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Anadarko Testing SAP PI/PO


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How Anadarko setup their SAP PI/PO testing strategy.
The presentation covers how to use ALM together with IRT and what the difference is test tool strategy is.
You can hear the podcast at

They use

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Anadarko Testing SAP PI/PO

  1. 1. ITS GBS Development Services Integration Services
  2. 2. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION Content 1. Testing approaches 2. Tooling approaches 3. PI upgrade project 4. Creating the catalog 5. Manual tests 6. Test results 2
  3. 3. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION Receiver system Sender system Two testing approaches: manual vs automated 3 Sender system SAP PI Receiver systemIp Op SAP PI Ip Op PI PI
  4. 4. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION Two tooling approaches: workflow vs record & replay 4 Workflow Record & replay Constructing the pipeline Gathering data Running the test Gathering test evidence
  5. 5. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION IRT regression testing tool 5 M O D M O D Operation Mapping C O M Send System Rec System M O D M O D C O M Productive/agent system I R T I R T Test system JMS queue Test database Operation Mapping M O D M O D C O M I R T Save for comparison M O D M O D XI3 I R T Rec System
  6. 6. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION Process PI upgrade Q4-2017/Q1-2018 6 Announce Create test plan and content Run tests Upgrade PIQ Re-run tests Announce & sign off Upgrade PIP Feb 2nd-4th BasisOwnersPIteam One-time
  7. 7. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION Creating the catalog 80% just recording IRT is recording in the background 4 weeks recording phase (rare interface runs) No impact on performance & function Modules in the evening to avoid failed messages 20% needed rework Special data requests No interface runs (annual interfaces) Mismatch PR and QA environment -> record in QA 2 interfaces needed manual test data creation (lookups) 2 interfaces which relied on daily data -> record in the PI upgrade day 7
  9. 9. ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION What has been tested and results Test runs in PIQ .. 312 interfaces .. in 55 packages .. ran > 2000 messages .. and created 110 reports HPE ALM test case management Setup test catalog for all 55 packages plus several manual tests Created test lab for all 55 packages and the manual tests Uploaded all evidence 9