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Big Picture Challenges Of Digital Curriculum


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Everchanging devices and platforms
The broad content area needs across K-12
Student data privacy Concerns & equity
Cost-effectiveness/streamlining delivery
Teacher time to curate content
Ensuring quality & equity

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Big Picture Challenges Of Digital Curriculum

  1. 1. Big Picture Challenges Of Digital Curriculum Daniel Downs, Ed.D Coordinator Of Digital Learning North Reading Public Schools @danieldowns
  2. 2. Big Picture Challenges Of Digital Curriculum Challenges ● Everchanging devices and platforms ● Broad content area needs across K-12 ● Student data privacy Concerns & equity ● Cost effectiveness/streamlining delivery ● Teacher time to curate content ● Ensuring quality & equity @danieldowns
  3. 3. Digital Disruption: Key findings from the 2016 Learning Counsel survey of 708 education executives: ● $16.2 Billion spent last year on Hardware & Major Systems. ● 78% of students have access to a device for a good portion or all the school day. ● 62% of schools have a 1-to-1 in place, and 46% of schools have a BYOD program in place. ● Device adoptions are now non- homogeneous because older children, particularly high schoolers, tend to need full laptops, not tablets. ● Super desktops are still being purchased for lab-type applications such as computer-aided design programs, video editing, and more. ● 79%+ of schools have wireless network coverage for classrooms and common areas, but most are considered “unreliable” by teachers. ● Teachers spend 25% of their time on searching or doing digital custom lesson building. 75% of them complain of too many log-ins. Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion Workbook 2017: The Learning Counsel
  4. 4. Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion Workbook: The Learning Counsel
  5. 5. Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion Workbook: The Learning Counsel
  6. 6. OER & Digital Curriculum Narrative: North Reading Public Schools 2015-16 At the end of the 2015-16 school year the Digital Learning team began investigating the use of openly available resources(OER) to support curriculum development in the areas of digital citizenship, robotics and digital literacy. This decision was based on the high cost of web based resources that may have only addressed particular content, grade level, media or learning standards/outcomes. Our Challenge ● Process of evaluating & curating resources ● Providing access to the portals that could teacher growth with using these tools ● Narrowing the options to our scope ● Adapting to existing teaching practices @danieldowns
  7. 7. Big Picture Challenges Of Digital Curriculum Our first steps: ● Take advantage of SSO (Single Sign On) options ● Encourage curriculum teams to review OER as an option ● Streamline delivery and accessibility for teachers with online and blended platforms ● Empower educators to share, curate and evaluate resources @danieldowns
  8. 8. Leveraging Analytics With Clever
  9. 9. OER & Digital Curriculum Narrative: North Reading Public Schools 2016-17 Moving into the 2016-17 school year it became a priority to expand our district vision for the use of OER resources beyond our digital learning team and to embed these resources within our digital learning vision. We now had a new series of questions. New Questions ● Can we counter the rising cost of textbooks? ● How do we support teacher practice for curating resources and inspire them to shift? ● How do we best support 1:1 & personalized learning environments with quality digital curriculum? ● How do we maintain flexibility with digital curriculum formats and cost? ● How do we maintain the ability to quickly update materials? ● What is the overall quality and breadth of these resources for the areas we are targeting? @danieldowns
  10. 10. OER & Digital Curriculum Narrative: North Reading Public Schools District Supports As we began to identify these opportunities there was also a range of support within Massachusetts and nationally to begin the conversation around transitioning to increased use and engagement for OER and streamlining digital curriculum. ● Future Ready Planning Dashboard & The Necessity Of High Quality Digital Content ● MAPLE Massachusetts Personalized Learning Initiative(Catalyst District) ● Hosted #GoOpen Regional Summit & Attend #GoOpen District Meetings ● Rich conversations in our local learning communities around resources and strategies These supports provided the conversations among our leadership to support to look more closely at issues connected to digital curriculum. @danieldowns
  11. 11. OER & Digital Curriculum Narrative: North Reading Public Schools Culture Shifts & Decisions ● Develop department based team around supporting the curation and development of resources to support instruction. ● This has started in our 1:1 learning environments and through our Library Media Specialists ● Utilize digital learning specialists and certified library media specialists to begin the conversation, evaluation and use of resources. ● Select priority platforms for researching resources and sharing the process of curating within disciplines. ● First steps in making professional development decisions to support the transition. ● Begin to implement district wide applications to scale and support student and teacher access to these resources. @danieldowns
  12. 12. #GoOpen Regional Summit: Fall 2016 #GoOpen Regional Summit provided an opportunity for classroom teachers, school librarians, instructional coaches, and district and state leaders to explore opportunities to expand the use of high quality, openly licensed educational resources in classrooms. Guests Included: Andrew Marcinek: Former #GoOpen Advisor Kristin Peters: Current #GoOpen Advisor Grace Magely & Kerry Gallagher Friday Institute Amazon TenMarks @danieldowns
  13. 13. #GoOpen In Massachusetts & Beyond What does it mean to #GoOpen? Selecting a team of teachers who can organize themselves around developing a specific curriculum which will utilize OER resources. Current #GoOpen Districts in Massachusetts-Medfield, North Reading, Burlington What does this look like? A Look At Our #GoOpen Summit ● Agenda-District strategy & Networking ● ODL Blog @danieldowns
  14. 14. #GoOpen Regional Summit: Takeaways & Next Steps ● Convene a team of interested staff to explore ‘getting started packet’ ● Train teachers in Creative Commons and #GoOpen ● Frame the work around finding resources and empowering teachers ● Digital citizenship training for staff ● Meet with science teachers to explore OER ● Get Superintendents and curriculum director on board ● Sharing LMS decisions among districts ● Statewide support for LMS to deliver and validate resources ● Blended learning movement ● Use next PD time to start looking at open resources ● Support a rich & engaging digital learning environment @danieldowns
  15. 15. Who to connect to get involved: Department Of Educational Technology #GoOpen Launch Packet Overview Of #GoOpen States & Initiative Groups & Networking New England Open Education Collaborative Kristina Peters Current #GoOpen Advisor 202.453.7029 | 402.957.2863 | OER Resources In North Reading @danieldowns