was recently uploaded on March, 2011. The channel includes a variety of interesting video content; including runway shows, seasonal collections, behind the scenes activity at fashion shows, private events, interviews, a mobile app promo, and campaign videos such as “Journeys” and “Exhibition” that are organized into playlists. The channel is also well branded. Weaknesses There are no call-to-actions within the videos. Not even simplistic opportunities such as asking viewers to “Like” the LV Facebook page, “Follow” on Twitter or “Go to LV website”. Of further interest, there is no call to action for the promotion video of the mobile app. It would have been easy to have a call-to-action to download the app. Furthermore, the Brand fails even to include the Louis Vuitton website URL in its channel profile information. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand centric - Seasonal collections, new product lines, Core Values and Journeys campaign, special initiatives, charitable events, holiday campaigns, interviews. social platform review Online / Offline No activity. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis.
  94. 94. Louis Vuitton’s YouTube channels offer a rich selection of content to reinforce the brand. Unique is a Japanese language channel leveraging common material. 95 social platform review
  95. 95. 96 social platform review
  96. 96. 97 Strengths Louis Vuitton is one of the few Luxury Brands in this audit which uploads photos to Flickr. Content includes products, behind-the-scenes shots of photo shoots and runway shows. Weaknesses While Louis Vuitton posts a wealth of photos on Flickr, the Brand appears to have discontinued the use of the social site as the last photos posted were in May 2010. If Flickr remains a social strategy, the Brand needs to continue to upload photos and keep the channel current. From the efforts so far, the Brand could use more tags for each photo, so that they appear in SEO and SEM searches. Not all images have titles and descriptions which are also key for search. From an engagement perspective, there are not many comments from viewers, and there is no encouragement for viewers to add comments, notes or tags to photos. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand centric - Seasonal collections, new product lines, campaign photos, special initiatives, charitable events, holiday campaigns. social platform review Online / Offline No activity. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis.
  97. 97. The Flickr property appears to be a depository for event photos with very little activity (if at all) to leverage the photos further into social engagement. 98 social platform review
  98. 98. 99 social platform review
  99. 99. Strengths Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands who took the initiative to be bold and innovative to run a campaign with Foursquare to celebrate the opening of their new “Louis Vuitton Maison” store on Bond Street in London. The Foursquare community has more than 60,000 followers, contains great destination tips for London sights, and encourages Foursquare users to add their own tips to London sights when they “check in” to various locations around the city. Weaknesses The campaign was limited to the UK and in the London area. Furthermore, there was a missed opportunity to promote customer/brand loyalty and increase foot traffic by offering something exclusive, e.g., an advance copy of the new LV collections magazine to incentivize Foursquare users to check into Louis Vuitton locations. Focus / Content Direction Brand centric - experimental stage – used for store location check-ins in London, along with a tie-in to its Amble iPhone app. Louis Vuitton staff provided specific London sights tips and Foursquare users/tourists were also encouraged and permitted to add their own London-centric tips. 100 Online / Offline No promotional use during what appears to be an experimental stage. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Routine Foursquare badge incentive for earning a “Louis Vuitton insider” badge by visiting a London Louis Vuitton store three times. social platform review
  100. 100. United Kingdom Foursquare experimentation continues. Includes check-ins and offers destination tips integrated with its Amble iPhone app. 101 Platform reinforces the brand initiative –“The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton”. social platform review
  101. 101. Weaknesses The app does not have tie-ins to store promotions within this early release version. App seems complicated to use, and city guides are pricey. 102 Strengths Louis Vuitton is the first luxury brand to launch an augmented reality app. It is positioned as a digital travel diary, which enables users to record memories with pictures, video, voice and notes. The app interacts with the dedicated Amble website, enabling travelers to prepare their journey on their computer or iPad in advance. The app draws on a wealth of information provided by Louis Vuitton City Guides - long a loyal companion of seasoned travelers. Limited site specific addresses are provided free with Amble for various global cities, while the full Louis Vuitton City Guide content can be purchased from iTunes for select cities. It also offers users the opportunity to share their favorite “spots” in their journeys with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter -- as well as to submit them to Louis Vuitton, where they may be published on the website. The net result is that the App enhances the travel experience of fellow travelers while creating a global community. To reinforce the Brand and App experience, the Amble website features profiles of celebrities also using the Amble app, which users can view. The app is developed well and proves to be a very helpful travel tool. Focus / Content Direction Brand centric - integration with a dedicated branded website and with the Louis Vuitton City Guides, Amble enables Louis Vuitton to reinforce its brand in a new physical real-world dimension. Online / Offline App uses a website to allow travelers to plan their journeys in advance. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis. social platform review
  102. 102. Amble iPhone app has been seen by many in the Luxury market to be an innovative step for enhancing the Brand’s image. 103 social platform review
  103. 103. 104 social platform review
  104. 104. Blogs and their influence are not currently a consideration as part of the Brand’s social mix for Louis Vuitton. 105 There are no visible indications that Louis Vuitton engages in special relationships within the blogger community – unlike what can be documented with some other luxury brands. social platform review
  105. 105. 106 the brand foundation Brand engagement
  106. 106. Louis Vuitton’s new brand strategy uses a collection of branded content which is complementary and linked to take the consumer on a visual journey to reinforce brand campaigns and initiatives. 107 social engagement Brand engagement
  107. 107. To reinforce the Brand strategy, product inspired activities serve as a complement to branded content that is shared across all of Louis 108 Each initiative in isolation strengthens the corporate brand over the social landscape with a higher placed emphasis on driving commerce and foot traffic. brand / product focus Brand.product engagement Vuitton’s social platforms.
