Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment <br />There are a lot of problems that could arise during the filming of my music video. I must therefore look at all of the potential physical and financial risks. <br />The factory location could be very hazardous due to the large amount of rubbish, which surrounds the performance area that actors could easily trip on. The gym equipment also poses a tripping hazard while the lead singer is moving around. However, this will hopefully be removed before filming begins. I have also been told that there is a bird’s nest at the far end of the location, meaning the potential intrusion of birds that may be hostile. Actors must also be aware that there will probably be people working downstairs in the main factory area, which they must walk though. Although the factory doesn’t really contain a lot of heavy machinery, there will be a lot tools that will need to be avoided. There are also potential financial problems with this location; such as it may have been expensive to hire the room for a day. Its appearance may also be a problem, as it may not appeal to all of the target audience. Some of the audience will be looking for extreme hyperreality, they will expect a more expensive looking location.<br />The kitchen location is mostly made dangerous through use of props. The lead singer must be cautious when handling the knife so as not to cut herself or the guitarist, who will be very close to her. Actors must be aware that the use of fake blood may make the floor become slipper. They should be careful where they stand and try to avoid it. During the argument, actors should also be aware of the space to ensure they don’t accidentally hit anything, or each other. The only hazard that could be problematic in the other locations is the burning of the photograph, which will be done with either a candle or a lighter. The lead singer will need to hold it for a few seconds while it burns before throwing to the ground. I must therefore ensure that she doesn’t burn herself or anything else as she throws the photo. The area outside will need to be cleared.<br />There are also financial problems that may arise through use of these locations such as the heavy focus on narrative, which may deter some of the target audience. <br />