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Balance and Productivity in the Digital World

A presentation on strategies to improve productivity and balance in the digital world

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Balance and Productivity in the Digital World

  1. 1. Balance and Productivity in the Digital World Daniel Groenewald @CathDigLearn #phf2016
  2. 2. The purpose of this session is to help you manage your technology at work and at home and to provide you with some ideas about improving productivity and balance in your life.
  3. 3. UBERAirbnb Tesla Outsourcing Facebook Automation Globalisation eBay Amazon Is modern life too busy and disruptive? Pokemon GoVirtual Reality Linkedin Snapchat Twitter Quantified Self
  4. 4. “Digital overload may be the defining problem of today's workplace. All day and night, on desktops, laptops, and smartphones, we're bombarded with so many messages and alerts that even when we want to focus, it's nearly impossible. And when we're tempted to procrastinate, diversions are only a click away.” Harvard Business Review, June 2015: 110
  5. 5. “The culture of constant connection takes a toll both professionally and personally. We waste time, attention, and energy on relatively unimportant information and interactions.” HarvardBusinessReview,June2015:110
  6. 6. Our work places aren’t getting any less demanding either. Just think about the way email has increased the number of tasks we do daily. What’s impact does this have on us?
  7. 7. Technostress
  8. 8. $50 Billion $79 Billion Source: Deloitte - Australia’s Digital Pulse: Key challenges for our nation – digital skills, jobs and education (2015) 2013-142011 5 Million: number of Australian jobs predicted to be replaced by computers by 2025 Source: Committee for Economic Development of Australia - Australia's future workforce? (2015) Australia’s Digital Economy
  9. 9. Technology is replacing blue and white collar jobs. If we want to preserve our way of life, we need to develop skillsets that make us inimitable.
  10. 10. My name is Lucas. Welcome to 2028. I am 26years old. I manage a number of farms in the Australia’s North both remotely and on premise. I program, manage and maintain the drone swarm which water, weed and delivers crops . I work in a small team that services East Asia. There is an enormous demand for our protein enriched organic silver beet. I am grateful to my teachers at … because they taught me how to …
  11. 11. Entrepreneurial & ICT savvy Comfortable in and through change Adaptive and agile Digitally discerning Productive Collaborative A great learner A confident producer of new media Socially intelligent Growth Mindset Creative and dynamic Customer facing Problem seeker and solver Expert in something What skills do we need?
  12. 12. Kasparov v Deep Blue and the rise of the Centaur
  13. 13. Go to Game pin: 858176
  14. 14. Productivity enhancers Time box tasks and take 20 min breaks Prioritise the night before Add exercise, meditation, relaxation to morning routine No email at start of the day Separate technology from sleep Serialise tasks Use the 80:20 rule Eat the frog Never give up what you love for work
  15. 15. What strategies do you use to be productive?
  16. 16. How could you do those things more often? I feel great when… 1. 2. 3. What are three things you do that set you up for a great day at work?
  17. 17. Productivity in the digital age
  18. 18. Email
  19. 19. Tasks and Lists
  20. 20. Prioritisation: Eisenhower decision matrix Urgent Not urgent Important Do it Now Schedule a time to do it Not important Delegate Delete it 1. Using the matrix below, make a to-do list for tomorrow
  21. 21. Sharing on Yammer 1. Go to 2. Login with: 3. Find joke of the Day Group and post a joke 4. Find Administrative and Technical Officers Group. Join and post some content 5. Peruse Yammer and join groups
  22. 22. Share buttons Personal Assistants Artificial Assistance apturing Office Lens Pinterest Automated Rules Siri, Sam, Echo Captures IFTT
  23. 23.
  24. 24. This session has explored a number of strategies to increase productivity and balance in your life. Now let’s see if you can recall them?
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