  108. 108. 109 campaign Brand engagement
  109. 109. Campaign reinforces the re-branding effort underway using the travel theme. 110 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  110. 110. 111 campaign Brand engagement
  111. 111. Journeys Campaign provides another added dimension to reinforcing the travel theme re-branding. 112 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  112. 112. 113 campaign Brand engagement
  113. 113. Images build an experiential story in all the re-branding campaign efforts. 114 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  114. 114. social assessment brand snapshot 115
  115. 115. 116 The social brand strategy and the Brand’s commitment has enabled Louis Vuitton to develop enthusiastic and loyal social communities across all its platforms – over a short period of time. Platform experimentation continues with branded destinations and the launch of mobile (iPhone app & Foursquare), as well as localized efforts such as Japan Twitter and YouTube accounts. Louis Vuitton has a well integrated marketing effort where most elements are tied into social media in some form. overall performance
  116. 116. Social efforts engage the Brand’s customers with experiential marketing strategies such as using the re-launch of the New Bond Street - Maison store. 117 Facebook Welcome tab during promotion Louis Vuitton’s launch of its new London flagship demonstrated how a luxury brand can harness the power of social media. -- Social Media & Luxury blog local performance “ Facebook Virtual Guest Invite Facebook Personal Photos Twitter Promotion Live Video Feed
  117. 117. Louis Vuitton adds to its experiential brand strategy using social elements to promote local-enabled Branded tools that strengthen the bond with consumers. 118 A unique and differentiated extension of the Brand into the physical world. local performance
  118. 118. High Profile Local Events Create an Aura of Exclusivity which can be socially shared and experienced by all of the Brand’s fans and followers. 119 local performance
  119. 119. 120 Local collaborations spawn store Branded promotional events. local performance
  120. 120. 121 Calls to action in the social media efforts are primarily limited to consuming content – “the Louis Vuitton experience.” The Brand does not “sell” to consumers with their social initiatives and does not use mechanisms such as discounts or sales promotions – nor does it ask for foot traffic. All content builds upon the experience – enhancing the image and richness of the Brand. call to actions / commerce
  121. 121. 122 Live video streaming is a key innovation in the social sphere. The Brand executed its use for a store re-opening extremely well. Facebook - Live streaming 360 degree video using multi-camera video / user controlled camera angles – applied to a series of recent Fashion Shows iPad - Streaming live video of events live via app Amble compatibility iPhone - Streaming live video of events live via app - Amble Augmented Reality app (navigation, travel diary with photos, videos, audio and notes) innovation spotlight
  122. 122. 123 Louis Vuitton places little emphasis on local geographies. Instead, it relies on building a global image that is transferrable Where it has been discovered that localization has occurred, it has been limited to global brand enhancement with a local flare: 1. Store openings in the UK, Japan, France, Southeast Asia, Las Vegas, Beirut (with the exception of the London store re-opening as its flagship store), social activities wrapped around these openings have been wrapped around branded content. 2. Mobile experimentation with Foursquare (UK only) 3. Amble (iPhone app) along with City Guides brand Louis Vuitton global spotlight on a local level. to and adopted in all regions of the world.
  123. 123. 124 Re-usable Branded content allows a Brand such as Louis Vuitton to share its branded story regardless of medium. The Brand does an excellent job of re-purposing content to be used across its social properties. At the same time, the image and experience conveyed is consistently presented when viewed by brand enthusiasts -- independent of where they may encounter it. The Brand makes its Fans feel part of the exclusive club. Louis Vuitton's innovative use of live streaming 360 degree video for a London store grand re-opening gave Fans an insider view of the event. Streamed live to iPhones and then uploaded to Facebook, Fans were able to watch the action live while updating their status on the event, share socially their comments, take pictures for a personal photo album and post it to their own Facebook Wall to share with friends. brand best practices
  124. 124. 125 During the course of this research for the time period reviewed, there were no discoveries of Brand-related issues that surfaced across the social landscape. social misstep
  125. 125. 126 Louis Vuitton’s use of branded content, coupled with initiatives such as the “no-commerce” Nowness Campaign, along with a steady flow of fresh daily brand / product content introduces consumers to multi-faceted stories with exclusivity – while branding LV as a luxury expert. This approach allows the Brand to be everywhere – all the time. The social elements are well structured and planned using a mix of editorial, video, and images that are of the highest quality. Site visitors to Louis Vuitton’s social properties can view videos, slideshows, interviews with fashion icons and descriptions of arts and events. The Brand encourages its community to share its site content leading to organic growth. Consumers (both enthusiasts and loyalists) gravitate to the content showcasing fashion, art, culture and travel. As a result, engagement with the Louis Vuitton brand is an experiential one. Content and execution is presented using highly creative and technologically advanced approaches such as the Live 360 degree Fashion Show broadcasts on Facebook and iPhone. achievements
  126. 126. 127 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube Mobile iPhone App Tiffany & Co.
  127. 127. 128 Tiffany & Co. “plays it safe“ with social media marketing, and their objective is analyzed as exploratory to develop best practices to gain a deeper connection with its community. overall impression Objective Strategy The Brand does not appear to have a clear and cohesive strategy behind its social efforts, but they continue to use social platforms. A more visible strategy may be revealed over a short period of time. Tiffany & Co. is executing, but not at a high level. It appears that the Brand will continue to integrate mobile with social, while developing best practices across other social platforms. Execution Success The Brand has been able to marginally reinforce its global image through the use of social without experiencing any pitfalls through its experimentation.
