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Co vše umí nástroj Placements v CJ?


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Sebastian Schneider / Björn Klein

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Co vše umí nástroj Placements v CJ?

  1. 1. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE Automates workflow for posting, finding, tracking, reporting, and paying on media placement opportunities CJ Affiliate
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE THE SPEAKERS - Björn Klein - Senior Sales Manager - @ CJ since 2010 - Sebastian Schneider - Development Publisher Manager - @ CJ since 2012
  4. 4. CJ GLOCAL WHY CJ? - Financial stability (over 10K employees $17.2B Market cap – $5.3B in Revenue) - 16 Offices worldwide / 15 years experience / 3.800 advertiser - 90% OF OUR ADVERTISERS WORKING WITH US BEYOND CORE TARGETED COUNTRY - 5.1M transactions a Day / 86.1% REACH (2nd to google) - Manage Advertisers worldwide with Local Teams in each Country e.g. Lufthansa, Symantec, Shopbob, ihg, … - Leading compliance Service – unparalleled network quality
  5. 5. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES - PUBLISHER Automates workflow for posting, finding, tracking, reporting, and paying on media placement opportunities Publishers can offer a Single Placement, a Package or a Full Ratecard Opportunity to promote within CJ’s entire network or a subset of advertisers - their choice. PAYOUT & REPORTING
  6. 6. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE GENERAL PLACEMENT INFO Publisher have to deposit - Opportunity Title - Website(s) where the Promotion will be - Visibility for Advertiser - Timing (how long this Promotion will be) - Seasonal Events (e.g. New Year) - Promotion Type (e.g. Coupons or Sale) PAYOUT & REPORTING
  7. 7. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE PRICING & FINAL DETAILS Publisher have to inform if they want to get - Flat Fee - Commission Increase - In % - Fixed Amount Lastly they can upload a Document (e.g. a PDF File), deposit some Notes for the Advertiser and the Contact Details (e.g. Email Adress).
  8. 8. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE INSERTION ORDERS - PUBLISHER Using our simple online IO template, publishers control all info about placements and specify creative requirements. Advertisers upload creative and click to accept, which publishers quickly access, avoiding multiple email exchanges.
  9. 9. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE INSERTION ORDERS - PUBLISHER - PLACEMENTS Publisher can deposit: - Placement Title - Placement Type (e.G. Home Page Banner) - Start and End Date - Website for Promotion - Needs (e.g. creative size or Number of words - Prize (Flat Fee or Commission Increase) - Also can attach Files (e.g. PDFs)
  10. 10. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE OPPORTUNITIES - ADVERTISER Advertiser can look for Opportunities and use also diverse Filter for the Search, e.g.: - Opportunity Type - Date Range - Placements (e.g. Website, Email, …) - Promotions (e.g. Coupons, Sale, …) - Pricing Type (Fixed or Increase) - Price
  11. 11. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE INSERTION ORDERS - ADVERTISER Advertiser can: - Upload the Creatives for the Placements - Upload Attachments (e.g. contracts) - Make Payment
  12. 12. PLACEMENTS MARKETPLACE PAYOUT & REPORTING A new transaction type for tracking enables simple, online payment reconciliation, including partial payments. CJ delivers automated performance insights, with benchmarking against previous time periods. Ultimately advertisers enjoy greater control and visibility into media placement performance within the CJ network. PAYOUT & REPORTING