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Social Media Monitoring with focus on the Australian Health Reform topic.
Alterian SM2 used to deliver insights

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Social Media Monitoring - Health Reform

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring for Government Daniel Lodge - Business Development Manager - Social Media. APAC @daniellodge
  2. 2. “If you want to know your past – look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future – look into your present actions.” ~Chinese Proverb
  3. 3. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform • Social networking has become the new online rage. Blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have provided creative ways to recruit, engage, connect and retain employees. • They have also provided an opportunity to facilitate strategic knowledge sharing across organisations and government agencies.
  4. 4. Employee learning and development Communications/Public Relations Recruiting HR/Learning and Finance HQ Based Employee functions Field Based Employee functions Science/Technology Regulatory/Compliance Don't know Other Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform **Data courtesy of HCI Jan 2010
  5. 5. People are talking and listening to each other much more using your content.
  6. 6. Perhaps it’s time you started listening too?
  7. 7. Social Media Monitoring – Background • The Result – – Social Media Monitoring • An emerging SaaS technology solution category that allows Marketers to – Track and analyse discussions online – Understand sentiment of these discussions – Identify the real influencers across online channels – Allow Marketers to respond and interact with a level of understanding in these channels – Use the resulting insights to improve overall » market research, positioning, and corporate wide marketing strategy
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing requires good listening skills
  9. 9. Time vs Engagement Brand Audit Corporate Marketing Public Relations Customer Service Social Media Campaigns Sales – Lead Gen Competitive Insight Product Development Search Engine Optimisation Time
  10. 10. • Public Relations • Improve public relations effectiveness • Build advocacy program Identify influencers and engage them • Marketing • Clarify whether the messaging is connecting with audience • Generate more word of mouth • Reduce market research costs • Customer Service • Are their needs being met satisfactorily • What is the sentiment Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform
  11. 11. You will need some nice technology to help.
  12. 12. Collect Techrigy indexes the entire social media universe, across the globe and across all platforms. Store Alterian’s Social Media WarehouseSM, created in 2007, contains over 9.5 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations. Understand An incredibly powerful and intuitive tool, the Techrigy SM2 User Interface enables clients to visualise, analyse, communicate and share findings. Turn content into actionable insight. The SM2 Technology Components Over 9.5 Billion Results
  13. 13. Alterian SM2 Australian Health Reform Social Media Overview
  14. 14. © ALTERIAN 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Search Overview and Scope Date range: 1/1/2010 – 10/11/2010 Exclude: Non-English Non-Australian Health Reform related topics Final results: 7,502 Search keywords: “health reform” **w/Australia only filter “Kevin Rudd” AND “health reform” “Julia Gillard” AND “health reform” “Health reform” AND “australia” “Health reform” AND “Australian”
  15. 15. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Chart shows the daily volume of Social Media noise from 1/1/2010 to 11/11/2010 Ability to flag events Identify trends and patters in underlying data All charts are “drillable‟ – look into each individual social media mention
  16. 16. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Ability to view issues on a granular basis and monitor the trending over time on the any data set. The data was split into 5 categories and run over a date range. Every data point is drillable to see the results for that date
  17. 17. Microblog Blog Mainstream Social Network Message Board/ Forum Video/Photo Sharing Social media comes in a wide variety of guises and the information collected must be dealt with differently based upon the media type that it belongs to. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform
  18. 18. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Chart shows volume of conversation on specific Blogs. There have been a number of prominent blogs that mention the Health Reform. This shows areas and communities that need to be engaged with and listened to 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Mentions on Blog Sites
  19. 19. Negative opinion 59% Positive opinion 41% Total Sentiment - Health Reform 1/1/2010 - onwards Negative 46% Positive 54% Total Sentiment – Health Reform Last 60 Days Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform
  20. 20. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Negative Positive Displays trending of positive and negative sentiment over time Ability to efficiently identify what is causing the sentiment for that date Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform
  21. 21. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Theme Graph – Grouping of Terms Size of sphere indicates the grouping of words that occurred the most when looking at positive content about the Health Reform Ability to drill into each grouping to explore the conversations Positive themes occur when talking about aged care services and the benefits package.
  22. 22. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Theme Graph – Occurrence of Term Size of word font indicates the frequency that word that occurred when looking at negative content about the Health Reform Ability to drill into each grouping to explore the conversations Negative content included mentions about funding and hospitals.