  128. 128. 129 Tiffany is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with their customers. Today more and more people are getting their information through mobile devices. In creating the new Tiffany engagement iPhone app, the company has taken another step to provide customers with vehicles to share their Tiffany experience with others. Carson Glover, director of media relations at Tiffany & Co., New York in their own words “ [Re: iPhone engagement ring finder app] “
  129. 129. 130 Currently, Tiffany & Co. remains below the radar of industry bloggers / analysts due to its low profile with social media marketing. industry impressions
  130. 130. 131 social platform review
  131. 131. Facebook presence delivers an engaging experience with its Fans based on a simple and direct approach. 132 social platform review
  132. 132. Weaknesses While Tiffany and Co. does a good job of providing content on a regular basis, it needs more content variety. The use of more video (behind the scenes video), event photos, celebrity photos, and possibly links to fashion articles or more conversation thought starters, would help the Brand increase the appeal of the Page. It is also noted that the use of an “Event” app to promote in-store events or product launches would fit well into the overall use of the Facebook Page. 133 Strengths The Tiffany Facebook Page is engaged with its fans. The Brand responds to consumers and posts regularly on their wall. The Brand also engages with their audience within the “Notes” and “Discussions” tabs, and allows consumers to post comments and upload photos to the Facebook wall. The Brand appears to post 3-5 times per week with at least one post per day. Posts mainly consist of links to product photos, event photos, celeb photos, information, and video. The Brand’s Facebook Page uses a customized tab “Spotlight” to highlight new products. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand - product/event photos and links, information, and some promotional video. Online / Offline Some posts do encourage Fans to stop in to a Tiffany store to check out a special collection or product line -- such as a recent post tied into its Beverly Hills location and the Red Carpet affairs at the Oscars. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Tiffany does engage with Fans to help answer consumer questions re: store locations, e-shopping and more. However, there are no initiatives related to loyalty or rewards programs. social platform review
  133. 133. Tiffany appears to be executing and engaging well with its Facebook community. 134 social platform review
  134. 134. 135 social platform review
  135. 135. Tiffany & Co. is less engaging with its Twitter followers with a historic inconsistent commitment to the platform. 136 social platform review
  136. 136. 137 Strengths Tiffany & Co. is seen to be starting to tweet more consistently and frequently, but historically it was uncommitted. Current Tweets include good Tiffany-branded background. Weaknesses The Tiffany & Co. Twitter account appears to have been created in February 2010, yet has been used inconsistently with very few tweets. There is very little engagement with its community through @-replies and retweets. When it does re-tweet, it’s usually to re-broadcast a mention by the media. There is no use of #hashtags representing a lack of social platform review sophistication. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand - Product centric - links included in tweets are to product/event photos, website, e-commerce and videos. Online / Offline Some emphasis of directing followers offline to store locations. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None discovered.
  137. 137. Tiffany & Co. appears to be making a renewed effort to leverage Twitter while making strides with better execution and competency. 138 social platform review
  138. 138. 139 social platform review
  139. 139. 140 Strengths The Tiffany & Co. YouTube channel was created in September, 2010 and currently has 132K video views. The channel has well produced video content consisting of repurposed commercials, behind the scenes story lines, product, and a video featuring their mobile app. It uses a well produced Tiffany-branded background. Weaknesses Lack of freshness and quantity of content. Current main video is from November, 2010. There are only eight videos on the channel. As with most Luxury Brands, Tiffany & Co. neglects using a call to action within its videos – even at the most simplistic level such as “Like” Facebook page, “Follow” on Twitter” or “Go to website”. Focus / Content Direction Mainly Brand centric – Brand promotion emphasis. Online / Offline No call to action in videos. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None identified. social platform review
  140. 140. The Brand has expanded its social presence with the addition of its new YouTube channel – but more frequent content may be required to grow the community. 141 social platform review
  141. 141. 142 social platform review
  142. 142. Strengths The Tiffany & Co. “Engagement Ring Finder” mobile app merges mobile and interactive shopping and provides another access point to Tiffany’s expertise and knowledge. The innovative app leverages the trend for how people are more frequently getting their information through mobile devices and gives users the opportunity to share their finds with family and friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. The app does appear to be easy to use with appealing visual and informational features; including an Expert Consultation feature featuring stores’ phone numbers. Furthermore, the App gives consumers the option to schedule a phone consultation via the application. Consumers can also fill out a short form within the App with their personal information and send it to a Tiffany’s representative, who will contact them back within 48 hours. To aid the App’s adoption, Tiffany & Co. has a video tutorial on YouTube as well. Online / Offline App allows for the scheduling of appointments at local stores, store locator and expert consultation via phone. 143 Focus / Content Direction Brand centric - integration with social and online and offline elements. Weaknesses Consumers cannot order or buy from the app, but this may be expected due to the quality and cost of the merchandise. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Expert consultation ensures a level of customer support pre-sale. social platform review
  143. 143. Engagement Ring Finder iPhone app engages the Brand’s community while reinforcing the Luxury image. 144 social platform review
  144. 144. 145 social platform review
