How to Break your App - Workshop - Testbash 2015

Head of Software Testing
Mar. 26, 2015

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How to Break your App - Workshop - Testbash 2015

  1. 1 26.März2015 Customer Visual How to Break your App - Best Practices in Mobile App Testing Workshop Daniel Knott | @dnlkntt
  2. Who am I ? • Daniel Knott • Software Test Manager/ Mobile Tester @AOE • Software Tester since 2008 • Mobile Testing since the end of 2010 • Author, Blogger and Speaker @dnlkntt
  3. 3 26.März2015 I Company Profile
  4. Agenda 1. Current Status 3. How to break your app 2. Exercise I 5. Summary and Close Up 4. Exercise II
  5. 5 26.März2015 I Current Status Author: Barry Caruth,
  6. Current Status | Some Numbers 2+ millions apps available 100+ billion downloads +19,000 Android Devices 16 iOS Devices
  7. Current Status | Some Numbers 80% – 90% of apps are deleted after the first usage 56% of apps that requires a registration gets deleted Average user checks device 150 times per day 45% are not well tested
  8. Current Status | Mobile Testing is different High User expectation Lot’s of different devices with HW and SW Users are on the move Mobile Tools and Approaches
  9. 9 26.März2015 I Exercise I
  10. Exercise I Build up groups 2-5 person Mind Map your challenges in mobile testing 20 minutes Group discussion about the mind map
  11. Exercise I
  12. Challenges| How to handle fragmentation Group your devices, A B C Test only on those devices Test on real device Don’t use simulators or emulators Know the devices of your target group
  13. Challenges | How to handle fragmentation Group 1, Prio A • High End Devices • Dual/ Quad Core CPU • RAM >2048MB • Retina, Full HD Display >= 5“ Group 2, Prio B • Mid-range devices • Dual Core CPU • RAM <=1024MB • Screen size <= 4“ • Software not older than 1 year Group 3, Prio C • Small devices • Single Core • RAM < 512MB • Low screen size and resolution • Older OS, older browser Based on your target group
  14. Challenges | The User - KIFSU Simple UseableFastItKeep K I F S U
  15. 16 26.März2015 I How to break your app Author: OZinOH,
  16. Mobile Specific Testing Known functional testing is still required • Boundary values • Equivalence classes • Testing against acceptance criteria Test the app as black box • Try to break it • Be creative and think in edge cases
  17. Mobile Specific Testing Author: Juan de Dios Santander Vela, Author: Ian Britton, Author: Moyan Brenn, Author: @Doug88888, Author: Dan Levy,
  18. Author: Davide Vizzini Limbte, Mobile Specific Testing • Logout (English) • Ausloggen (German) • Déconnexion (French) • Çıkış yap (Turkish) • Выйти (Russian)
  19. Mobile Specific Testing Author: amateur_photo_bore, Author: Rain Rabbit, Author, Daniel Sancho,
  20. Mobile Specific Testing Author: Surat Lozowick, Author: Surat Lozowick, Author: Theus Falcao,
  21. Mobile Specific Testing Author: Molly Holzschlag, Author: Quinn Dombrowski,
  22. Mobile Specific Testing Author: minxlj, Author: Ryan B. BulaPhotography, Author: Sterling Coffey,
  23. Author: Anthony Catalano, Author: Dennis Wong, Âuthor: orkomedix, Mobile Specific Testing
  24. 30 26.März2015 I Exercise II
  25. Exercise II Build up groups 2-5 person Download a mobile app of your choice Test it with provided scenarios Note down the bugs 30 Minutes Let’s talk about the bugs
  26. Exercise II – My Bugs – Android Wordpress App Using the app in bad network conditions Don’t show technical errors
  27. Exercise II – My Bugs – Android Wordpress App Provide user friendly error messages Test app without backend availability
  28. Exercise II – My Bugs – Android Wordpress App Language size Test your app in different languages
  29. Exercise II – My Bugs – Android Wordpress App Localization problems
  30. Exercise II – My Bugs – Android Wordpress App Localization problems
  31. 37 26.März2015 I Summary
  32. Mobile Specific Testing | Summary Mobile Testing is different compared to other software Be creative and on the move while testing mobile apps Be up to date! Know your target group Keep the mobile features in mind Keep the high user expectations in mind
  33. Thanks for your attention! More information about mobile testing can be found in my book „Hands-On Mobile App Testing“ Soon available in a printed copy, too.
