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Achieving the Website You'll Still Want in 3yrs

  1. STRAIGHT ANSWERS, YOUR PRIORITIES FAS delivers the full range of consulting solutions for corporate clients. A WEBSITE YOU STILL WANT Three Years Later
  2. PLATFORM & METHODOLOGY Choose the most effective
  3. “When I need it now, I still ask “What’s going to serve us in the long run?” PLATFORM PLATFORM CODE BASE FEATURES DRAWN FROM BIG OPEN MARKET OF INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS SOME TRIED & TRUE FROM THE OPEN MARKET UNIFIED LIBRARY OF COMPONENTS EVERY COMPONENT IS CUSTOM CODED This is the most popular method. But the site can be a hodgepodge, requiring significant maintenance to resolve compatibility between modules as they are updated. Site may require frequent overhauls (once every 1-2 years). This method makes the site initially expensive & time-consuming to build, but also expensive to maintain, since custom components need to be updated as browsers/devices change. All that proprietary coding makes it hard to change developers if something happens. Unified libraries of components give clients 90% of bells and whistles they may want, while playing well together and facilitating easier visual updates over time. Augmented by fewer but more venerable ‘open market’ components, you can get a stunning and powerful site. THREE WAYS TO BUILD A WEBSITE
  4. “No, not your daddy’s Wordpress. It’s grown into Wordpress Rex!” THE MOST COMMON PLATFORM IS WORDPRESS, With Good Reason IT’S OPEN SOURCE, COMMUNITY SUPPORTED, SEO-FRIENDLY, FREQUENTLY UPDATED FOR SECURITY AND COMPATIBILITY, AND HIGHLY FLEXIBLE & SUSTAINABLE. Q: But Isn’t Wordpress hacked a lot? A:. Wordpress not often, but Wordpress sites using poorly chosen modules from the open market are, because there are so many, which makes them a target. It’s important to choose judiciously and then put extra layers of excellent security measures in place, because nothing is bulletproof.
  5. STACK OF COMPONENTS Wisely select the
  6. “A slight modification to approach can make all the difference.” PLATFORM THEME FRAMEWORK PAGE BUILDER PLUGINS REGISTRAR HOST PLATFORM THEME PLUGINS REGISTRAR HOST USUAL WORDPRESS METHOD MORE SUSTAINABLEBUILDING A MORE SUSTAINABLE WORDPRESS Requires just a couple of changes 1. Use a highly respected theme framework instead of just a theme. That way, you can change themes (within that framework) in a few years without a complete tear-down. 2. Use a page builder instead of custom-coded theme pages in PHP. That way, you are not locked into the theme, and you don’t need a coder every time you want to change layout.
  7. “He literally changed the website before our eyes, and said “hit refresh!” WHAT ABOUT PAGE BUILDERS? Q: I used a page builder once, and it was crap. A: They certainly were in the early days, but they’ve come a long way. Modern page builders are faster, leaner, more powerful, and don’t leave stray code in the site when you deactivate them. It’s not the old free drag and drop stuff - the market has gotten extremely competitive. We’re seeing some amazing sites built with page builders—sites that look like 50-100K but done for less than half of that. WHY THEY ARE USED ❏ Flexibility to change layout quickly. ❏ Control without sending back to development for custom coding. ❏ Some well-documented custom coding (for style only) can significantly extend their capabilities.
  8. “I like getting things done in the most efficient way possible. Because anything else is time and effort we could instead be pouring into business growth.” - Daniel DiGriz, MADPIPE THE ATTITUDE
  9. A MARKETING PLATFORM Make the website
  10. WHAT HAS YOUR WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU LATELY? ❏ Each page is sales collateral. If the sales team can’t use it, it’s a fail ❏ Each button, form, and download should ping analytics as a conversion. ❏ Each content piece must be reasonably shareable by the sales team and your internal brand advocates, and not hide the fact you’re in business.
  11. “I lifted the lid on one site, and the developers didn't’ even make it compatible with Google Analytics. You couldn’t measure sales as conversions, and couldn’t set it up that way. I mean, they DO know why the site exists, right?”
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