Shooting schedual


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Shooting schedual

  1. 1. Shot NumberShot TypeActionMise en Scene1Extreme Close upHitting high hat in time with the beat of music.Factory setting. Drum kit prop2Extreme Close upStrumming guitar in time with the beat of the musicFactory. Guitar prop3Extreme Close upSlow motion, moving microphone to singers mouthFactory. Microphone prop. 4Extreme Close upSlow motion, singers eyes blinkFactory. Singer’s eyes. Heavy black makeup 5Medium Slow motion, guitarist moving hand upwards. Speed up when hand moves down to strum in time to beat.Factory. Guitarist wearing black shirt and blue jeans. Guitar prop. 6Medium/ upper bodyNarrative: Couple arguing in the kitchen.Kitchen. Boy wearing white t-shirt and blue jeans. Girl wearing studded denim jacket and black leggings.7Close up, pan slightly rightSinger lip syncing Factory. Singer performing, leather jacket, heavy makeup, wavy hair. Microphone prop.8Close upBoy shouting at girlKitchen. Angry expression9Close upGirl shouting at boyKitchen. Angry expression.10Long ShotBand performing. This section will be filmed from numerous angles and cut together in time with the music during post-production.Factory. Performance costumes. Instrument props.11Long ShotBoy storming away from girl, opening the door to leave.Kitchen. Narrative costumes. Door opens12Close upGirl still shouting looking shocked and angry.Kitchen. 13Close upDoor slamming shut as boy leavesKitchen. Door slams.14Close up on girls face, long shot of drummer in distance. Pan slightly left to track singer’s movement.Singer lip syncing, looking annoyed to exude attitude.Factory. Performance costumes. Drums prop15Long shot, zoom inDrummer performanceFactory. Drums prop16Medium Close up, camera on dolly rotating slightly around guitaristGuitarist performanceFactory. Guitar prop17Medium Close up, camera on dolly slightly rotating around singer to the leftSinger lip syncing, moves her hand out to indicate she is referring to the band during the line “I’ve got a lot more friends”Factory. Performance costumes.18High angle, Medium Close up, tracking tiltGirl slides down the door, looking depressed.Kitchen. Narrative costumes19Long ShotGirl sat on couch looking at an old photo, looking depressed.Living room setting, girl wearing fur coat with hair tied up. Photograph prop in hands.20Close upThe photo the girl is holdingLiving room, photograph prop21Close up on singer, long shot of guitarist, zoom outBand performing. Factory. Performance costumes.22Close upSlow motion, match being litOutside. Match and matchbox prop23Long ShotBoy and Girl on couch togetherCouch, overexposed in post production to show dream sequence24Medium Close upBoy and Girl hugOverexposed in post production to show dream sequence25Long Shot, cut zoom inGirl with lighter begins to set fire to photoOutside, in front of the door that boy stormed out of. Burning photograph26Close upPhotograph burningOutside. Photograph burning prop27Long shot (whole band)Band performingFactory. Performance costumes.28Medium Close up, High angleGirl sat on floor with bottle in a bagKitchen floor, bottle in a bag29High angle, Long Shot, cut zoom inGirl lying on kitchen floorKitchen. Narrative costume30Tracking shotSinger performing, walks back to sit behind drummer while camera tracksFactory. Performance costume. Microphone prop.31Long ShotSinger and drummer performing. Singer sat on pole behind drummerFactory. Performance costumes. Singer sat behind drummer. Drums and microphone props.32Medium Close upSinger walks over to guitarist Factory. Performance costumes33Close upReverse Outside. Burning photograph prop (repeated clip but reversed)34Medium Close upSinger performingFactory. Performance costume.35Extreme Close upGirl blows out the match used to light the photographOutside. Narrative costume. Match prop36Long ShotBand performingFactory. Performance costumes37Close upZoom in until photograph fills entire frameOutside. Photograph prop. Graphic match38Long ShotGraphic match; Girl and Boy sat in same position as in photoLiving room. Narrative costumes. 39Long ShotBoy and Girl begin to argueLiving room. Narrative costume. Angry expressions40Close upSinger performingFactory. Microphone prop41Close up, Zoom outGirl arguing, zoom out to show she is in the kitchenKitchen. Shocked/ angry expression42Medium/upper body, wideBoy and girl arguingKitchen. Narrative costume, Angry expression.43Medium/upper body, wide, pan right to track girlGirl turns around and begins to reach for knifeKitchen. Narrative costume. Angry expression.44Extreme Close upGirl slowly pulls knife from holsterKitchen. Knife prop.45Medium close up of singer, Long shot of rest of bandBand performingFactory. Performance costume. 46Close upThe girl holds the blood-soaked knife by her sideKitchen. Knife prop. Narrative costume.47Extreme Close upA drop of blood hitting the floorKitchen. Blood dripping on floor.48Long shotGirl towering over dead boy lying on the floorKitchen. Narrative costume. Fake blood prop. Knife prop. Girl standing over boy.49Medium Close up, High angleBoy lying dead on the kitchen floorKitchen. Narrative costume. Boy lay on floor. Fake blood prop.50Close up, Low AngleGirls shock slowly turns into a crooked smileKitchen. Narrative costume. Expression change.51Medium Close up, High AngleGirl lies down on floor next to dead boyKitchen. Narrative costume. Fake Blood prop. Girl pulls boys arm over shoulder. 52Long ShotGirl positions dead boy on couchLiving room. Narrative costume, boy has blood cleaned up.53Medium Close upSinger performing, puts her hand around guitarist’s shoulderFactory. Performance costume. Guitar prop. Guitarist looking at singer, singer looking into camera.54Close upSinger performingFactory. Performance costume. Microphone prop55Long ShotBand performingFactory. Drums prop56Medium Close upGirl sat (In same position as in photo) with dead boyfriend.Living room. Girl with narrative costume, boy with cleaned up bloody costume.57Medium Close upSinger walks away from camera. Screen fades to blackFactory. Performance costume. Only girl in shot58Black ScreenRecord label information displayed in white at the bottom of the screen.-59<br />