  34. 40 26.März2015 AOE GmbH LuisenForum, Kirchgasse 6 65185 Wiesbaden Germany Phone: +49 6122 70 70 7 - 0 Fax: +49 6122 70 70 7 - 199 E-Mail: Web: I in Germany
  35. Links & References • World Quality Report [ Control-Testing/The-World-Quality-Report-2013--2014/] • Robotium [] • Spoon [] • Robolectric [] • Calabash for Android [] • Selendroid [] • ExtSolo [] • Espresso [] • Monkey [] • UI AutoMonkey []
  36. Links & References • MonkeyTalk [] • UIAutomation[ InstrumentsUserGuide/UsingtheAutomationInstrument/UsingtheAutomationInstrument.html] • Keep It Functional [] • XCTest [ ew/UnitTestYourApp/UnitTestYourApp.html] • Calabash for iOS [] • ios-driver [] • Kiwi [] • Appium [] • JouleJunit [] • Energy Usage Instruments [ _Reference/EnergyUsageInstrument/EnergyUsageInstrument.html]

Editor's Notes

  1. Welcome to my workshop My Name is Daniel Knott Who is new to mobile testing? This workshop contains some talking time from my side roughly around 30minutes and the rest of the time we will have some exercises. Please raise your hand whenever you have a question Test Automation will not part of this workshop, there is not enough time for that. However if you need some mobile testing tools just ask
  2. Currently software test manager @AOE, Mobile Testing for a big german telecommunication provider. Testing iOS, Android and BlackBerry Apps Mobile Tester since end of 2010 Build up the mobile testing team @XING Mobile test automation for iOS and Android Get in touch with me over the provided social links
  3. IT agency since 1999 150 employees, HQ Wiesbaden, SFO, Zürich Background TYPO3 and Magento Own Search product ‚Searchperience‘ Enterprise e Commerce shops e.g. Angry Birds Webshop, QVC Enterprise CMS Systems: Congstar Sony Entertainment System ConnectedCar, Mobile Apps Enough marketing! Lets get started
  4. Intro shows the topic I will cover today in this presentation For each topic I will give some best practices Lets get startet. If you have questions just ask them I have slides for 30minutes. Remember if you have any kind of question don‘t hesitate to ask them.
  5. 16 iOS devices (7 iPhones von 4 – 6+ | 9 iPads von iPad2)
  6. Some number about the mobile world, numbers based on different reports e.g. Gartner, Compuware and World Quality Report Every 6 minutes an AVG. User is checking his smartphone, thats more than 150 times a day! - Users also expect fast loading times under 2 seconds! Keep this numbers in mind Number from Gartner, Comupware and World Quality Report
  7. Why is mobile testing different? High user expectations, reminder the 90% Mobile Testing is different Remind the numbers from prev. Page - This was a rough first overview of the mobile world. 10 Minutes
  8. I will also my current challenges with possible solution for it, maybe you have the same challenges. 20 min
  9. Device Fragmentation User expectations -> Remember the huge numbers from the first slides. Data Networks Mobile Usage Device Specific Functions Tools 10min
  10. In the projects I was working on we used the following approach to downsize the effort in device fragmentation Lets have a look at the grouped devices
  11. Group Devices into A B C, example for techi app. Customers always have the latest devices. Group or grading is different for every app Create groups based on your target group Keep in mind, this is an ongoing process!!! Handling the devices in an mobile team could be a full time job! Don‘t underestimate the efforts here. If you don‘t want to buy phones, you can rent them. Open Device Labs, Cloud Devices!