  145. 145. A trend among the Luxury Brands audited: Blogs and the blogger community are often overlooked. 146 Discovery has not revealed that Tiffany & Co. is developing any special relationships within the blogger community. social platform review
  146. 146. 147 the brand foundation Brand engagement
  147. 147. Social media marketing is becoming more prominent in Tiffany & Co.’s Brand marketing initiatives. 148 social engagement Brand engagement
  148. 148. 149 Tiffany & Co. is currently exploring with a combination of brand and product social inspirations to reinforce the Brand image. Execution continues to evolve as sophistication increases brand / product focus Brand.product engagement
  149. 149. 150 campaign Brand engagement
  150. 150. 151 Tiffany explores mobile advertising for a Luxury consumer, but falls short in fully leveraging the social opportunity. Mobile ad clicks through to web property – social tie-ins appear to be an after thought campaign visualized ‘For Someone Extraordinary’ Campaign Mobile Campaign drives YouTube views and is leveraged as content for Facebook and Twitter Brand engagement
  151. 151. social assessment brand snapshot 152
  152. 152. Tiffany’s social brand strategy is evolving with execution using a mix of branded content produced from other corporate marketing initiatives. 153 Platform exploration continues and efforts are increasing. overall performance
  153. 153. A Missed Opportunity: Tiffany’s Fashion Night Out excluded social promotion. 154 New York one tweet post event FB video post post event FB post New York, Beverly Hills, London, Iguatemi (Brazil), Berlin, Milan, Madrid, Beijing local performance
  154. 154. 155 With a renewed commitment to Twitter, Tiffany used the social platform well to recently socially promote tie-ins to local store promotions. New York, California, Milan, London local performance
  155. 155. The Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder iPhone App is an innovative Applet and comes in various languages to mirror its consumer demographic around the World. 156 English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish languages supported local performance
  156. 156. 157 Calls to action in the Brand’s social media efforts is primarily limited to consuming content. However, the Brand is experimenting with using social to drive foot traffic to local stores, but so far has elected not to experiment with commerce driven activities on its Branded social platforms. The Brand does not “sell” to consumers with their social initiatives nor does it use such mechanisms such as discounts or sales promotions. call to actions / commerce
  157. 157. 158 Innovation thus far has not been Tiffany & Co.’s strong suit. It operates more from risk aversion than as an innovator. innovation spotlight
  158. 158. 159 Tiffany & Co. does place some degree of emphasis on local geographies to support local commerce. Its use of Twitter to call attention to local events -- and the Brand’s new iPhone app available in eight languages represents the company is engaging on smaller initiatives with local communities. global spotlight
  159. 159. 160 brand best practices In social circles, engagement is key. Tiffany & Co. does an excellent job of having conversations with its Fans on Facebook. Although the Brand doesn't have the same level of commitment on Twitter, it is representing on Facebook how engagement should be done. If you are going to do a mobile app, be sure to include calls to action to drive commerce. Tiffany does an excellent job of incorporating commerce with calls to action and social to drive foot traffic into the stores in its iPhone Engagement Ring Finder app. Not only can users get expert advice on the phone, they can also schedule an appointment through the app. Although the current App does not support e-commerce due to the price range of Tiffany diamonds, an e-commerce feature for lesser priced products could easily be added and well received by consumers.
  160. 160. 161 During the course of this research for the time period reviewed, there were no discoverable Brand-related issues that surfaced across the social landscape. social misstep
  161. 161. 162 Tiffany & Co. has aligned itself to the core fundamentals of social media without exploring too far beyond. The Brand’s early efforts have been to build and engage using the necessary foundation of platforms (Facebook and Twitter). The company has just acquired its YouTube channel this past September. To date, the Brand has placed more emphasis on Facebook over other social platforms, where it has executed reasonably well based on engagement. The Brand does avoid risk by using a basic platform design as the company becomes more comfortable with engagement and outreach. Twitter has taken a back seat to Facebook, but in recent months more activity and engagement has emerged. The company’s use of a mobile app demonstrates it is willing to invest in exploring new channels to reach its consumer demographic. From a strategic direction, the Brand has not necessarily demonstrated it is executing from a well planned playbook. It has missed some opportunities to be more social. But in comparison to other Luxury brands in this analysis, Tiffany & Co. is maintaining a social presence and is executing at a level somewhere in the middle of the pack to its peers in this analysis. achievements
  162. 162. 163 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube MySpace Mobile iPhone App Cartier
  163. 163. 164 Cartier’s social objectives are limited at best. The Brand has experimented with varying degrees of social without making a full commitment. As a result, the company is a sideline player lacking creativity, initiative and foresight. overall impression Objective Strategy Cartier does not appear to have a clear overall objective for the use of social media. The company’s strategic direction is limited to isolated projects. Cartier made a lot of news when it was one of the first Luxury brands to enter the social landscape in 2008 with an Ad campaign using branded Pages on MySpace. Execution failed across eight countries using five languages after the year long campaign never gained traction with a MySpace community which represented a consumer profile mis-aligned to the values of the Brand and to the Luxury market. Since then, Cartier seems to have been treading lightly with social initiatives and has pulled back from exploring other platforms aggressively. Execution Success Of note, Cartier is not as successful in the social space as they could be. While they have presence on multiple platforms, the level of engagement with their community is missing.
