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Giving Life to a Marginal Field: Durango Reservoir Simulation


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SIPES Houston: 2015 CES

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Giving Life to a Marginal Field: Durango Reservoir Simulation

  1. 1. SIMULATION – GIVING LIFE TO A MARGINAL FIELD SIPES – September 2015 281.558.7998
  2. 2. DURANGO RESOURCES HISTORY  1980: Founded Swanson Consulting  Provided industry-leading reservoir description (30+ yrs)  Geological, geophysical, and engineering models, original and remaining hydrocarbons in place maps, reserves analysis and classification, depletion plans, economics, risk analysis, A&D due diligence  1985: Founded Stratamodel  Created the first commercially available 3D geocellular modeling software in the industry  Merged with Landmark / Halliburton in 1994  1998: Founded Durango Resources Corporation  Increased reserves consistently through detailed geologic mapping and the use of simple simulation technology (ReservoirGrail)  1999: Founded GrailQuest Corporation  Developed ReservoirGrail, the first commercially available volumetric balancing reservoir simulation software © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 2
  3. 3. GIVING LIFE TO A MARGINAL FIELD Are there any left-behind reserves? Where are these left-behind reserves? What is the most economic way to produce them? These questions can best be answered with simulation We need to discover how the fluids have migrated in the reservoir through time in order to find answers to these questions © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 3
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY  Build your reservoir model (for each separate reservoir zone)  Gross reservoir thickness map  Net reservoir thickness map  Net pay thickness map  Structure map  Collect and organize your historical production data  Allocate field / lease / tank data to individual wells  Allocate individual well production by zone  Check for fluid level data and reservoir pressure tests to verify your reservoir communication assumptions  Run a simple volumetric-based simulation  Doing this manually is possible if the reservoir is small and simple  For most fields, you will need to use a simple volumetric simulation program like ReservoirGrail  Make adjustments to your reservoir model (geology) or historical production allocations based on how well the simulation matches your production history © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 4
  5. 5. WEST TEXAS WATERFLOOD CASE STUDY  Located in Tom Green County near San Angelo  Discovered in 1979 at ~3,400ft tvd  Acquired in early 2000’s  7 producers  5 injectors (3 of them were converted from producers)  Limey sandstone (probably a shelf-edge sand)  Avg pay thickness = 8ft  Avg porosity = 18.5 pu  Avg Initial Oil Saturation = 72%  OOIP ~2.3MMSTB  Current recovery ~1MMSTB (~44% of OOIP) © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 5 Original Net Pay Map 1,000 ft
  6. 6. RESERVOIR MODEL Net Reservoir Thickness (ft) – 5ft Contours Structure (SSTVD) – 10ft Contours © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 6 N N
  7. 7. HISTORICAL PRODUCTION  Sorted through well files to allocated field- wide and tank battery production to individual wells based on historical test data  Current status:  1 producer (20bopd)  2 injectors (injecting 2200bwpd combined)  1% oil cut © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 7
  8. 8. SIMULATION RESULTS Firstly, our current reserves were confirmed © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 8 Dashed green = modeled oil production Solid green = forecasted reserves Royal blue = water production Teal = water injection WATCH THE VIDEO ON THIS SLIDE ON YOUTUBE
  9. 9. SIMULATION RESULTS Secondly, we identified remaining waterflood movable oil and booked proved, undeveloped reserves © Durango Resources Corp. 2015 9 Additional proved undeveloped reserves (80MSTB) Planned injector location WATCH THE VIDEO ON THIS SLIDE ON YOUTUBE
  10. 10. CONTACT 281.558.7998 1147 Brittmoore Rd Ste. 1 Houston, TX 77043 10© Durango Resources Corp. 2015