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Recruiting, recruiter, and how to find developers


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Learn about all sides of the table, and how to solve this problem (first version of the slides)

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Recruiting, recruiter, and how to find developers

  1. 1. Recruiting, Recruiter, and how to find Developers Learn about all sides of the table, and how to solve this problem
  2. 2. Slides Version Information Version: 1.0 - 05.Dez.2017 For: Berlin PHP Usergroup Licence: CC BY-SA (mentioning me once with a link to one social profile is enough) This Slides are intended to be improved and extended over Time, and please reuse it complete or parts of it for own presentations.
  3. 3. About me Daniel Fahlke (aka Flyingmana) ● Working as a Software Engineer with Magento and PHP ● Doing lots of open Source ● For over 7 Years now ● ● ● ● ●
  4. 4. Why Iam here today, Part 1
  5. 5. I got this on LinkedIn
  6. 6. As a Developer I see: ● I get 1 to 2 offers per month ● Often for Java ○ even as I have no references saying, I have experience there ● I got offers, which contained a move to Berlin ● I even got offers for the Company who just asked me to leave ○ Via targeted Ads in this case ○ I will explain later, why this has a very bad effekt
  7. 7. As a Developer I think: ● They ○ write this offers to hundreds of Devs ○ dont even try to read the CV ● Therefore ○ The offered companies are to big ○ Have a bad reputation ○ I probably wouldn’t like it there ● And I dont even look for a NEW job
  8. 8. Personal Experience ● My first technical Interview was with an Recruter from an agency ● Some years and jobs later, I had again contact to one ○ Had okayish offers ○ Provided informations about the company ○ Helped with preparation for the interview ○ No annoying worrying about the salery
  9. 9. Why do recruters write so many, and often
  10. 10. When is a Developer actually searching
  11. 11. ● The default type ● Work as agencies ● Have usually a bigger number of Companies to work for ● Are interested to find a good fit because ○ Payment is bound to the Dev, beeing there 1year (still valid?) ○ Less arguing with the company about money ■ In case they want to fire you before the year is finished ● Less worrying about a fair salery The Types of Recruiter: External
  12. 12. ● Maintain jobAds on a lot of different plattforms ● Do the organisatorical work related to Interviews ● Are measured by number of signed contracts ● Typical for big companies ○ Facebook ○ ResearchGate ○ Google ● Optimize mostly for a big number of applicants The Types of Recruiter: Inhouse
  13. 13. ● Cares still about you, after you signed the contract ● Improves the OnBoarding practices ● Trys to reduce the number of OffBoardings ○ And helps to end them with a positive impression ● I did start to late to search for examples The Types of Recruiter: Responsible Inhouse
  14. 14. Recruter(agencies) help with the diversity problem ● Do you? ● They find the places, who accept diverse candidates
  15. 15. Recruter(agencies) help with the pipeline problem ● Do you? ● They find the places for juniors ● They work together with coding schools and similar
  16. 16. I need to start earlier with writing the Presentation