  164. 164. 165 [Luxury] Brands that employ Facebook, Twitter, interactive websites and mobile devices to connect with their consumers are more likely to drive sales and reach an expanded customer base. Luxury Daily, Dec. 2010 “ Cartier’s social commitment has not been discussed in the industry. in their own words
  165. 165. 166 Cartier is an iconic symbol of elegance, rich history and, of course, extreme luxury with individual items selling for tens of thousands of dollars…However, this elegance hasn’t transferred completely smoothly online. Cartier’s had a false start in social with a MySpace debacle and since appears to be very conservative in the social space industry impressions “ Digital IQ Index Big brands like [Cartier] have ignored the web world even though research shows that 78% of internet users spend significant time on social network sites, while 66% use the Internet to conduct research before making a major purchase. -- L2, a New York University Stern organization (Oct 2010) “
  166. 166. 167 social platform review
  167. 167. 168 Cartier could be more engaging with more content including non-promotional content published via a structured editorial schedule. Fan page is promotional with NO engagement with visitors social platform review
  168. 168. Strengths Cartier leverages well the Brand’s digital video assets as hosted on YouTube. They also use a customized “Welcome” tab to link its “Rouge Cartier” and “Fine Watchmaking” tabs, and uses a link to “Invite Friends”. The “Rouge Cartier” and “Fine Watchmaking” tabs link back to the Cartier website and video. Weaknesses The Cartier Facebook Page does not allow fans to post comments or upload photos to the wall. However, consumers can “like” or comment on posts. The Brand also does not post content regularly – electing to opt for singular posts several times per month. Posts consist mainly of video, product and event photos, where they may link to various campaigns. Cartier does not reference its Twitter page under “Info” - nor do they use the “Events” app to promote product/collection launches, events. 169 Focus / Content Direction Brand / product line centric – promotionally directed. social platform review Online / Offline None. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None.
  169. 169. 170 Produced with good visuals and images, the Cartier Facebook property provides the Brand with a social presence with marginal fanfare. social platform review
  170. 170. 171 social platform review
  171. 171. 172 Account appears to be inactive Followers: 1,663 Follow: 0 Tweets: 25 Last tweet: March 2010 social platform review Cartier has abandoned the use of its Twitter account missing an opportunity to engage with fans and enthusiasts.
  172. 172. 173 Strengths No strengths – an abandoned platform not previously used well or leveraged. Weaknesses Missed opportunity with no commitment to build a community. Random promotional tweets with huge time period gaps between tweets (last tweet Mar. 4, 2010). Only 1,781 followers (a dismal number, considering the brand’s overall power). Focus / Content Direction Brand centric – promotional. social platform review Online / Offline None. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None.
  173. 173. Cartier has lost a social opportunity to engage with consumers by abandoning its Twitter property. 174 social platform review
  174. 174. 175 social platform review
  175. 175. 176 Strengths YouTube appears to be where Cartier has placed the majority of its social emphasis as it maintains an extremely well branded channel with compelling and artistic produced content. The videos convey the Cartier brand of one of extreme luxury. The channel branding is excellent. Videos are categorized into three main product lines, which makes it easy for community members to locate videos of interest. Weaknesses Lacks frequency and volume of content. Current highlighted video is dated January, 2011. There are a total of 12 videos uploaded. Cartier needs to continue to produce and upload videos to keep the channel current fresh and active. Also, the absence of a call to action within the videos remains to be a lost opportunity for all the Brands studied. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric highlighting various products and product lines. Online / Offline None – no call to action in videos. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None. social platform review
  176. 176. Cartier’s YouTube channel is packaged to reinforce the Brand’s Luxury image. 177 social platform review
  177. 177. 178 social platform review
  178. 178. Photo Sharing Sites could be an opportunity for Cartier as many enthusiasts of the Brand openly share pictures. 179 social platform review
  179. 179. 180 social platform review
  180. 180. Cartier takes Online to Offline with Mobile Apps. 181 Cartier’s partnerships with iPhone App developers broadens its reach and provides entry into the App world without a Branded app. social platform review
  181. 181. Cartier is leveraging Mobile Apps for a Luxury consumer. Cartier’s mobile ad partnership with the New York Times as part of its Holiday campaign provided a mass audience for its promotion. 182 social platform review
  182. 182. A Missed Opportunity: New iPad App lacks social. Cartier’s entry into the Branded App world comes via the Apple iPad without social integration. 183 Cartier misses an opportunity to incorporate social into the app social platform review
  183. 183. Weaknesses Cartier is one of many Luxury brands participating in a collaborative effort which shares user attention and engagement time within a select mobile App. However, there is a missed opportunity to get social with its new Branded iPad Watchmaking app. 184 Strengths Cartier provided content in collaborative sponsored initiatives (Apps) with both the Vogue Stylist and New York Times. The Apps extend the Brand across a larger community for greater potential reach. Both Apps offer many rich features; including advertising, product catalog, wardrobe builder, wish list, store locator, social sharing and e-shopping. This appears to be a big win for Cartier as it extends its brand associated with style and luxury. Focus / Content Direction Brand / Product centric – Product promotions with a brand reinforcement feature via advertising and a store locator feature. Online / Offline Collaborative Apps’ designs do a good job of facilitating the physical versus the virtual world based upon user interaction desires; e-shopping, store locator, select product promo highlights (ads) along with social sharing. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No emphasis. social platform review
