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How to speed up your SAP PI/CPI development


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This presentation shared how you can speed up your SAP PI/PO or CPI/Cloud Integration development, with a tool that allows you to handle the change management, testing, and support
Originally shared at #Impuls2018

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How to speed up your SAP PI/CPI development

  1. 1. Figaf Integration Regression Tool™ November 2018 Improve the development speed of your integration © Figaf 2018
  2. 2. The speed of integration development include changes management
  3. 3. If you want development faster skip the change management I can only offer your a prayer that may help
  4. 4. Scoping of project Development Testing Document Transport Validation Go live Support Development process
  5. 5. We start in the future
  6. 6. • Get asked why you changed a mapping with a rule or a channel parameter that need to be changed. • Audit • Bug • A mistake • How will you find the reason? 2 years from now
  7. 7. Now
  8. 8. • You get asked to fix a problem or develop something new. • This will require you create a service request or request for change • Come from service desk, process owner or bug reports • You need to register which objects have been changed for any for it. • How about a full version of ”all” PI development objects from a period of time • How to see which parameter has been changed on a module • Version comparion on all objects not just Message mapping Registration of what is changed
  9. 9. • IRT create a ticket • Link to the ticket in your service desk or documentation • Assign all the objects changed that you have made • Test it How you can automate the Change Mgt
  10. 10. • The best way to create a test case is with data from production • Specificy what data can be ignored • Timestamps and number ranges is okay they are ignored • Robotic processing automate as much as possible • Can test with or without module chain • Manual Upload of data Create a test case
  11. 11. • Move to QA system using a transport • Run the same test on QA to ensure that you have everthing is moved. • Run it as part of the validation process • Possible to integrated with CHARM to run test on new system • Future • Configuration of channel parameters on the different system in the landscape Transportation
  12. 12. • Now you have the documentation of what was changed as a part of the process • Link to the Ticket from your ticket tool • Future • Export the ticket informaiton to a Excel and upload it • Word/Excel documentation of sceario including change history Documentation
  13. 13. Go live
  14. 14. • You have a lot of know errors, but you cannot remember which is which and how to solve it. • You need an easy way to monitor all errors and clasify them so support kan easy find the problem. • Setup rules to find and automate support cases faster Support
  15. 15. Free version Try Figaf IRT now