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Daniel A Keefe

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Daniel A Keefe

  1. 1. Daniel A Keefe 406 Cornell Ave, Terrace Park, Ohio 45174 513-831-8655 513-284-9850 (cell) Senior Systems Analyst I have over thirty years experience in software in an industrial setting. This experience includes all areas of software from design and development to quality assurance to implementation and configuration. I have extensive experience as the on-site individual responsible for bringing a project to successful completion at tier-1 clients (Ford, Boeing, British Telecom, T-Mobile UK). In this role I have functioned in both senior engineer and project manager roles, updating senior management on project status. Skills/Strengths o RFQ/RFI Response o Active participation in multinational teams o Support of product during entire life-cycle o Project documentation o Creation of project ROM in response to RFQ o On site and remote client support o Design leader from ROM to project completion o Product customization/enhancement Technical Capabilities Hardware Platforms: IBM Mainframe, unix (solaris), linux, windows Middleware/Firmware: Websphere, WebLogic, JBoss, httpd daemon configuration, apache installation/configuration Software: Assembler, PLM, C/C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, perl, php, XML, Java Servlets, MySql, Oracle, Derby, ftp, sftp, scp, wamp Server, lamp Server ¬Extensive experience with extracting data from database using perl (with embedded dbi/dbd modules) to prepare script based reports, database migration scripts. ¬Extensive experience with inserting, updating, extracting information from an embedded database using php for web based applications. ¬Extensive experience in designing, coding and implementing API’s to Material Handling Systems and PLC logic. Professional Experience Convergys/Netcracker, Information Management Group: Senior Systems Analyst (2000 – 2015) Member of team responsible for installation and configuration of mediation platforms. Triaged software and hardware issues and coordinate software delivery with off-shore development teams for tier-1 clients including AT&T, TMobile-UK, TMobile-USA and Verizon. Design, coded and implemented scripts for revenue assurance reports, both text and web based. Responsible for design and implementation of scripts for product upgrades and database migrations. I have been on site at the following locations, reporting to senior management (both client and Convergys): ¬TMobile-UK (London, England)
  2. 2. ¬Orange-France (Paris, France) ¬Ewetel (Oldenburg, Germany) ¬Orange-Austria (Vienna, Austria) ¬Verizon (NJ) ¬CSpire (Jackson, Ms) ¬British Telecom (London, England) Cincinnati Milacron/Unova, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Division: Software Engineer (1989 – 2000) Member of design team for Cincron Cell Control and Flexible Manufacturing System. Primary responsibility was process control and routing software with emphasis on coding communication with PLC devices (primarily Material Handling Systems) . Lead design engineer for implementing a windows based Java/Swing front end on a plant-host interface. While on the staff at AMSD, I was on site at the following locations: ¬Caterpillar Track Shoe Manufacturing Facility (Peoria, Ill) ¬Ford FMS Transmission (Livonia, Mi) ¬Flinchpaugh Engineering (Gettysburg, Pa) ¬Boeing Aerospace (Oak Ridge, Tn) ¬Dezurik Valve (Minneapolis, Mn) ¬Heidelburg – Harris (Portsmouth, NH) Cincinnati Milacron, Electronic Systems Division: Software Engineer (1984-1989) Member of design team of Acramatic 850 Electronic control. Primary responsibility was diagnostic hardware routines and servo control processes. Responsible for converting A850 control from analog to digital resolvers resulting in increased positioning control. Education Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio B.S George Washington University, Washington, D.C. M.S. Community Activities Councilman, Village of Terrace Park, 1994 - 2002