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GIV Ltd is an Internet marketing company
based in Allendale, Northumberland.
Our mission is to organise the information
which defines the structure of our clients' websites to optimise content, resulting in fast indexing in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We also help clients to develop, manage and market their business online reputation to get more customers understanding how to categorise their websites and listings in a way that puts them ahead of their competitors.
Register now to apply this Simple Strategy and Marketing Action Plan, that teaches you how to use Google Maps, images promotion, video promotion and reputation Marketing for Results, Authority and Success through your business website.

Our Marketing Agency Services:
Reputation Marketing:
-Manage Your Reputation with Alerts
-Collect Reviews Online and Develop Your Online Reputation
-Market Your Reputation on Any Website

Maps Marketing Workshop:
- Customized One-Day Maps Marketing Workshop.
-Video Promotion
-Image Promotion.

SEO Consulting Services
-Wordpress Blog Management
- Claiming Listings Strategy

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GIV Ltd Pricing

  1. 1. Great Internet Value Ltd. Great Internet Value Ltd. Presenter: Daniel Contreras
  2. 2. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Marketing Action Plan• Before you book your place at a GIV Internet Marketing Services, a few words about confidentiality: The security of your website matters to us! Our first priority is to protect your site and your investment in it. Everything we do is designed with this in mind.
  3. 3. Great Internet Value Ltd.
  4. 4. Great Internet Value Ltd.
  5. 5. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Categories is the more important way that Goggles knows what kind of company You are.• Categories is WHO you are not WHAT you do.• Example: Not Who you are What you Do
  6. 6. Great Internet Value Ltd.
  7. 7. Great Internet Value Ltd.
  8. 8. Great Internet Value Ltd.
  9. 9. Great Internet Value Ltd. Your Website Ranking in the top spots isn’t about working hard, it’s about working SMART! And doing some competitor research can reveal how you can rank faster and Google easier based on how well your Maps competition’s websites are optimised and how they approach their Internet marketing strategy. Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  10. 10. Great Internet Value Ltd.Just imagine hundreds if not thousands of people online every single monthlooking for your business. The question is, can they find you?Because everyday people, are looking for businesses and services like yours.The problem is who should they do business with. And what theyre doing istheyre looking for the most reputable company to do business with, Reviewsplay a big role in ranking in Google and they play an even bigger role in the Reviewspsychology of getting your phone to ring. Reputation Marketing Your Website Google Maps Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  11. 11. Great Internet Value Ltd.More and more Google is using acompany website as one of the majorfactors in ranking. YourThat means youll need to be able tooptimize your website correctly. company Website Review Video Reputation Promotion Marketing Google Maps Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  12. 12. Great Internet Value Ltd.Using video to promoteyour authority in Google is apowerful strategy. Video Your Promotion Website Reviews Image Reputation Promotion Google Marketing Maps Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  13. 13. Great Internet Value Ltd.You can use images to promote theauthority of your Google Maps listing.Youll see the powerful ways the picturesharing sites can give you an advantagein ranking your Google listing. Your Website Video Local Promotion Listing Reviews Image Google Reputation Promotion Maps Marketing Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  14. 14. Great Internet Value Ltd. Strategy to claiming local directory listings Your Website Video Local Promotion Listing Reviews Image Google Reputation Promotion Maps Marketing Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  15. 15. Great Internet Value Ltd.GIV - Perfect BlueprintStrategy Your Website Video Local Promotion Listing Reviews Image Google Reputation Promotion Maps Marketing Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  16. 16. Great Internet Value Ltd. • “Success is all in the Set Up”• Before we begin we need to know a little about you and your business. This will help us to understand how we can tailor the Strategy to your needs.• This Initial Consultation will provide an overview of all the systems we have put together for your Internet Marketing Action Plan to organise, maintain and quickly optimise your listing with powerful documents and systems, while protecting your confidentiality and privacy.
  17. 17. Great Internet Value Ltd.• That was the strategy set up.• Features Monthly Price• And now I will explain Why it is important to create activity on your website (conversation architecture) and also marketing your business reputation.