  12. Based on KISS Principle -> Keep It Simple Stupid I created my own mobile principle KIFSU to keep user expectation in mind Follow the 3 simple rules Fast, Simple and Useable and your customer will be happy
  13. Best Practices Know your target group. With that knowledge you can downsize the dev and testing effort. Because you know the devices of your customers and their needs Talk to them! Invite them to your company and talk to them (not all of course :D) Then do usability testing with them Invite them to be a beta tester. For example I tested the Sonos App in a beta program. Was a nice approach to feel valuable as a customer Create Personas based on your target group
  14. 20min
  15. I think you all know the biggest mobile challenge! You can hear this in nearly every mobile report, post, article Software and Hardware Fragmentation, different CPU, RAM, Camera, Battery, Screensize, Density
  16. iOS Fragmentation is also there! Two new form factors with the iPhone6 and iPhone 6+ But also keep the different Software Versions in mind But there are more challenges than just the fragmentation But how to handle the fragmentation?
  17. The is also a challenge when developing a mobile app! If you don‘t know your customer you don‘t know what to develop and on which platform to test Why is the customer here a big challeneg? Any ideas? Because Mobile users have a much higher expectation to mobile apps than to any other software like browser based applications Get to know the customer
  18. - Lets come to mobile specific testing.
  19. First of all, the known testing techniques are also valid for mobile apps Like boundary testing, equivalence classes, acceptance criteria In the mobile challenge slides I already mentioned the fragmentation, language and the network Be mobile and on the move while testing your app. Test your app in the real environment! Test in data networks!
  20. To handle network scenarios do Mobile Field Testing Test the app in the city, in the country side, while commuting to work, in the park, at home  be mobile Test the app also in the environment the app is made for. When testing sports app, do sports :) When testing e.g. a skiing app, be on the slope! Network situations are hard to automate. Simulating them is ok but not enough Test also more network provider If you don‘t have the time for doing that kind of field testing, use the crowd! They can offer you that kind of stuff. Plane Mode Edge, 3G, 4G
  21. Keep different languages in mind Logout (English) Ausloggen (German) Déconnexion (French) Çıkış yap (Turkish) Выйти (Russian)
  22. Test the device specific hardware 1. Camera. Different Vendors == different cameras and resolutions. Even in iPhones different cameras are installed 2. Test the sensors that are used by your app. Tilt sensors, motion sensor, light sensor, shake the phone etc. GPS testing, check that used GPS is released by the app again to save battery - TWITTER APP EXAMPLE 3. Memory, test if your app can be stored on sdk card on android. Test how your app behave when the local phone storage empty, full is  no crashes? Proper error message? Put lots of data to your device and see how it behaves
  23. 1. Test the battery consumption of your app. Charge the app before testing to 100% and mesaure every 10 minutes the current battery state Use tools for measure the battery. There are some tools on the market. Also use an nearyl empty phone for testing and see how the app is performing. Some phones switch off some sensors to save battery, can your app work with that? 2. Start the app and leave the phone in standby mode, open the app again, is the app still working? Maybe triggering a reload to get the latest data from the backend Start the app from multitask  switch off the network  plane mode!? 3.Test different interrupt  notifications, incomming sms, mms, phone call usw. If your app supports push notifications open the app and send a push notification check the handling. _> monkey tools Use tools like JouleUnit (Android) On iOS use the Energy Usage Function of Instruments Monkey for Android to stresstest your app and see the handling of the interrupts UI AutoMonkey for ios
  24. There are some tools that help you analyzing the battery consumption of your app. And tools to stress test your app Use tools like JouleUnit (Android) On iOS use the Energy Usage Function of Instruments Monkey for Android to stresstest your app and see the handling of the interrupts UI AutoMonkey for ios
  25. On this slide there is one category that most of the people don‘t care. But in some apps it makes really sense. 1. Do usability testing Invite people to test your app Starbucks test Test early versions, prototypes, skribbles 2. Think of handycaped people (blind) and do some accessibility testing (screen readers, color testing) Use the build in screenreaders! At least try to think at those people In my current project the iOS app needs to fully accessable. This was really hard to develop and to test. You need to think of the contrast and the colors of the app. Every part had to be tested with a screenreader and so . Keep this point in mind or try it tomorrow 
  26. 1. Test the update process of your app Check that user is still logged in Check that data is still the same Check that database changes will not affect the current data Test the update from an older version to the current version 2. Do performance testing Hard to do manually, but compare at least the old with the new version in terms of loading time (gut feeling is always good) If there is time and money see how to use an performance testing tool to measure the app (enterprise software) 3. Check the log files of the app while testing Often there are exceptions Check that the request and response is encrypted Lock for debug information that should not be in the release candidate of your app
  27. 1. Check if the communication between your app and the backend is encrypted (use a proxy tool) Check that the data that is stored is encrypted in the local database 2. Check that the signing certificate is valid, check signing password of the app Check also the developer account password from the stores! 3. Use only the permissions you really need in the app Ask the devs twice what they have done!