  184. 184. SMS Texting proves a Luxury audience can be reached. 185 Strengths The Cartier’s text component in its “Winter Tale” campaign proved that texting can be used with a refined audience using selection criteria such service carrier and smartphone type. Luxury consumers can be receptive to uses of technology – delivering promotions via text opens up a new communication channel that is likely overlooked by many other Luxury brands. Weaknesses There is the potential of poor execution with poorly worded messages which can be viewed as spam leaving poor impressions on the brand. Focus / Content Direction Brand / Holiday Product Promotion centric – first time use as part of a larger rich media mobile initiative drove consumers to online and offline properties – proved successful. Online / Offline Communications were online driving foot traffic back into the stores. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support No such programs offered in initial use of platform. [SMS] does resonate in the eyes of affluent shoppers…Luxury French jeweler and watchmaker Cartier is a testament to this fact. -- Certified Text Messaging Mobile Marketing blog. social platform review “
  185. 185. 186 social platform review
  186. 186. 187 Blogs and the blogger community continue to be often overlooked among Luxury Brands. There are no visible indications that Cartier engages in any special relationships within the blogger community – unlike what can be documented with some other luxury brands. social platform review
  187. 187. 188 the brand foundation Brand engagement
  188. 188. Cartier’s brand strategy has yet to be fully realized across the Social landscape. 189 social engagement Brand engagement
  189. 189. Cartier’s experimentation is an ongoing trial of learning experiences seeking direction and commitment. 190 Cartier’s is practicing social without a clear, focused, structural foundation. brand / product focus Brand.product engagement
  190. 190. 191 campaign Brand engagement
  191. 191. 192 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  192. 192. social assessment brand snapshot 193
  193. 193. Community building has not been a strength of the Cartier Brand. 194 Lack of commitment has greatly impacted the Brand’s minimum social efforts. overall performance
  194. 194. 195 Cartier’s social media initiatives since the MySpace experiment have been focused on a global effort without any emphasis on a local or country basis even as the Brand has clear objectives of expansion into the Mideast and Europe. local performance
  195. 195. Missed Opportunity: Cartier’s lack of social sophistication has not allowed the Brand to consistently steer consumers to action. 196 call to actions / commerce
  196. 196. Cartier is increasingly exploring the use of mobile to reach the affluent Luxury consumer. 197 Mobile Cartier did show some innovation within the 2010 Winter Tales Ad campaign by integrating social with the older mobile marketing techniques to extend them into the Luxury retail market SMS Text Filtering who received the text messages by carrier service and phone type ensured to a level that recipients were pre-groomed based on social economic factors. Additionally, asking for text messages to authorize the sending of Tweets was unique even though the Brand did not execute on this aspect of the campaign Mobile Advertising Interactive ads provided links to video and Facebook growing the Facebook community by 50,000 fans innovation spotlight
  197. 197. 198 Cartier is simply not engaging or executing at a level where it can provide focus on localized markets. MySpace debacle was an attempt. global spotlight
  198. 198. 199 brand best practices Branding social properties is as important as the content it hosts. Cartier's efforts on its YouTube channel is a good case study on how to convey Luxury to a sophisticated and fashion conscious audience. Mobile advertising is gaining popularity among Luxury brands. Cartier's use of it in the Winter Tale Ad campaign added a nice social twist. Additional social content was produced to support the campaign and shared socially on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, from within the mobile Ads, viewers could friend the Brand on Facebook, click on a video link to YouTube or even request Cartier tweets be sent to them on their mobile phones via a simple SMS text request.
  199. 199. MySpace was intended to be Cartier’s big push into social, failure to understand the demographic resulted in a big misstep. Brand’s first foray into social media failed on MySpace even though the Love by Cartier ad / commerce campaign gathered 3,800 fans and more than 100,000 visits to their sites (as reported by the NY Times). In less than a year, Cartier had abandoned their five language sites, where today they remain on the troubled social network as ghosted remnants. Five languages across eight countries, feature new music from 12 artists, inc: Phoenix, Grand National, Lou Reed Objective: Jump into social networking and build a series of language-country community-oriented branded pages to attract a legion of new younger followers worldwide Strategy: Create a commerce campaign using high quality images and links to online properties with social tie ins and content linked to popular music artists Execution: Cartier failed to understand the MySpace demographic Results: Brand never fully engaged with a community with a profile that was below its targeted consumer luxury profile 200 social misstep
  200. 200. 201 The 2010 Winter Tale Ad campaign is the Brand’s highlight achievement in social media marketing. The campaign attempted and succeeded at a level of integrating social elements into the global holiday brand promotion. Cartier did realize 50,000 new Facebook fans – and when considering that they had roughly 30,000 before the campaign and 86,000 three months after the campaign, the campaign can deemed a success (relative to past performance). The campaign’s use of mobile and text was innovative as a Luxury brand demonstrated that these communication tools could be applied in the Luxury market if executed at a high level. Interesting to note – one campaign element promoted a text message be sent to Cartier to follow their tweets. The Brand had abandoned its Twitter effort some 6 months prior, but possibly this was an attempt to re-engage on this platform and this tactic proved not to be successful. achievements
  201. 201. 202 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube Flickr Contests Mobile Foursquare iPhone App Coach
  202. 202. Coach’s social presence appears to be aimed at driving foot traffic and e-commerce via Brand and promotional marketing. 203 overall impression Objective Strategy The brand leverages core platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build communities of followers to reinforce the Brand on a global basis. Further, these efforts are enhanced with periodic social campaigns tied to the Brand’s Ad campaigns promoting new collections and lines. Coach has executed well at a base level on the core platforms of choice. They are producing fresh, frequent content, engaging with communities and driving traffic to e-commerce. It has been innovative from the standpoint of building key relationships within the Fashion Blogger community and leveraging those relationships into more frequent posts and visibility to fashion conscious consumers. The Brand’s use of contests and promotions are well executed and tightly integrated with Brand initiatives. Execution Success The Brand has been able to gather momentum across social communities to reinforce its Brand among consumers. Blogger relations have been executed with creativity with consumer receptiveness and engagement serving as a successful case study for other Brands to emulate.
