Character introduction - The Owl That Roared


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A character introduction for my animated feature 'The Owl That Roared'.

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Character introduction - The Owl That Roared

  1. 1. The Owl That Roared – Character IntroductionBubo the Giant Eagle Owl – Bubo is a huge bird of prey with great tuftyeyebrows. He was orphaned as a baby at London zoo, he fell from his nest intothe lions den where his fearless nature led him to be adopted and raised by thelions – he was then taken away by the zoo keepers and put in a small cage wherehe became sad and mean.Billy the bluetit – A cute blue, white and yellow ball of fluff, he’s a good stunt pilotbut afraid of heights and a bit nervous.Robin the Robin Redbreast – A cute brown and red ball of fluff, she’s a goodstunt pilot, fearless and a good friend to Billy.Monty the Canadian goose – A white and brown goose who’s a terrible pilot, heis alienated from his peers because of this. He’s in love with a swan called Sherie.
  2. 2. Bling the Magpie – A cheeky black and white bird who is obsessed with treasureand shiny things of course.Taj The Peacock – A wise Indian Peacock who is also rather timid, he lives inLondon zoo.Hector the Toucan – The bird version of Tony Montana, without the violent edge,he has a berry habit and lives in London zoo.Barnes the Raven – Barnes is the rogue raven warrior, he’s jet black and lives inTower Bridge. He’s strong and confident but also has a ruthless mean streak andan eye for the ladies.
  3. 3. Sherie, Sylvie, Sabine & Spencer the Swans – Very posh young swans(cygnets), Sherie is kind hearted and has feelings for Monty. Sabine and Sylviedisapprove and adore Spencer, an arrogant swan who’s Monty’s competition forSherie’s affection.Whale – The whale is lost in the River Thames (a true story), Whale is very saduntil his new friends help him on his way.Seagulls – A bunch of rag tag pirates who are only interested in fish and icecream.Mallards – A group of good looking ducks with green colours, they are very camp.Flash the Kingfisher – A brightly coloured bird who’s an expert pilot but alsorather mysterious, he makes long uncomfortable pauses when speaking.The Dragonfly – Smallish flying insects, they are expert pilots and are like anairforce – speaking in radio language, over.
  4. 4. The Woodpecker – A green and brown woodpecker, who’s banged his headagainst too many trees causing him to go mad.Colin the Bullfinch – A very young plump bird with a bright orange belly, a friendof Billy’s sister Betty.Raia the Chaffinch – A very young colourful bird, also a friend of Billy’s sisterBetty.Sam the Sparrow – A tiny little brown bird, another friend of Billy’s sister Betty.The Punk Rockers – Two of Camden’s finest punk rockers, dressed in studdedleather jackets, face piercings, tattoos, ripped jeans and coloured hair. Theyspeak with faux posh British accents.The Swallows – Brown and white birds of Jamaican descents with thick accents.
  5. 5. Moorhen – A small black duck, he’s an East Londoner.Heron – A long legged grey and white bird with a long beak, he wears a monocleon his eye and is posh and a bit dim.Paraquet – A bright green parrot that can now be found in London’s parks, hespeaks with a thick African accent.The Zoo Keepers – Two men that tend to the animals of London zoo, they’refather and son, dirty, over weight and miserable – rather like Steptoe and Son.The Nightingale – A ghostly bird with a magical song that appears at night.The Raven Guards of the Tower of London – A group of 7 black warrior birds,they’re old, awkward, rude and don’t suffer fools, they also spit rather a lot whenspeaking.Billy’s mother, father and sister Betty – Bluetits, Betty is very young and cute.Robin’s mum and brothers Ronnie and Rocky – Robin’s family, Ronnie andRocky are very young, brave and idolize Robin.Bling the Magpie’s Magpie friends – All obsessed with shiny things, jewels etc,very London youth.Raj the Peacock – Raj is the son of Taj, he was born in London zoo so speakswith a London accent and is ‘street’.Dave the Canadian goose – A loyal friend to Monty, he speaks with a lisp.