  23. 23. Department of Health and Ageing – Health Reform Demographics Author age, gender and popularity are also scored. Giving further flexibility when analyzing the data. There are a higher percentage of males talking about Health Reform
  24. 24. Australian Health Reform – Main topics Overview In which, people compared the differences between Health Reform agenda of each politician where many still have doubts about any plans. 50% of conversations talked about Health Reform related to Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott 14% of conversations discussed “Mental Health” as one of the priorities in Health Reform plan. In which, 34% of these conversations criticised Kevin Rudd’s plan as it lacked focus on Mental Health However, it was found that not only the general public talked about this topic, but also entrepreneurs working in Aged care services who were very vocal. 7% of conversations were concerned about Aged Care Changes within the Reform. “At one level it is a clear concession that under the previous Rudd-Roxon stewardship mental health was headed rapidly backwards and there was an urgent need to start afresh.” (Ian Hickie – Sep 14th ) “There is a serious crisis in aged care services in Australia. We have a growing demand for services that isn't being met. The existing system is dysfunctional, and ill-prepared to meet the needs of the future.” (Ext User, Aug 20th ) “Despite the major parties offering to spend billions on health over the next four years, neither appears to have ignited the interest of industry groups or voters…It has been pretty disappointing and both sides appear to have gone for a small target on health, so I suspect there are political reasons why neither wants to have health as a big issue” (Cathy O’leary – Aug 18th )
  25. 25. Health Reform for different people © ALTERIAN 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Family The elderly Doctors Nurses Allied medical professionals 13% 7% 17% 13% 3% Who were talking about the Health Reform? • Many families with young children were found to be against the issue of patient co- payments for health services. According to them, this new change created more financial hardship for those who use health services frequently, especially women . • Meanwhile, mental health and suicide prevention as part of new change in Health Reform gained the most positive opinions from families. • Most conversations that mentioned Health Reform for the elderly agreed that the aged care system within Australia was not keeping up with growing demand. • While many supported the change that Health Reform will fund more money on the aged care services, others thought that the funding was not spent efficiently. They believed that the reform needs to move to a user-pays system where the Government gives less money and those that can afford it, do pay for it. • While overall, Health Reform gained more positive comments from the Public, it was still viewed with many negative sentiment from doctors, nurses and allied medical professionals. • Many of the complaints were toward the shortage of doctors for rural areas, the working hours over weekend or at night, and the fact that medical graduates can not get a job despite the high demand .
  26. 26. Labor party AND Its Health Reform Positive 42% Neutral 24% Negative 34% Sentiment on Labor party's Health Reform plan • Rather than being directly negative on Julia Gillard’s plan, most directed their unfavorable opinions toward her Labor party instead. • The plan was said to fail on addressing aged care reform. • Mental health set as “second priority” in Health Reform of Julia Gillard was still not enough, if compared to the Coalition and the Greens. • Many people worried that the increase of spending on Health means the increase in tax they have to pay. • The funding for pathology services was cut as part of Health Reform plan. • The co-payments policy could created financial difficulties for people with chronic conditions and families with young children.  E-health agenda was committed by Labor, which would support the roll-out of population health initiatives, such as pap smear testing programs.  The plan involved a commitment to preventive health as its core and attempts to deal with some of the structural barriers to improving health system performance.  Labor health agenda focuses on integrating Australia’s fragmented health system and building incentives into funding structures to keep people healthy and out of hospitals.
  27. 27. Labor party and Its Health Reform - In Their Words Positive discourse when conversations compliment the Labor Health Reform agenda, including the changes the plan will carry on, how beneficial it is and how it’s better compared with other party’s plans Negative discourse with Labor Health Reform issues, including how it affected patients financially and the quality of services people received Mixed/Neutral discourse mentions steps of Labor Health Reform © ALTERIAN 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED “Labor loves to talk about how much they spend on health, blah, blah, blah, well explain the following: Lots of new medical and emergency beds opened across NSW but wait a minutes no staff to go along with them? No wonder my mum had to wait 6 hours to be seen even though her ED had 10 ‘new’ beds. Nice one Labor.” (Against the Man, Aug 18th ) “Of course the suggestion that the Labor (or any) government can be held responsible for an individual death from cancer is outrageous. “ No, that statement is outrageous. You obviously don’t see patients on a daily basis. You obviously don’t understand the effect of Labor’s cuts to pathology rebates on compliance with testing. Yes, I have seen patients fall ill/die with the direct explanation from familiy being “we couldn’t afford the tests after the cuts by the government” (Rubbish, Aug 19th ) “The fact is that the Labor Government has done more in a single term to re-orient the health system around primary care and preventive health than the Coalition did in its entire term in office.” (Jennifer Doggett – Aug 19th ) “Even with Labor's commitment this week of $392 million for online doctors' consultations, health commentators say the policies of the two parties predictably target hospitals, with promises of more money for extra doctors, nurses and beds. One of the few sticking points is Labor's plan to keep building GP super clinics, which the coalition says are a waste of money and would be dumped if it gained power.” (Cathy O’Leary, Aug 18th )
  28. 28. Remember, all the cool kids are doing it.
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