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Traditional German Sauerkraut, made the American Way

'Tis the season for hosting. At our house that means it's time to bring out the traditional dishes of our German heritage. A neighborhood favorite is our Sauerkraut. No, you don't eat the stuff straight from the jar. That is just one ingredient! Please check out how we do it:

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Traditional German Sauerkraut, made the American Way

  1. 1. You found this recipe on Traditional German Sauerkraut, made the American Way Recipe for 4-6 people Ingredients 2 glasses of Sauerkraut 1 glass of unsweetened applesauce (use 2 cups or more) Variation: cut 3 big apples in little pieces 2 smoked porkchops or smoked sausages Variation: if no meat is desired use 2 tablespoons of butter/margarine 4-6 juniper berries (to your liking) 3 bay leaves salt, pepper and sweetener to your liking Directions Put all your ingredients in your crockpot: first Sauerkraut, add juniper berries and bay leaves, layer 2 cups of applesauce on top. Turn your crockpot on high. Let it cook for at least an hour. Stir now the Kraut and add either the meat or the butter/margarine. Turn the crockpot to low and let it cook for 3 hours. Add salt, pepper and sweetener to your liking. Guten Appetit You can leave the house, watch TV, go to the movies while your Kraut simmers in the pot. If it cooks longer – no problem. It is moist enough. You can serve the Kraut right away. For greatest flavor though let it cool down and re-heat it. Then the taste develops to its fullest. Traditionally served with mashed potatoes.