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IT Career: Software Developer


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School project

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IT Career: Software Developer

  1. 1. ITCS 1010 Winter 2015 Daniel Jay
  2. 2. What does a software developer do? Why pursue this career path? Compensation? What's the downside? Sources
  3. 3.  Develop applications which allow specific tasks to be performed on computers  Develop systems which run devices or control networks Requirements Design Implementation Verification Maintenance Waterfall Software Development Model
  4. 4.  Job growth in the next ten years expected to exceed 20%, much faster than average  Wide open opportunities with a variety of companies (Amazon, Microsoft..)  Explore your creativity
  5. 5.  In 2012, the median pay was around $100k per year!  Work from home  Flex time
  6. 6.  Evolving technologies, must remain current and avoid stagnation  High pressure environment  Potential long hours
  7. 7.  Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor,    Personal Interview with Software Developer on staff at employer