  203. 203. 204 Our [primary] objective in the social space is to drive brand engagements and store traffic as well as maximizing e-commerce opportunities. David Duplantis, Coach Senior Vide President of Global Web and Digital Media “ in their own words
  204. 204. 205 The company’s social media goals are to increase brand awareness, drive store traffic and maximize e-commerce opportunities. “ The online [social] emphasis is just one of the reasons retail experts say Coach is poised for growth this holiday season. Coach is a brand that is seen as executing social successfully. industry impressions “ Buzz-worthy Poppy Project was the most recent of many blogger collaborations; from shopping-oriented social media to top-notch e-commerce, brand delivers on every platform. “
  205. 205. 206 social platform review
  206. 206. Coach has an early engaging Facebook presence with a structured approach that leaves visitors wanting more. 207 social platform review
  207. 207. 208 Strengths Coach has a customized “Coach” tab on their Facebook Page with good, linkable content, email mailing list signup, friends invite, e-commerce, videos, and promo materials. The wall posts a variety of content with a heavy emphasis on collections and lines with links to e-commerce, product photos, celebrity photos, contests/sweeps, and some video. The Brand keeps a tight control on its image by not allowing consumers to upload photos to the Coach wall, but they do allow consumers to post comments, and “like” or comment on Coach posts. It appears that the Brand posts nearly daily, with one post per day. Coach responds and engages more so on the Discussions and Notes tabs rather than on its wall. Good overall use of customizing tabs, including ”Store Locator” and “Coach”. Weaknesses Coach could be more engaging with more content, particularly video and apps. Contest and sweeps promotions could be brought to the forefront on the landing page or Wall for better engagement. Also, they should engage more with their community on their wall and do more to talk to Fans within Notes and Discussions tabs. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: posts mainly consist of product/event photos and links, information, and some promotional video. Online / Offline Store locator tab gives Fans an easy-to-use to find their nearest Coach store. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Minimal level of customer support observed. social platform review
  208. 208. A streamlined basic functionality with little fanfare is executed well to reinforce a social presence. Poppy MYNY Sweepstakes Mother’s Day Sweepstakes 209 social platform review
  209. 209. 210 social platform review
  210. 210. Coach engages and is responsive to followers delivering a mix of content to inspire consumers. 211 social platform review
  211. 211. 212 Strengths Coach’s Twitter account is active and engaged with their community. The Brand tweets nearly daily, with multiple tweets per day and converses regularly with followers with @replies and retweets. Tweets include links to product/event photos, celebrity photos, media publications mentioning Coach, the Coach website and video, and frequently links to ecommerce. They do use “lists, #hashtags and #followfriday. Nicely branded background. Weaknesses Coach needs to retweet followers more often and increase their following count. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: responsive with tweets using links to product, e-commerce, event and celebrity photos. Online / Offline Periodic tweets encouraging followers to stop by retail locations. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Coach does use Twitter to be responsive to customer support areas. social platform review
  212. 212. Coach uses Twitter to deliver a nice balance of engagement with content and commerce. 213 Twitter content routinely links to other social properties and brand content for greater reach and social adoption. social platform review
  213. 213. 214 social platform review
  214. 214. 215 Strengths The Coach YouTube channel has a total of 112K video views. Coach video content includes celebrity ambassadors, behind the scenes of Coach campaigns, Holiday campaign, and product/collections. Nicely branded channel, but with limited Fan engagement. Weaknesses The current highlighted video was uploaded in February, 2011. There are a total of 25 videos uploaded. Coach needs to continue to produce and upload video to keep the channel current. Also, video call to actions need to be added at the end of each video to cross promote other social properties, such as“Like” Facebook page, “Follow” on Twitter and “Go to our website”. Focus / Content Direction Brand centric – videos posted are promotional. Online / Offline No specific calls to action to take viewers offline. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None observed. social platform review
  215. 215. Have a Coach Holiday Campaign renewed the Brand’s emphasis on the Channel platform with 14 new Videos collecting 59,049 views. 216 social platform review
  216. 216. 217 social platform review
  217. 217. 218 Strengths Coach uploads many photos of products and behind-the-scenes shots of photo shoots and runway shows. They also do a very good job of including titles and descriptions with all images. Weaknesses While Coach posts a wealth of photos on Flickr, the last photos were posted in February, 2011. They need to continue to upload photos and keep the channel current. Using more tags for each photo could be done better, so that photos show up in search more often. There are not many comments from viewers, and no encouragement for viewers to add comments, notes and tags to photos. Focus / Content Direction Brand – promotional for Coach enthusiasts. social platform review Online / Offline None observed. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None observed.
