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English presentation body changes

  1. 1. Permanent Body ChangesBy Daniel Dobrogowski Period 2
  2. 2. General Information• Tattoos and piercings are body decorations that have beenaround for thousands of years• Tattoos are permanent designs on your skin that is made withneedles and colored ink• Piercings involve making a hole in your skin to insert jewelry• Body modifications are becoming more popular especially inyoung adults
  3. 3. Why do people modify their bodies?• Teens want to be different and unique and expressthemselves• Personal meaning for example to symbolize an importantevent in their lives• People may want others to view them differently• Teens want to fit in and modify their body because otherpeople are.
  4. 4. Health Risks of Tattoos and Piercings• Transmission of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B andC, and herpes• Some people are allergic to tattoo dye• Dirty and used needles can cause bacterial infections• Possibility of excessive bleeding and damage to nerves
  5. 5. Tattoo and Piercings wordle
  6. 6. InterviewI had a chance to interview one of my closestfriends Michael, who recently turned 18 and gothis first tattoo of a dragon that covers a part ofhis hand and wrist. After a while he beganregretting his tattoo and wanted to get itremoved.
  7. 7. Interview part 2Me: Why do you regret getting your dragon tattoo?Michael: I’ve had difficulty finding a job with my tattoo becauseit is easily visible since its on my hand. I can’t cover all of it with along sleeve shirt so I put makeup on it to hide it as much as I can.I also don’t like the design of it and I think it has too muchdetails.Me: Why did you choose to get a tattoo of a dragon?Michael: People often get tattoos to symbolize something aboutthem or something that’s important to them. The dragon is asymbol of power, courage, and strength.
  8. 8. Interview part 3Me: What are some options for getting rid of unwanted tattoos?Michael: There are two options for dealing with an unwantedtattoo. One of them is covering up your unwanted tattoo withanother tattoo and the second option is removing it surgically.Removing it surgically can cost over $1000 and it canpermanently discolor your skin.
  9. 9. Article• My article Tattoos and Body Piercings: A Big Decision byTania K. Cowling is about how parents should talk totheir children about changing their bodies permanently.The author tries to explain to teens that there are otherways of expressing themselves that are less risky andhealthier. She also says that tattoos and piercings arenow the “fad” for this generation and it will eventuallychange like how long hair and crazy clothing was the“fad” in the 60’s.
  10. 10. Quiz• Activity: Take out a sheet of loose-leaf andanswer these questions about thepresentation.• Provide 2 reasons why people may want to modify theirbodies.• What are the 2 ways you can get rid of an unwantedtattoo?• What are some health risks when it comes to getting atattoo or a piercing?
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