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Tech con workshop descriptions - gmail


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Tech con workshop descriptions - gmail

  1. 1. 8/25/13 7:16 PMTechCon Workshop Descriptions - - Gmail Page 1 of 1 Search people... anthonyyu521… Gordon Fromm Jocelyn Almy-T… John Brown Matt Fortin Al Zaiken Csnooblet . David Troiano Felipe Luna Kota Weaver COMPOSECOMPOSE Inbox (3,918) Starred Important Chats Sent Mail Drafts (94) All Mail Spam (1,418) Trash Circles Friends (145) Family (43) high school have a "integration lab" per say that a teacher can use with a class? Just want to know so I can properly suggest things. thanks Dan Technology Tools and Strategies For Starting A Flipped Classroom Target: grades 6-12 Heard about the Flipped classroom? Need some strategies and tech tools to get started? In this session a variety of web based tools and instructional strategies for putting your classroom content online will be introduced. Some of the topics to be discussed will be video based lectures, screencast tutorials and projects as well as easy to use web based tools such as Slideshare and Edmodo to host content. Bring your motivation to move online and enjoy the benefits of a more differentiated and efficient classroom. An Introduction To Project Based Learning With Technology Grades 6-12 Looking to do more group projects with technology? Would you like to create a podcast o multimedia video as a class project? Feel stuck when you want to pull it all together? This session will introduce you to the tools available to bring these projects to life in your classroom. This session will provide an overview of strategies covering the basics of PBL learning integrating technology and how you can create sustained engagement with your Move to Inbox More +Daniel Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive Calendar More Gmail