  18. 18. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Conversation Architecture/ The Goal/ How It Works:• Tips Imagine this:• Google is monitoring human activity through its own proprietary tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Chrome, Feed Burner YouTube etc.) and based on the activity from its internal tools it estimates the total activity on your site.• But what if, like a magnifying glass, you can focus all your human activity through Google’s proprietary channels…making it appear like your site was receiving more activity than it really was?
  19. 19. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Conversation Architecture/ The Goal/ How It Works:• Activity means traffic, RSS subscriptions, comments, updates, etc. To put it simply, Google is now factoring ACTIVITY more heavily in its rankings.• In other words, great content and all the links in the world means nothing if your page remains unchanged for days and weeks at a time.
  20. 20. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Furthermore, our tests have shown that sites that:• get more blog comments and reviews, generate more RSS subscribers (esp. via, which is owned by Google…more on that later), and… get a surge in overall traffic… …have a tendency to move up in the rankings faster and stay there longer.
  21. 21. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Reviews and Reputation Marketing• Customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.• SEO, social media, Pay Per Click, local marketing. None of it works anymore if you have bad reviews or bad reputation online.• It’s pretty simple. Why would you want to do all this work and spend all this time and spend money getting to the top and doing online marketing, and when people find you, all they find are bad reviews.
  22. 22. Great Internet Value Ltd. Great Internet Value Ltd /
  23. 23. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Thornley House Bed and breakfast reviewed in the last week• Quality Excellent• My name is Eileen Finn, owner of Thornley House Bed and Breakfast, Allendale. I would like to say a big thank you to Daniel who is the Director of GIV Ltd Northumberland Internet Marketing Services, for the hard work he has put into ensuring my website has reached many more people and that I now have an established and popular Facebook page. Also so far I have ranked highly in Trip Adviser at 5 out of 50 for Hexham. He has done a wonderful job and I am more than satisfied.
  24. 24. Great Internet Value Ltd.• Hexham Client Reviews• Quality Excellent• My name is Kim Alexandra my business or company is AYP Financial Planning limited I hired GIV Ltd Northumberland Internet Marketing Services to achieve top positions in search engines like google maps. Im absolutely delighted that in just one week my google maps site occupied a top position in the categories that are relevant to my business. what you have achieved already is fantastic. I have had advice from other companies like yours who promised to do this for me but did not achieve anything. What you have already achieved for my business is excellent. I will have no hesitation in recommending you for excellent service and actually achieving what you promised
  25. 25. Great Internet Value Ltd. One Has 10 Good ReviewsOne Has 3 Review & 1 Bad Review Great Internet Value Ltd. /
  26. 26. Great Internet Value Ltd. If choice is based on reputation, only a good reputation will bring new customers to your business Great Internet Value Ltd /
  27. 27. The Online MarketingGame Has Just Changed Great Internet Value Ltd. /
  28. 28. Major
  29. 29. 72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  30. 30. Consumers Look Up An Average Of 10 Reviews Before Making A Decision“70% Of Consumers Trust A Business With A Minimum Of 6 – 10 Reviews”
  31. 31. Great Internet Value Ltd.• … because your reputation is everything. It’s the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new business.• And every company needs a reputation strategy as you can see. And we are happy to help you to put one together. …
  32. 32. Great Internet Value Ltd.I hope you can see over this presentation, that ourinternet marketing services is designed to the needs ofyour market and reputation marketing is the mostimportant marketing that any local business can do.We want to help you with that. So what I’d like to do is put together a proposal for you.To step-by-step you through the process and let youknowhow you can put a plan together to better dominateyour market online. reviewed in the last week Quality ExcellentSo what I’d like to do is take a few questions and then I approached GIV Limited to have a look at my webwe’ll be able to put a strategy together for you. site. At a very competitive cost they completely re-vamped it and changed it to show what we didSo what questions do you have? and how well we did As a result we shot up in the Google rankings.01434 683957 I cannot recommend this company highly enough.