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  1. 1. Pitch<br />Title: LuciferianismSynopsis: Three teenage siblings enter a graveyard to mourn the loss of their brother who had died a week ago. His car had collided with an oncoming lorry and was found in a flaming wreck, scattered along an isolated road. Police assumed that the collision had killed him, although his body had never been recovered.<br />Unbeknown to the teenagers, they were not along in the graveyard. They were being stalked by a hooded man who knocks them out. <br />The next day, the sister wakes up in hospital unable to remember much about what had happened the previous day. Frustrated, she asks a nurse if she can see her brothers but is told that one is in a coma and the other dead. The nurse tells her that someone had ‘stolen’ her brothers’ organs and drained 7 pints of blood from her body. The nurse also tells of other ‘scary’ things happening in the graveyard such as sacrificing cats to Satan, but the sister passes this of as nothing more than a horror story.<br />On returning home the sister notices some of her furniture had been moved and she finds a message, written in Latin and in what seems to be blood on her bedroom mirror. She translates it to “Your past is a lie, you will soon see truth” She Googles the phrase and finds it’s a line from a satanic bible. As she attempts to further her research, her computer screams and goes black. When she looks again at the mirror, the writing has gone.<br />She begins to have nightmares about hell, demons and satanic rituals. This leads her to believe that maybe it was someone from a cult that attacked her in the graveyard. She begins to do research into cultist behaviour, but finds very little information. <br />The 3rd night after being out of hospital, she has a particularly violent nightmare and begins to cut herself in her sleep. Waking up in the bath, in a pool of her own blood she begins to panic and she knows she isn’t safe anymore. <br />She decides to go to her father’s, which isn’t something that she would normally do considering they aren’t on the best of terms after her mother’s death, but he’s the only family she has left. She had always blamed her mother’s death on him; he had been an alcoholic and abused her repeatedly... leading to her suicide. He was reformed now after ‘finding God’ and although part of her was pleased, the other part knew it was all too late. <br />She asks him if he knows anything about cults or rituals but he denies knowing anything. <br />That night she has another nightmare, this time seeing a sacrificial ritual. At the end of the dream, she sees her father is leading it – part of her knew he was lying. <br />She wakes up to find him in the room, towering at the foot of her bed. His eyes were dilated and he couldn’t stand still. She could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke. His arm swung lazily by his side; his hand clutching a dagger. <br />After questioning him about the cults again, he tells her the truth. He is the founder of a satanic cult and he promised his children’s bodies to raise a higher power – the devil. She also finds out that he has tried the ritual before by sacrificing her mother, but it didn’t work because he didn’t understand all of the steps. He explains to her that the ritual requires 3 brothers. The eldest will act as the skin, the middle, the organs and the youngest the blood. He tells her that she was a mistake, she should never have been born, she ruined the perfect ritual... but he would still succeed.<br />They fight, but he overpowers her and drugs her. She wakes up hours later in a dark, stone room strapped to an inverted cross. At midnight the ritual begins. A large following of cultists gather around an alter and begin to pray. A select few approach the sister and begin to pierce her with thick tubes which begin to slowly pump the blood out of her body and onto a pentagram that surrounds the alter. <br />The cultists chant and as the sister begins to lose consciousness, she sees the devil form from the blood in the pentagram and enters her brother’s skin. Her eyes then close and she is presumed dead.<br />Slogan: A Reverse ExorcismThe Exorcist meets Frankenstein<br />Funding: We would seek funding from the UK film council because they support new, innovative British film. First light would also be a good place to seek funding because it offers funds to young film makers from 13-19 and offers professional support. Also, Northern film and media could be considered because the film is set and filmed in the North East.<br />