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Horror mindmap


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Horror mindmap

  1. 1. Protagonist - is often female and seen as very innocent.<br />Supporting characters will usually be friends with protagonist.<br />Place with few/no authorities figures (e.g. Teen Parties.) <br />Isolated Location<br />Big houses and forests and caves are common<br />Female Victim, the dumb blonde<br />Antagonist – Killer or Monster with a trademark characteristic.Willseem invincible<br />Characters<br />Built up, maze-like areas.<br />Setting<br />Low Key Lighting, lots of shadows<br />Good against Evil<br />Bad weather<br />Psychological<br />Slasher<br />Sci-fi<br />Horror<br />Supernatural<br />All-out gore<br />Storm/Rain<br />Group will die one by one<br />Disruption of normality<br />High Pitches Scream<br />‘Haunted’ House<br />Narrative<br />Iconography/ Props<br />Sound<br />Used to build tension.<br />Disfigured face or mask<br />Revenge<br />Intrusion of an evil force<br />Relationship subplot<br />Ominous sound motif for killer – Suggest danger for characters<br />Blood<br />Twist at the end<br />Predictable dialogue<br />Running upstairs away from killer<br />Weapons<br />