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5. Script


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Published in: Education
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5. Script

  1. 1. Dan Corr Script RecentTransfers - Payetto Marseille,andthe wayhe wasdisloyal toWestHam. - Depayto Lyon,was he a flopat Man Utd? - What bigteamsneedto buyinJanuary.Liverpool,ManUtd, Chelsea,ManCity,Tottenham, Arsenal. Negative FootballingStories - FootballersmovingtoChinaforthe money. - Arsene Wenger’s4match ban. - Liverpool’srecentform,1 winin2017: - Goal of the seasonso far. Positive FootballingStories - BradleyLowery,boywithcancerwhowongoal of the month,andhas beena mascotat manypremierleague fixtures.