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Figaf new releases: Making SAP CPI/PI even better


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In this blog we will show some of the featues we have made to make it easier to do SAP PI/PO/CPI development.
We have improved the monitoring of Iflows so you can see what is failing without see it as an error in the monitor
We have added webhooks, so you cannot to Jira, Slack or Solman to report your alerts
We have updated the report of used mappings on your SAP PI/PO system so you can see which XSLT, Message mapping and Java mappings are used.

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Figaf new releases: Making SAP CPI/PI even better

  1. 1. Figaf IRT™ January 2019 News for Figaf IRT January 2019 Enhanced SAP CPI Monitor, Web integration, and PI create test form error © Figaf 2019
  2. 2. ● Can view change in iflow, scripts and now configuration ● So you can see when something was changed CPI monitor version of configuration
  3. 3. ● Monitor non failed messages and log them ● Setup filters like Sender = Salesforce and Receiver = LOG ● Report based on payloads CPI monitoring application
  4. 4. ● The IRT support desktop is not the only one in your organisation ● We have webhooks so you can setup integration to Solman, Jira, Slack, PaperDuty or your favorite support tool ● It simply sends a json payload with the error to ie SAP CPI/PI or your integration landscape ● We also have an full API to run most functions Support tool with Webhooks
  5. 5. Understand what is used on your SAP PI system In this report you can see all operations mapping and how much they are used. Updates to show ABAP, XSL and Java mappings Used Mappings report
  6. 6. Used mappings in your system
  7. 7. If your message fails because of a message mapping, you can set up a new test case to cover that case. That way you can validate that the issue is solved Part of the Ticket creation process Create a test case from a failed message
  8. 8. ● Cloud application running IRT for CPI ○ Signup ○ Starting at 150 EUR/Month ● CPI transportation and configuration in landscape ○ Configure across your landscape ○ Create a transport request and transport iflows ● Documentation of interfaces Roadmap
  9. 9. IRT: a simple tool - to support your development process © Figaf 2019 Learn more at