  218. 218. Coach and other Luxury brands struggle with function and use of photo sharing sites. 219 social platform review
  219. 219. 220 social platform review
  220. 220. 221 Strengths Coach partnered with Foursquare, early on, to promote and drive foot traffic for a new store opening. Weaknesses As a luxury brand, greater success may be derived if check-ins and social engagement be tied to a special promotions/offers. Focus / Content Direction Brand centric – so far tied to driving commerce into the stores. Online / Offline Coach has experimented with offering a free gift during special store promotions to drive foot traffic into the stores. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support Free gifts and incentives exploration. social platform review
  221. 221. Experimentation using promotions has proven the platform’s potential value, but has had limited use to date and in US only. 222 social platform review
  222. 222. 223 Strengths The iPhone Coach app delivers a brand experience that is simple and straight-forward to use. Weaknesses The App could be more compelling if it allowed consumers to order/buy online. Focus / Content Direction Brand – product centric: - complete line of Coach products are represented in an interactive catalog. Online / Offline Aimed at driving foot traffic into stores either directly or indirectly via word of mouth marketing. Customer Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Support None identified. social platform review
  223. 223. Coach packages commerce simplicity into an iPhone app to drive Brand reinforcement and foot traffic. 224 Introduced in June 2010, The Coach Gift Finder App integrates an interactive catalog, a gift list, and a geo-location store locator with social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. social platform review
  224. 224. 225 social platform review
  225. 225. Coach’s courting of Fashion bloggers pays dividends in content, readers, foot traffic, commerce and ultimately Brand preference and appeal. 226 social platform review
  226. 226. 227 the brand foundation Brand engagement
  227. 227. Coach embraces social reinforcing the Brand to its consumers with a steady flow of engaging content. 228 social engagement Brand engagement
  228. 228. A steady and orchestrated flow of blended content is produced and delivered across the Brand’s main social efforts; Facebook and Twitter. 229 Coach is responsive to Fans and Followers with frequent conversations. brand / product focus Brand.product engagement
  229. 229. 230 campaign Brand engagement
  230. 230. An integrated web, video, and in-store advertising campaign leveraged blogger relationships with its readers. 231 campaign visualized Brand engagement
  231. 231. 232 campaign Brand engagement
  232. 232. Coach rewarded bloggers with cash and prizes by running a contest to promote its First Anniversary for the Poppy Collection. Coach invited a select group of fashion-passionate, style-savvy bloggers to be the first to paint the web Poppy by asking them to register their site and install a small piece of code, a "Poppy Seed.“ Once installed the seed activated by creating a single Poppy Blossom on the blogger’s site. With each reader interaction, view, Like and Tweet, the art project grew and grew. The small group of trend-spotters from the fashion blogosphere quickly grew into a network of Poppy patterns and sites that blazed across the social web. 233 100 early invitations to bloggers linked 781 sites in the Poppy Trail which generated 47,000 tweets and 20,000,000 earned impressions in 30 days as fans hunted for 50 gift cards and blogs raced toward the $2,500 grand prize. campaign visualized Brand engagement
  233. 233. social assessment brand snapshot 234
  234. 234. Coach has placed its emphasis on the core platforms using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 235 Coach has the opportunity to build on its past success simply by doing more and expanding its social presence. Overall Coach is performing well across the social platforms of choice. overall performance
  235. 235. The Brand has placed a heavy emphasis on global with little attention to local initiatives. 236 Store Opening Shipping Promo Coach has placed little emphasis on local initiatives, and instead has concentrated its social efforts from a global basis. The Brand’s biggest local undertaking thus far has been to launch a Facebook Page for Japan. But this too has been low key with less than 10,000 Fans to date. local performance
  236. 236. The Brand’s main social focus to date has been to direct Fans and Followers to e-commerce. 237 call to actions / commerce
  237. 237. Crowdsourced Social Contest engages, brands and drives commerce. Coach wanted to reach a new and younger market. They wanted the consumer to put their DNA onto the next bag. The ‘Design the next Coach Tote’ campaign contest went completely viral receiving 3,200 entries in less than 6 weeks. 238 innovation spotlight
  238. 238. 239 Coach has placed very little emphasis on localities and has preferred to manage its social media efforts from a global perspective. There has been no specific initiatives identified for local global regions. All initiatives have been designed (with the exception of the recently created Facebook Japan Page) to reinforce the Brand image with heavy calls to action to reinforce e-commerce on a worldwide basis. global spotlight
  239. 239. 240 Relationships with influential Fashion bloggers creating contests, product designs and social content ensure Coach is continually visible on the key fashion blogs. Crowdsourced Product Designs which solicit community creative generate word of mouth marketing where consumers have a vested interest in the product. Promotional Contests every 3 to 6 months ensure social communities are continuously being rewarded for loyal brand adoption. A clear, direct and consistent approach for delivering a steady flow of social content across Facebook and Twitter – along with being responsive to comments and customer support concerns. brand best practices
  240. 240. 241 During the course of this research for the time period reviewed, there were no discoveries of Brand-related issues that surfaced across the social landscape. social misstep
  241. 241. 242 Coach has a solid track record for executing at a core level with social media marketing. Its established presence on Facebook and Twitter has garnered a community of Fans and followers that are loyal and engaged. There are signs that there may be a renewed emphasis being placed on video and the YouTube channel with the recent 2010 Holiday campaign. The Brand continually steers its followers to e-commerce from both Facebook and Twitter. The biggest achievement to date for Coach and is unique from the other brands in the research is the Brand has forged and leveraged continuing relationships within the Fashion Blogger community. It is here that the Brand really stands out. Its collaborations within this community has ensured it has received top branding and preferential treatment, which has certainly expanded the Brand’s reach among blog readers and ultimately fashion conscious consumers. achievements
  242. 242. 243 Social Presence Facebook Twitter Blogs YouTube Social Gaming Mobile H&M