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  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. WTA Records LogoTo ensure there was a very strong link between all of my products I created a record label anddesigned a logo to represent it. I was then able to use the logo on all of my products. This not only showed a clear link between my products but also helped to conform to conventions of existing products
  3. 3. Digipak back original imageDigipak front As well as the record label, I also used the concept of fire to link my products through digitally manipulated imagery.
  4. 4. The digipak I created is very conventional and conforms to the theme of my music video.The images on the digipak relate to the title of the album and they are all visually similar in some way.
  5. 5. The Best in Town – The Blackout This is similar to the digipak for The Best in Town by The Blackout. I ensured all of the images created a similar atmosphere by composing them in a certain way and ensuring the models facial expressions and body language were appropriate.
  6. 6. The tone of my digipak is quite bright which seems to be very unconventional but not thatmuch colour was used and I needed the oranges and reds to remain bright to be symbolic of fire. I think this deeper meaning balances this subversion of conventions and makes it equally as dark.
  7. 7. Tacklist Website Barcode Copyright Information Record Company LogoThe information I included on the digipak such as album title, copyright information, barcode and track list all conform to the conventions of existing products. I also used a very stereotypical layout with track listings on the back and some lyrics on the inside panes.
  8. 8. I maintained a constant style during the creation of my digipak and advert by using thesame font. This shows a visual link between the products. The font I chose also suits the genre of the products and adds to the atmosphere created by the images.
  9. 9. The advert I created uses a very similar image to the one on the back of the digipak, but Ialso used a blending layer to add fire to link it to my theme. I chose to use a very simplistic layout for the advert which made the information very clear
  10. 10. Album Title Release Date Reviews Band Name Websites Record Company LogoDespite it visually not looking a lot like the adverts in my research, I feel that it is very conventional in the sense it has the same effect. I also included all of the relevant information such as rating, websites and release date.
  11. 11. The use of fire is very symbolic of the singers anger within the video. All of my productslink to this theme through the images used. The digipak also portrays the singer in a very powerful, evil way which is very relevant to the narrative of the music video when she stabs her boyfriend.