Empowerment Center Reno - Marketing Analysis & Recommendations


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Marketing Plan Presentation from UNR's BADM 760 Marketing Management Class by Daniel Herr, Cory Bettinghouse, Gina Tadych, and Yuta Chu for the Launching Pad Empowerment Center in Reno, Nevada. Some of the fonts are distorted in this uploaded version.

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  • I’m going to talk about how we have developed a marketing plan build upon existing and planned facilities of the Empowerment Center
  • Our group had a great visit with the Empowerment Center Executive Director a few weeks ago where we learned a lot more about what the plans and activities in the works are for the center; which allowed us to develop a unique approach to the fundraising and promotional campaigns. In the center of the picture there is Sandy Finnelli, Executive Director for the Empowerment Center
  • What we found is that the Empowerment Center has a lot of great things in the works from working toward licensure, to the donations they have been receiving, and the construction currently in progress at their facilities. … We will need to use the common message we have developed throughout…
  • The center on Virginia street is a complete construction zone currently; painters and electricians were working on site while we were getting a tour.
  • As you can see on this section of the plans for the center, a large kitchen and dining room is in the works for the center. The Redfield Foundation has graciously donated the funds to fully outfit the empowerment center with a commercial-grade kitchen
  • Full Stainless steel appliances, cook tops, refrigerators; you name it, they’ve got it.
  • So by looking at what is available and using what we have, we can create a unique mix that meets the long-term goals of the center. In speaking with Sandy, she was interested in making as best use of the kitchen as possible to include bringing in local chefs to teach the residents how to cook certain meals and give them experiences that might help in career development in the food industry.
  • With that in mind we came up with the idea of creating fundraising dinners at the empowerment center encompassing all of the resources available. Our plan would require every resident to take part in putting on the dinners. Not only will this interaction foster the conditions needed to develop long-term relations; but it will also provide great learning opportunities for letter writing, public speaking, story telling, teamwork, and skill development for the residents.
  • One great way that we have come up with for getting the idea out is with presentations and invitations to existing service groups in the community. Members of service groups are often well established financially and socially and are likely to be interested in assisting the empowerment center. Additionally most people like have friends and to show up in a group is much more comfortable than coming by yourself and felling as though you don’t belong in this foreign place. Whenever possible invitations should be made to groups of people familiar with one another so that regardless of the circumstances they have at lease the company of one another to be comfortable with.
  • By presenting to these groups with touching stories, a firm vision for the center, and direct group invitations to a monthly dinner, we believe the empowerment center can get the word out and build the basis for fundraising.
  • Empowerment Center Reno - Marketing Analysis & Recommendations

    1. 1.   “Providing Tools to Rebuild Lives”Gena Tadych, Cory Bettinghouse, Daniel Herr & Yuta Chou
    2. 2.  Gena Tadych
    3. 3.  Provides Post-substance Abuse Treatment (Aftercare): o Community Re-integration Services o Life Skills Training o 12 Step Programming and Meetings o Supportive Transitional Living/Halfway House o Length of Stay 90-730 days
    4. 4.  Goals for the Empowerment Center 1. January 2012- “Become the only licensed Halfway House in Northern Nevada” 2. Integration of job skills into life skill training programs
    5. 5.  Ridge House Inc o Focus on Criminal Justice client re-integration o Sliding scale fees, grants, donated services o KAIROS Christian Ministry Bristlecone Family Resource o Primarily treatment center/detox o Transitional living/housing o Grants provide 76% of operating revenue o Remaining from client fees, billing, donations/ sponsorships (Italian Feast, Junior League, Charles Schwab)
    6. 6.  Step 2 o Women & children, pregnant women o Treatment, transitional living, case mgmt o 66% Grants, 14% Program fees o 14% Fundraising (Home for the Holidays, Basque festival, Golf Tournament)
    7. 7.  Organizations deemed not competitors: o Safe Harbor (private, un-licensed, no other information) o Vitality Living (Level I treatment for transitional living) o Hosanna Home (homeless women) o Casa de Vida (pregnant teens/young mothers) o Sagewind Sober Living (no longer in business) o Carson City Community Counseling Center(treatment & short stay) o Re-Start Nevada (homeless; housing subsidies)
    8. 8.  Cory Bettinghouse
    9. 9.  Branding Slogan: “The Empowerment Center of Northern Nevada; Providing Tools to Rebuild Lives.”
    10. 10.  Website: • Chris Gandolfo, owner Clustr Media • Custom redesign = $2,500- $3,500 • Ready made template design = $1,500 • Suggestions from Clustr Media: • Rearrange Content • Shorten Content • Call to Action • Personal Branding • Fix Broken Links
    11. 11.  Online Reputation Management: o Scott Rickens, owner Social Chorus o What is Social Media? o Estimate = $2,500 • Initial set up of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + • Maintenance for 2 months o Benefits • SEO optimization • High Google ranking • Easy to Find
    12. 12.  Daniel Herr
    13. 13.  Currently Flying Below the Radar Consistency with Common Message: “The Empowerment Center of Northern Nevada; Providing Tools to Rebuild Lives”
    14. 14. Wow! I gotta getone of these…
    15. 15.  The Resources o People o Stories o Facilities The Goal o Long-term Donor Relationships Local Chefs
    16. 16.  Residents / Donor Interaction o Inviting & Writing o Cooking or Serving o Presenting o Cleaning Up
    17. 17.  Service Groups o People like to have friends o Dedicated to Serving the Community o Established Financially & Socially
    18. 18.  Yuta Chou
    19. 19.  Current Employees or Board Members o Purpose o History o Vivid Vision Graduates of the Program o Heart-Wrenching Stories
    20. 20.  Full Website Upgrade o Vivid Images o Blog Entries o Donations: Quick Pay (Paypal?) o Easy Directions
    21. 21.  Gena, Cory, Dan, & Yuta