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Project Universe – Context-aware Project Management System


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First public introduction to Project Universe. See for latest information.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Project Universe – Context-aware Project Management System

  1. 1. Project Universe – Context-aware Project Management SystemDaniel KornevContext-aware Computing PhilosopherOctober 8, 2010
  2. 2. Problem • Desktop Metaphor can’t help user to save her activities context and effectively switch between tasks
  3. 3. Goals... ... Create a system that would enable user to: • Concentrate on important projects • Switch between projects without loosing context • Return to previous projects after long time • See whole picture of the project and easily jump to its details
  4. 4. What Does Research Tell Us? A research study on information worker study (Czerwinski, Horvitz and Wilhite, 2004) shown: • 1 interruption / task • In 40% of situations user can’t return to a previous project after interruptions
  5. 5. Principles • Technology is UX soul • It should be transparent for user • Context-aware Environment is Project Universe’s UX soul • It is core intellectual property of the project
  6. 6. Concepts • Work Environment | visual solution for user activities organization • Automatic items layout saving | User’s Spatial Memory | Tasks & Activities Context Preservation • Zoomable User Interface | jump from whole picture to details • User’s Temporal Memory | Contexts navigation via temporal bar
  7. 7. Project UniverseDemo
  8. 8. Thank youDaniel KornevCEO & FounderNeocyte |[for questions]