  28. 30min
  29. 20min
  30. Summary, lets just recap the last slides 10min
  31. We have seen pleenty of topics that needs to be covered when a mobile app should be tested Here are some other facts and point that maybe help you guys in your daily work
  32. Thank you very much for your attention. If you have questions feel free to ask them If you are still looking for mobile testing content visit my blog from time to time, I try to keep you updated there!
  33. Thats it so far for the mobile specific testing Lets come to mobile tools. When I talk to other mobile testers, this is always a problem. The tools and to find the right mobile test automation tool. The tools based in the next couple of slide are open source tools
  34. Before I start with some tools, I want briefly talk about the test automation pyramid You see the traditional test automation pyramid for software applications But this pyramid is not applicable for mobile apps Mobile Testing requires lots of manual testing Unit Testing for mobile apps is not easy and sufficient Lots of interfaces or APIs needs to be mocked or is not possible Integration testing is not easy UI Tests including E2E testing is important Mobile tools are not mature enough for unit testing
  35. Most projects look like this from a test pyramid point of view. It‘s flipped No stable foundation, it can fall to the right or left side Therefore I created a mobile test pyramid Due to the current tool situation and the fact that mobile requires lots of manual testing has flipped the testing pyramid
  36. Foundation is manual testing Followed by End to end automation from the UI to the backend systems New is Beta Testing. Have the customer expectations in mind. Use beta testing in your project. Either with colleagues or using a crowd testing approach And still use unit tests but this time very little compared to the rest. NEW: The pyramid contains manual and automated parts I use this pyramid in my mobile projects.
  37. Before I come to some tools I wrote down some sentences that maybe helps you finding a mobile test automation tool. 1. First of all, DO TEST AUTOMATION. It is not easy, but you have to do it, also on mobile 2. Don‘t huge test automation tools, enterprise tools might be good, but most the time there are just expensive and slow. For example, when there is a new update from ios or android it could be that the software is not supporting it Since 4 years I am working with open source tools and this worked out pretty good! Open source can be extended, by YOU! 3. Start small and simple. KISS is the magic word here. Discover the tools, see the documentation and so on 4. No tool is perfect neither closed or open source. Mobile test tools are still at the beginning 5. See which tool fits best in your dev and testing environment! Thats different for every company. But now, some tools for Android and iOS
  38. List some open source test frameworks for android  Robotium Recorder List is not complete Most of the tools simulate real user interaction All frameworks except Robolectric to execute the tests on the real device! You can combine tools A good way to find the right tool is to build a dummy app that contains all elements your future app will have, then test the test tool and see if the tool can handle all the elements A short example from my current project. Android project, want to try espresso (test tool from google). We have a date and timepicker in our app. Espresso has no support for that elements so we are using robotium together with spoon A greate source for mobile tools is the dev corner from the company square. And there are many other tools on the market.
  39. Also a list of open source tools Android offers more open source tools than on the iOS side All listed tools are automating the user interface Most of them can execute the test on the real device Sometime it make sense to combine the tools, like Kiwi or XCTest with Keep It Functional There are also tools in the cloud that could be used for testautomation, there are plenty of providers Waiting for Selenium 3, this should offer full mobile test automation features Another tip that was always pretty helpful in my mobile projects, if the mobile test tool is using the same language than the production app. Then developers and testers can work together on the test environment.
  40. - Lets come to the last topic for today - Lets have a look at security testing on mobile devices.
  41. Security testing is not easy Get help by experts to avoid image loss, money and whatever To get started with the topic security testing check the OWASP Mobile security page